Water Timer Test: The 5 Best Water Timer Compared

Water timer: Welcome to our large water timer test 2019. Here we present you all of us closer experimented water timer. We have put together detailed background knowledge and also added a summary of the customer reviews on the net.

Water timer Test

We want to make your buying decision easier and help you find the best water timer for you.

Water timer

Also on frequently asked questions, you will find answers in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find on this page some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a water timer.

Water Timer Test: The Ranking

The essentials in Brief

  • A water timer works on a simple principle. It is connected between the faucet and the garden hose. Turn on the faucet, adjusting the watering times and watering cycles.
  • There is a distinction between irrigation watches and watering timers. Both devices are easy to program, but the functions are more extensive with the watering timer than with the clock.
  • They can be purchased in any retailer such as OBI, Bauhaus or Hagebau. Water timers or irrigation timers are also available from discounters like Lidl or Aldi. Whether the brand of the products there are comparable to the quality of the brands we present to you here is an open question.

1st place: Gardena MultiControl duo water timer

The Gardena MultiControl duo water timer is easily programmable, provides a connection for sensors and 2 outputs that are independently programmable. The large display allows control of the built-in data and monitoring the condition of the battery. The price-performance ratio is also in order.

Power supply/charge indicator

The energy supplier for the Gardena MultiControl duo watering timer is a 9-volt alkaline battery. The built-in battery status allows a look at the current charge level of the battery.

With the right battery, the timer will work for at least one season. When properly stored in winter, the battery can survive even 2 seasons. The battery is not included in the delivery.

Since it is not a special battery, it can be purchased in any market. The battery is recommended by Duracell, Varta or Energizer, which are about more expensive than the competition but more durable.

With the right battery, i.e. a 9 V alkaline battery, the MultiControl duo works for about 1 year. So you do not wonder why the device does not work, the built-in charging indicator shows you a low battery condition.

Irrigation (duration/cycles and frequency)

With the Gardena MultiControl duo up to 3 irrigations can be carried out daily for a maximum of 4 hours each. The frequency can be set individually or at the specified intervals of 8, 12 and 24 hours. There is the possibility of manual irrigation by continuous flow.

The control panel can be easily removed, which makes it easier to enter the data. The buttons allow you to program the type, duration, and frequency of irrigation per output independently of each other. Thanks to the intuitive operation and the gradual display of all irrigation data very easy. All information is displayed on the large and clear display.

The manual water drain for spontaneous or unscheduled irrigation is output independently without overwriting the set program times.

Thread and pressure

The Gardena MultiControl is suitable for taps with a connection diameter of 26.5 mm 33.3 mm and operating pressure of 0.5 to 12 bar.

The water timer is ideally connected directly to the faucet. Once set, the timer automatically controls the system and ensures that the type and duration of the watering are done at the right time and in the right order. After watering, the timer closes the valve of the pump again.

Sensors connection

For the MultiControl duo, it is recommended to install both sensors, as it comes with one connection per output.

The soil moisture sensor prevents waterlogging or flooding of your plants by regularly measuring the moisture in the soil. Irrigation is started when the soil moisture is below the set target value. The rain sensor detects precipitation and interrupts a running or pending irrigation of the garden.

The intelligent functions of the sensors prevent or interrupt pending automatic irrigation with sufficient soil moisture or incipient rain. Both outputs can be controlled by sensors. If you have not set a program, the sensors automatically start watering as soon as they feel dryness.

Scope of delivery an d weight

With dimensions of 22 x 17.2 x 17.8 cm and a weight of 1.3 kg, this water timer is one of the heaviest on the market.

The scope of supply is completed with an LCD and a reducer on a 3/4 inch or a 1-inch faucet.

2nd place: Gardena MasterControl water timer

With its large, clearly laid out control panel, the Gardena MasterControl watering timer allows convenient programming. It is reliable, easy to use and easy to program through the display.

The device is suitable if you have to irrigate several areas differently. Also, the price-performance ratio of the watering timer is more than satisfactory.

Power supply/charge indicator

Unlike the mechanical irrigation watches, the water timers are operated electronically and therefore require energy for irrigation. The Gardena MasterControl watering timer, like almost all Gardena irrigation products, runs on a 9-volt battery that lasts for almost 1 year.

The battery is not included and must be purchased separately. On the device’s display, the built-in battery indicator tells you if the battery has been inserted correctly and when the battery needs to be replaced.

Irrigation (duration/cycles and frequency)

With the Gardena MasterControl water timer, you can select up to 6 different programs per day, and irrigation time of 1 minute up to 10 hours per day. You also have the option to set irrigation days as you like.

The large and clear display can be removed for convenient programming. The display shows in running text which programs have to be executed one after the other. The integrated, large and easy-to-use knob allows fast adaptation of all desired data.

If you need manual irrigation, you can use the Man button on the device, which is handy if you need to do spontaneous irrigation.

Thread and pressure

The Gardena MasterControl water timer is equipped for 26.5 mm or 33.3 mm diameter threads. The operating pressure is between 0.5 and 12 bar.

The connection to rain barrels is also possible here should you prefer to use rainwater. You do not need to buy an adapter or additional accessories. Also, you have not a problem with the pressure here. The manufacturer recommends a minimum water pressure of 0.5 bar, but the device also works with little pressure.

Sensors connection

With modern devices such as the Gardena MasterControl water timer, it is recommended to purchase a sensor. A connection for such a sensor brings the device.

Irrigation controllers generally work in conjunction with 2 key sensors. To one of the rain sensor measures whether the precipitation amount is already sufficient. And the soil moisture sensor, which measures the moisture of the soil. In both cases, then timely planned irrigation of the garden is stopped and thus saved on water.

Scope of delivery and weight

The dimensions of the water timer are 23.6 x 16.4 x 10.6 cm, with a weight of 0.84 kg. Thus, the MasterControl Gardena is much heavier than the other devices, but this is not a problem for the faucet.

The huge display, the battery charge indicator and the adapter for the faucet connection are the other components included. And here, too, as with most devices, the right battery is not included.

3rd place: Gardena EasyControl water timer

The Gardena EasyControl Water timer is a reliable, easy-to-program, easy-to-use and flexible garden helper that is offered at a reasonable price.

Power supply/charging indicator:

No irrigation without energy. Gardena’s EasyControl water timer, like most devices, uses a 9-volt alkaline battery. The included charge status indicator also shows the current status of the battery.

With the status display, you have a detailed overview of how the battery is. So it is helpful directly at first glance, that the device is not broken, but only the battery is discharged. The battery costs relatively little and is available in almost every retail store. The life of a battery is one year and should be able to survive any garden season without problems.

Irrigation (duration/cycles and frequency)

The 4 buttons of the watering timer stand for these four functions:

  1. Start / Stop: For manual irrigation, if you think an extra unit is needed or have new plants attached that need watering immediately
  2. Duration: The duration of irrigation can be set as desired with this button. The number above the level of the water drops indicates the selected duration or the duration set by you. The device allows irrigation time from 2 minutes to 60 minutes.
  3. Cycles: The cycle determines how many times a day the device supplies the plants with water. Up to 3 watering cycles are possible.
  4. Frequency: Here you can set how often this should happen. Possible every 24 hours to every 7th day.

Thread and pressure

The EasyControl is designed for the tap, meaning that it can be connected to normal 3/4 (26.5mm) or 1 (33.3mm) diameter threads. The maximum operating pressure is 12 bar. However, the minimum water pressure of 0.5 bar is needed.

The water timer can be connected to other water tanks, not just taps. It should be noted that the container has a valve, which allows the timer to control these and the pressure must, of course, be sufficiently available. The size of the thread must also fit. Otherwise, the whole does not work properly.

sensors connection

It is recommended to connect soil moisture or rain sensor to the watering timer. There is a connection for this with the EasyControl water timer.

With the rain sensor, there is the advantage, in the rain, that set irrigation is no longer performed. The situation is similar to the soil moisture sensor; only here the soil moisture is decisive.

Scope of delivery and weight

The dimensions of the water timer are 15.2 cm long, 10.5 cm wide and 15.2 cm deep, with a weight of 454 g. The standard scope of delivery also includes an LCD and a charge gauge.

For most taps, the weight of the watering timer is no problem. The weight with packaging is 0.640 kg. The built-in charge gauge tells you when to change the battery. The right battery is not included.

4th place: Gardena Classic watering clock

The Gardena Classic Water Timer is a practical tool for every home gardener. It is a simple watering timer with mechanical time management, which takes over the shutdown of your garden irrigation.

If you are looking for a watering watch that is durable and durable, then you can confidently access the model. The price-performance ratio is also okay.

Energy/charge indicator

No energy needed, as the device is a simple watering timer. Without a battery or connection to the mains, the status of the battery is also not displayed.

The Classic Irrigation Clock by Gardena is a mechanical clock and built like a kitchen timer. The concern is that the battery could be broken or damaged by water.

Irrigation (duration/cycles and frequency)

The duration of irrigation is at least 5 minutes, but a maximum of 2 hours. The cycles and the frequency are dependent on you.

You set the start of the irrigation yourself by going to the tap and turning it on. After the set time, the clock will turn the tap. If the duration of the irrigation is too short for you, you can improve manually by setting to Continuous Flow.

Thread and pressure

The Classic Water Timer is compatible with 26.5mm and 33.3mm threads. Thus, it can be mounted on all taps. The pressure of the tap must be between 0.5 and 12 bar.

This watch cannot be connected to other containers, such as the rain barrel. The water in the rain barrel does not generate enough pressure to make the watch functional.

sensors connection

There is no sensor connection because irrigation has to be manually operated each time.

The sensors have the function of stopping an irrigation unit if the soil moisture is sufficient. Such a connection would be out of place here.

Delivery and weight

The scope of delivery is not much. Except for the device itself and a manual. But even without a manual, you can not go wrong here. Measuring 30 x 12 x 7 cm, the device is handy and weighs only 198g.

5th place: Gardena MasterControl solar water timer

The MasterControl Solar is a reliable, durable and easy-to-use water timer that has many connectivity options and is always charged and ready for use when needed with its solar cells and battery.

The device is suitable for larger areas and several areas if they need to be irrigated in different ways. Despite all these positive features, the price is too high.

Power supply/charge indicator

Unlike the MasterControl, MasterControl Solar does not require a battery and comes with a lithium-ion battery. As the name suggests, it is equipped with a small solar cell that allows it to store or use solar energy.

If the GardenControl Solar water timer from Gardena gets too much sun, the surplus energy is stored in the battery so that irrigation is possible even on cloudy days. For safe operation, the built-in charge gauge displays the current status of the battery.

Irrigation (duration/cycles and frequency)

The Gardena MasterControl Solar water timer can perform up to 6 different irrigation sessions per day with a watering period of 1 to 10 hours per cycle per day. You have the opportunity to set the frequency to every day or any.

For comfortable programming, you simply take off the display and do not have to stand in the blazing sun all the time next to the tap. The display helps you with programming by explaining you step by step and showing you which programs need to be executed one after the other.

With the integrated, large and easy-to-use button changes of the desired data are carried out quickly. Continuous flow is carried out by pressing the Man key.

Thread and pressure

At a recommended maximum operating pressure of 12 bar, the GardenControl Solar Gardena water timer will work with threads 26.5 mm or 33.3 mm in diameter.

The connection to other water tanks is possible. Although the manufacturer recommends a minimum pressure of 0.5 bar so that the valve can be closed again after irrigation.

Connect the water timer directly to the tap or water tank; then it will take control of the system and irrigate reliably at the set times. The duration of the individual programs is also complied with.

Sensors connection

For a water-saving operation, the Gardena MasterControl Solar Water timer keeps a connection for rain or soil moisture sensor ready.

It is recommended to get one of these two sensors. The rain sensor ensures that after a rainfall, a timely planned irrigation process is no longer performed.

Scope of delivery and weight

The dimensions of the water timer are 20 x 20 x 30 cm with a net weight of 0.866 kg. This makes the Gardena MasterControl Solar water timer one of the heaviest units in this price range, but also the only one equipped with a solar panel.

The package includes the Gardena Master Control Solar water timer, an LCD, a lithium-ion battery, a G3 / 4 faucet reducer, and a user manual.

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Safety Advice to Follow While Using Different Power Saws

Power tools are dangerous and risky, especially those which are used for trimming, drilling, cutting, and grinding. A second of distraction can cost lives. So, working with power tools require safety measures and full of concentration.

Although all types of power tools carry the danger tag with them, there is one particular kind of power tool which is the riskiest and scariest of them all. We are talking about power saws.

Be it, chainsaw, chop saw, miter saw, bandsaw, jigsaw, table saw, circular saw, scroll saw, and all other power tools which have the word ‘saw’ behind it.

But, you cannot stop working with these tools just because they are risky. Nobody does that, neither it is possible to do the quick and perfect cutting without these tools.

So, the only way to work with these is to reduce the risk. To minimize the risk and danger, you have to take proper safety measures. Once you are using safety precautions, the threat automatically subsides.

We are going to share some safety advice which you can follow while using power saws and ensure safety. We ardently hope that the advice below will prove to be a good help to you, so let us start.

Keep your hands away from the start button to avoid the accidental start of the saw.

Never use power tools which are cheap to save a few bucks. Always invest wisely in a high-quality power tool which is made of steel and is heat-treated. The quality of the instrument decides how safe you are while working with it.

Keep a hawk-eye on the wood and the machine while cutting. There is never the slightest chance of being distracted while working.

The sharp edge is the central part of any power saw. Never work with a dull blade. Check the sawdust and sharpen the edge before commencing the felling and cutting. A sharp saw not only ensures safety and comfort but also produces accurate and even shape.

If you are using a chainsaw, then make sure you are not touching the top half of the blade’s to cut. It will result in kickbacks, and it is dangerous. Cutting between the two pressure points also produce kickback.

Same happens in case of circular saw as well right after it touches the cutting surface. The blade touching metals or nails also causes strong kickbacks, so always be cautious and double check the surface to avoid the collision.

Always wear safety gears. Invest in the best chainsaw helmet, ear protection, safety glass, gel-filled gloves, boots, long sleeves shirt, safety chaps. Make sure you have complete protection from head to toe.

Avoid wearing inappropriate apparel which can tangle with the machine and cause fatal injuries. Always stay on a stable and even surface while using a saw.

Buy saws depending on your dominant hand. However, maximum saws are designed for right-hand use. So, those who are left-handed must buy power saws which are made especially for left-hand use. However, if it is not possible then be careful about the sawdust as these will eject to the left side of the saw.

Give proper support to the piece of wood you are cutting. Put the long pieces on an extension table and use a workbench for cutting the smaller ones. Make sure to have a vacant space for the excess wood to fall and remain till you get time to carry the wood somewhere else.

Never hold or carry the power saw with its cord or cable. Always keep the wires away from the cutting surface. Check the retracting guard blade of the circular saw by moving back and forth. Don’t check while it’s plugged. Make sure the power is off while checking.

Discard the damaged instruments even if there is a slight tear on the cord. We tend to use black scotch tape and wrap the torn portion with it. We continue using the machine without even realizing how risky it is for us. Keep the cord away from heat, water, and oil.

Ensure proper maintenance of the power saws. Lubricate and change accessories when needed. You can use foam pipe insulation or other tools to guard the sharp blade. Power saw requires regular inspection.

Never disconnect the cord by force or yanking it. Disconnect only after switching off the power button. If its an electrical power saw, switch off the electric power switch before disconnecting the cord.

Always keep the power saws in a safe place away from the children. Make sure that nobody stays near you while you are working with a power saw. Being aware of the people around you is your responsibility.

Safe use of power saws is upon you. You can comfortably use any risky instrument by putting a hundred percent attention towards it. The saddening incidents of losing limbs and fingers while working with power saws are not uncommon and unheard. Be extra attentive and make sure others are also safe.

Never leave the instrument out in open where anyone can use it. The moment your work is done, you must pack it and carry it to the place where it is kept. There is no substitute for alertness and mindfulness.

Motorhome Solar Panels – Buying Guide, Grading and Camping

Motorhome Solar Panels: Why stay where you are when you can go on an adventure and discover other cities or regions? This is also what a motorhome serves. And if you and your family are among those who like to travel quietly in their mobile home, you’ve probably already wanted to find a good solar motorhome.

Motorhome Solar Panels

Indeed, through this revolutionary device, nature offers us all that is most useful in our daily lives: energy. Still, it is necessary to find the model that is the most adapted to your needs, whether in terms of power or practicality. In the following comparison, we will present 5 products of which 2 have particularly caught our attention. Antarion 140w 12v single crystal is a kit that already offers all the necessary equipment for the installation of your solar panel. The other product comes from the same brand. This is Antarion 100w 12v which is renowned as a product of high quality.

Motorhome Solar Panels

Antarion 140w 12v single crystal

If you are not yet a connoisseur in the field of solar panels, it is normal if you are wondering how to choose the best solar panels of motorhome of 2019. And if the power is a criterion that you look particularly in this kind of equipment, this model of Antarion is what you need. It is a kit that consists of several elements, including a charge controller and a waterproof cable.

In addition to these accessories, the manufacturer has also put glue, electrical cables, and mounting brackets. Thanks to all this, the installation of this solar panel is very easy. No need to look for other equipment for this, because this model was designed to be ready to be installed right away. Note, for example, that a roof pass is also included in the pack and this one greatly facilitates the assembly.

The size of the actual panel is 1215 x 670 x 60 mm, which is suitable for a rather large car. The power of this one is 140 W. Which makes it the most recommended device of this classification.

For the

  • Complete Kit: All the items you need are already included in the package, which eases all installation processes. There is no time to lose because it is enough to put each accessory in its place.
  • Reliable power: Even without the sun, the panel manages to meet all the electricity needs of the motorhome.

Antarion 100w 12v

For many users, Antarion is the best brand of motorhome solar panels. With this model that we can not omit from this ranking, it still hits hard. Similarly to his colleague, it is also equipped with all the basic accessories that must compose a good solar camping camper kit. There are in particular the brackets which are made of anodized aluminum. There is also a glue kit and electric cables.

The 100W monocrystalline module allows the panel to be immediately ready for installation when the kit is delivered. The charge controller that is adapted to the power of the latter is also already ready for use. Antarion puts the quality of its products in advance, which is why this 100w camping car solar panel comes with a 10-year warranty. Which is enough to prove the reliability of this model which is probably the best solar panel of the motorhome market.

For the

  • A good value for money: All those who bought this cheap but effective solar panel have never had to complain about its performance.
  • Quality materials: The silicon with which the bars are made ensures the efficiency of this model.

Installation kit provided: All the tools required for installation are included in the package.

GIARIDE 12V 18V 100W

The effectiveness of this panel has been proven several times thanks in particular to the monocrystalline cell that composes it. We have, among other things, raised 20.5% of this element in this material. A percentage that is much higher than other models. And it shows that this product is the most powerful on our list. Once you have tested this model, you will stop wondering which solar panel to choose from.

That’s not all; it has a flexible appearance that is very convenient for this kind of gear. It is also ideal for a cabin, a tent and many more. Not to mention that its waterproof side is very reliable. In fact, it is the junction box that is waterproof, which ensures the output. Its size and weight greatly help the user during assembly and disassembly, because it is not bulky.

For the

  • Multi-purpose solar panel: Among all the models to compare, this one is the most amazing because of its versatility.
  • Privileged installation: Even the novices will be able to fix this panel thanks to the pre-drilled holes which it has so that it is already ready to be mounted.

Warranty 18 months: There is nothing to fear as to its quality because it is ensured by the manufacturer.


What is the best solar panel motorhome market? This model is inevitably among the products that are at the forefront for several reasons. Not only is it cheaper than the other items in the 300w solar caravan solar panel category, but its quality is also impressive. Indeed, the two pieces that form its total power can be asked separately.

It also can prevent surges for secure use. The 12V-220V inverter is responsible for the responsiveness of this equipment. If you are going to buy a more powerful solar panel, do not hesitate to opt for this one. Versatile, it can also be used in a boat. You will not be limited; on the contrary, this solar panel will make your life easier where you go.

For the

  • Complete Accessories: The buyer no longer needs to go everywhere to gather all the necessary equipment. Also, the quality of the latter will be ensured by avoiding to obtain it elsewhere than where the panel was purchased.
  • Reliable parameters: The way to proceed with the settings is previously shown in the guide. It helps immensely in the installation and configuration of the equipment.

SolarV Enjoy Poly

Where to buy the best solar motorhome panel? This is a question that tickles you often from the moment you wanted to opt for this kind of material. What if we tell you that this model of SolarV is one of the most recommended of this year? Made with polycrystalline silicon, the product we have here fulfills its role perfectly by providing the necessary energy for a motorhome.

TÜV certified it is equipped with a glass surface that gives it a very modern look. The glass has a very resistant coating to protect it from various climatic hazards or even dust. The type of module this panel has is Ecoline es100p72. Its maximum power is 100W, and it operates with a temperature between -40 and 85 ° C. Although it weighs 8.8 kg, it can be easily installed. And since it is a versatile model, you can take it anywhere, in your boat, mini valve or even using it at home.

For the

Solid: According to the user test, this model is very resistant thanks to the coating that equips its glass surface.

  • Design: Its black color makes this material a very design solar panel. You will proudly hang it over your camper.
  • Versatile: You can install it in your boat or other vehicles of this kind.

How to choose a good solar motorhome panel?

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy. It has the advantage of being available everywhere on the planet. Thanks to photovoltaic panels, we can bivouac quietly without depriving us of the essential electricity. GPS, lighting, phone charging, and many other amenities accompany us everywhere with this free renewable energy. Are you looking for ways to buy a better value motorhome solar panel? The next few lines give you some tips for choosing a good product.

Purchase guide


In terms of solar panel, size is an important element to consider. Normally, the dimension must be proportional to your electricity needs. You must also choose the area of the panel according to the sunshine of your area. The good question is not where to buy a new solar panel motorhome but where to use it. Then you have an interest in taking performance into account.

Theoretically, a square meter of solar radiation graciously provides 1 kilowatt. If you have a photovoltaic panel of the same area, it should have a 100% yield to get to recover all of this energy. Currently, the best performing products are struggling to collect 20% of this energy windfall. Anyway, opt for a small model offering maximum performance.

Capacity and power

This buying guide for the best motorhome solar panels will logically speak of power. Indeed, you must choose a model that covers your daily electricity needs. To determine your electrical expenses, add the power of all the appliances you have in your motorhome. TV, lamp, decoder, laptop, and phone chargers: do not forget. The sum thus obtained will be the minimum power of your new solar panel.

By consulting a price comparator, you will realize that most of the proposed models offer more than 100 watts. Then there will be another notion: the intensity of the current produced by your system. This value is indicated in ampere. The higher it is, the better. Just be sure to tune the power of the panel to the battery capacity and type of converter you will use.

How to use a motorhome solar panel?

Announced as a clean solution for electricity everywhere, solar panels also adapt to the needs of travelers. Motorhome enthusiasts will appreciate having electric power, no matter where they are. In the next few paragraphs, find tips for taking advantage of this technology.

Choosing the right panel

Know that solar panels use several technologies. The materials used vary from one manufacturer to another. In general, there are three types of photovoltaic cells. They are crystalline poly, amorphous silicon or monocrystalline. It is this last material that is best suited to camping. And for a good reason, panels with monocrystalline photovoltaic cells continue to produce current in low sunlight.

Choose the right controller, converter, and battery that comes with the device

Having a good sign will not suffice. The battery and converter must be powerful but remain compatible with the panel. Photovoltaic cells transform solar radiation into electric current. The electron movement is transferred to a regulator to charge a 12V or 24V battery. The accumulated energy will be released at the desired time. It is converted into AC 220 V by the converter.

Install the system above the vehicle

You will have two options. If possible, put the panel over your vehicle. This requires the establishment of a fairly complex fixation system. You simply have to make holes in the bodywork before you put the brackets on it. If you have luggage racks, then the task may be easier. If you opt for flexible panels, they will more easily marry the shape of the roof of your campsite. The other alternative is to use panels that you go out and put next to your car every morning.

Try to save energy

To get the most out of your solar system, turn on only the essential devices. Unplug them after use. Indeed, if you avoid over-stressing your system, you extend its longevity. It is best to avoid using the battery of your miniature solar power plant to start your vehicle. It’s clever, but it will quickly damage your equipment.

Follow the maintenance instructions

Normally, solar panels do not require any particular maintenance. They can be left in place when it rains. It will still cut the power in case of a storm. In dry weather, take the trouble to dust off your plates. Sand or a thin layer of dust can significantly reduce the performance of your panel.

Recommendations for optimal use

The power of your system depends on the panel and not the battery. For electricity production to be optimal, orient the vehicle in the right direction. It would be advisable for the panels to be arranged in the same axis as the evolution of the sun. Whenever possible, consume power only when the battery is full. Lastly, you require a guarantee of at least one year from your supplier.

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Wicker Deck Furniture: Elegant collections of tightly woven polyethylene resin, weather resistant, no-maintenance outdoor wicker patio, garden and deck furniture, with large bistro-style armchairs in a rich mocha color priced as low as $150, including thick cushions; sophisticated sofas and sectionals starting at $390 and matching side tables for under $100.

Tightly Woven Wicker Deck Furniture

Choose the affordable Cypress series of outdoor wicker furniture in bistro designs that incorporate flat-weave construction that won’t fade, rot or disintegrate with rain or UV exposure, or select luxury items from the Camano collection. Camano wicker patio furniture includes coffee tables that start at $150, sectional sofa pieces that start at $280, luxurious lounging chairs for $370, two-seater sofas for $390 and matching armchairs for about $280.

The comfortable outdoor wicker sofas, sectionals, and armchairs are all crafted from the latest flat resin-wicker with weather-resistant wooden legs and deep seat cushions covered in white cotton outdoor fabric with zippers for easy removal.

1. Affordable Wicker Deck Furniture from the Strathwood Cypress Collection

The Strathwood collection of wicker deck furniture is in the bistro style, somewhat contemporary by design due to the resin wicker-like weave that’s flat and comes in a rich mocha color beautifully accented with white cushions. Although synthetic resin is not the classic material used for wicker, the resemblance to traditional woven patterns is remarkably well done.

The factors that make natural wicker deck furniture impractical, like its susceptibility to rotting, getting moldy and decaying quickly, are eliminated since the resin is not only maintenance free but fully resistant to outdoor weather. It won’t fade in the sun, won’t retain humidity, mold, mildew or get eaten by termites. The pieces of deck furniture that have a framework with the wicker woven over or around it are also weather-resistant, crafted from sturdy aluminum with wooden legs that are treated for durability and resistant to UV rays and moisture.

Free Standing Garden Awnings

Perhaps one of the most appealing extra features of the Strathwood Cypress collection is that their loveseats, lounges, armchairs, and sofas come complete with deep seat cushions in treated white cotton fabric – ready to use in comfort. Many of the affordable products, such as those in other leading deck furniture lines, are sold without cushions or pads, and therefore the initial savings are lost when pillows, pads or cushions must be bought separately. And the outdoor cushions that come with the pieces aren’t cheaply made but crafted from thick 4-inch polyurethane foam that has a nice bounce and keeps its shape. The covers are all slipped onto the foam inserts with a neat side zipper, so washing is easy – just unzip, wash, dry and replace!

The two feature items in the Strathwood Cypress All-Weather Wicker Bistro Collection is the Armchair, which costs just $149.99, and the bistro table, which is priced at only $109.99.

Despite the price of these items, customers all rave about the sturdiness, and elegance, of the Cypress collection of deck furniture. The two styles of flat woven all-weather resin wicker, namely the Strathwood Cypress and the Camano series, go so well together that the pieces can be mixed and matched with ease. Both come in the warm mocha brown color with contrasting white cushions.

The table that goes with the Cypress line is an ideal size for placing between two chairs on a deck or even with a pool-side bistro set. It’s 17 by 21 inches high and is light – just over 7 lbs.

When Strathwood says that they test their deck furniture for endurance, they’re not kidding. Each item is sturdy and practical, designed to be used by people who live in their outdoor spaces and appreciate finely crafted products that last. Order now and qualify for free shipping within the United States.

2. Camano Collection of Luxury Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Strathwood’s Camano collection of outdoor wicker furniture is extensive and luxuriously crafted with attention to detail. The weave is solid, the wooden legs are finished in a rich cherry tone, and the cushions are thick and comfortable.

The mocha brown color of the resin all-weather outdoor wicker furniture in this series is elegant and works well with most classic or modern themes that are wood, wrought iron, accented with natural fibers, white cotton, and bamboo or contemporary sleek chrome, white lacquer and glass. The Camano pieces we suggest are:

3. Strathwood Camano All-Weather Wicker Arm Chair

This is a piece that’s large, sturdy and able to withstand the elements. It’s easy to clean, requires no maintenance and comes with deep seat cushions that measure 30 X 24 and are 4 inches deep. Comfortable, elegant, durable and affordable outdoor wicker! Shop online and receive free shipping in the US.

4. Strathwood Camano All-Weather Wicker Side Table

Customers agree that this collection looks more expensive than it is. It’s also extremely stable and comes with nice little extras like castors that won’t scratch wooden decks and sturdy inner aluminum frames that are resistant to rust. The table is 19 X 19 and 13 inches tall but weighs under 10 lbs.

5. Strathwood Camano All-Weather Wicker Sofa

Outdoor wicker furniture doesn’t get better or classier than the Camano sofa designs that not only come with a beautiful flat weave finish (in a deep mocha brown) but also include white cotton cushions. The all-weather wicker is resin so it won’t disintegrate or rot, while it looks like natural fiber that’s been woven in a delicate, yet sturdy, flat pattern. Finished with wooden legs that are high density and stained a cherry tone, the sofa is ideal for patio, garden or poolside. Wash the sofa and wipe the cushions, but otherwise, there’s little maintenance. The sofa measures 54 X 30.75 inches and weighs about 45 lbs. This piece is for sale online.

Garden Umbrella Stand Classics and Innovations

The sectional sofa and chairs in this collection are beautiful, albeit a little more expensive, yet well worth it since they offer durability and quality. Take a look at the sectionals in the Camano collection:

6. Camano Sectional Seating, Sofas and Chairs – Distinctive Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker patio furniture that’s totally weather resistant and comes in unique sectional designs is what the Camano collection by Strathwood is all about. Start with the Wicker Sectional Sofa Seat that acts as a centerpiece and build outward from there. The center sofa section costs $279.99 and comes with deep seat cushions in white cotton with a 4-inch foam insert.

Add a left or right sectional chair to create a variety of shapes that fit your space. Each left or right piece cost $299.99

Complete your customizable sectional sofa design by adding two centerpieces, one or two left or right sections or placing one of the sectional lounge sofas alongside the set to create an L or large U shape. The 63-inch long All-Weather Wicker Sectional Lounge Sofa is one of the most expensive pieces in the collection — $469.99 but also comes with the lounge cushions, so is still more reasonable than other parts of cheaper wicker patio furniture.

The matching tables start at around $150, but you can choose to pair the Cypress tables with the Camano seats since the Cypress tables cost under $100 (and are a little smaller).

Poolside wicker patio furniture sets can be arranged in unique ways by choosing two lounge chair sectionals and a centerpiece to make a U-shaped double lounger. Another way to get a similar design, but save some money, is to buy the two lounge chairs and instead of using a center section, choose a wicker table for about $100 and place lengthwise between two loungers. Mix and match with the Cypress Bistro chairs and tables for a variety of seating options.

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits

Although natural wicker isn’t the best choice around a pool, the Strathwood resin, all-weather wicker patio furniture doesn’t need to be kept dry to avoid mildew or rust. Therefore it’s an ideal choice for anywhere that may get wet, like a pool or garden. Which brings us to consider wicker pieces for the garden.

7. Durable All-Weather Wicker Garden Furniture

There’s a unique piece of all-weather wicker garden furniture in the Camano collection made by Strathwood that merely’s called the Sun Lounger Chair. This piece costs $369.99. The lounger measures just over 81 inches in length, which is almost 7 feet, but due to the positions, the actual measurements when extended are only over 73 inches which means that someone who’s over 6 feet tall may need a more extended model. While this may be an issue, people who are average height find the chair comfortable and the adjustable positions flexible for reading/tanning.

 Alternative to Teak Patio Furniture

The lounger is designed to be used without cushions because the wicker weave offers a comfy bit of bounce, and the engineering of the chair is such that it provides lumbar support and comfort without extra padding. This piece of wicker pool/garden furniture comes assembled ready to use. You can order this item in two colors: mocha brown that matches other parts in the series or a honey color that’s lighter for pairing with natural wood furniture you may already own. The honey-colored version is slightly cheaper, priced at $349.99.

pool furniture

The lounge chair is high for a garden area or a pool, even on a deck, because it comes with a series of rubber wheels for smooth movement. Shift your lounger, so you get the sun, or turn it to stay in the shade throughout the day. This is one of the reasons we believe this item is an ideal piece of wicker garden furniture – it’s easy to move and adjust. Order your outdoor wicker now and qualify for free shipping within the United States.

8. Extra Outdoor Wicker Items

The Camano collection includes some other outdoor wicker items that are made from the same all-weather resin. One is the Wicker Storage Box that’s ideal for keeping cushions, pillows, and blankets on a patio deck. The outdoor wicker box measures 41 X 21 inches and is 22 inches high, so can accommodate large seat cushions. This box costs $199.99 and can be ordered online.

A practical piece of outdoor wicker furniture that you may not immediately think of is a trash bin. Nevertheless, this bin is large and is camouflaged beautifully by being covered with the all-weather wicker that matches the Camano sets. This isn’t just a garbage can, but a large bin that measures 15.5 X 15.5 inches and is 31.5 inches tall, which can be used for storing dry towels or for tossing wet towels after a swim. It can be used to store or collect a variety of items that are used outdoors: garden tools, fertilizers, peat moss, compost or soil mixtures that you may need to have handy for working but prefer to keep out of sight. This practical outdoor wicker trash bin by Strathwood costs $119.99. It can be ordered online and will require assembly when it arrives.

Pergola Kits and Spa Gazebos

For more ideas on outdoor pieces such as cast aluminum patio furniture, outdoor chair cushions, and toss pillows, please consult related posts. We offer ideas on how to get the most out of your deck, patio or garden by choosing high-quality patio shade structures, shade sails, canopy tents, and custom shade cloth. We recommend some of the best outdoor furniture covers made from treated waterproof fabric to protect your tables, chairs, and lounges during the winter.

Here at Outdoor Patio Covers, you can learn about the latest patio shade products and outdoor furniture pieces and shop online from companies you know and trust.

The 8 Best Free Standing Garden Awnings – [By FIM]

Best Free Standing Garden Awnings: Buy free standing garden awnings and giant-sized stand-alone umbrellas by FIM, one of the largest manufacturers of shade structures in North America. Choose retractable free standing awning designs with rust-free aluminum frames and Sunbrella canopies in oval, rectangular or hexagonal shapes; prices start under $1,300. Buy motorized electric awnings that retract (which can stand alone in a garden) for about $1,700, and illuminate your outdoor areas with patio awning lights – between $20 and $95 for complete sets.

Free Standing Garden Awnings by FIM

Affordable Giant Umbrella-Style Awnings

Stand-alone shade structures aren’t cheap – most garden awning designs are priced between $2,000 – $3,000 for anything that tilts and has weather resistant fabric canopies and rust-free frames. However, one of the more affordable alternatives on the market costs $1,290. It’s the FIM C-series oval canopy (with UV / stain resistant acrylic Sunbrella outdoor fabric) in valance or market models, measuring 8 by 12 feet. Included are the powder-coated aluminum frames (or an optional deck-mount base) and the weather resistant canopy in 16 standard Sunbrella fabric colors.

Free Standing Garden Awnings

The C07 and C08 FIM structures tilt for different angles and open and close with a crank mechanism, yet are completely free standing awning-style umbrellas that can be placed in a garden, over a pool or attached to a deck floor.

The FIM collection of giant umbrellas and freestanding awning designs are some of the most versatile and affordable stand-alone shade structures on the market. Order the C07 Market Style Freestanding (Model C07+MFSB000), and your shipment will be sent from CSN Stores within a week to ten days.

Rectangular Free Standing Garden Awnings

While the umbrella style awnings are the most affordable, FIM also creates classic rectangular designs in the T series collection. The T15 freestanding garden awnings (T15/GIB stand-alone design or the same model with a deck mount base) has an antique beige Sunbrella fabric canopy (which is an 8 by 12-foot rectangular shade), a completely weather resistant powder-coated aluminum frame (with tilting features) plus a valance, and retails for $2,460. Order online and receive your shipment via CSN Stores. The 2-year warranty is covered by FIM manufacturing (a manufacturing company that’s based in Canada).

Garden Umbrella Stand Classics and Innovations

T18 Cantilevered Retractable Free Standing Awning

The T18 and T16 Cantilevered Freestanding Awning, side retractable model, by FIM is designed specifically to cover large deck or patios that are subject to prolonged UV exposure. That’s why this free standing awning offers double crossbar support to cover 10 by 15-foot areas with a high-end Sunbrella fabric canopy and an aluminum framework that’s powder coated, rust resistant (comes with  2-year manufacturer’s warranty) and can be tilted and retracted as required. It’s priced at about $2,950 and can be ordered online (shipping from CSN). Similar to the offset umbrella styles, the rectangular free-standing awnings by FIM can be used in several ways. So, when ordering, you can choose a ground insert design or the deck-mount plate (may cost extra).

FIM Manufacturing offers installation manuals for both the T16 and T18 models that explain which base or mounting structure will work best in different areas. Those used as garden awnings, and not mounted to a deck, will use the ground inserts. These are stainless steel sleeves which can be secured into a cement base with top plates. The tubes that are inserted can be removed or added as needed and when the tubes are not present, only the top plates remain and therefore provide a smooth surface.

Is it Possible to Buy FIM Awnings Direct from Manufacturer?

Buying awnings direct from FIM Manufacturing (in BC Canada) doesn’t seem possible unless it’s for custom designs, wholesale purchases, or FIM distributors. For retail customers, ordering the products is easy through online retailers. To choose the options, you desire, including canopy colors and bases, click images/links and you’ll be taken to a secure shopping area.

Note: Prices can vary depending on the color/design of the outdoor fabric you choose and the mounting kits you require for installation.

Manuals: you can download installation manuals for awnings direct from the FIM website at fim-umbrella.com.

Customizing Your FIM Freestanding Awning

The free standing awning designs by FIM, for garden, deck, patio or pool areas may be customized. Metal frames come in three colors:

  1.  Textured Graphite
  2.   Textured Taupe
  3.   Gloss White

Choose a Textured Graphite aluminum frame finish for R02, C02TK, C05, C08, P-Series, T15, T18, and the XS5/G, XL7, XL8. Textured Taupe is available for the C06, T13, T16 and XS5/T models. Pure Gloss White aluminum frames can be had for R01, C03, C04, C07, T12, and T17.

All the FIM freestanding awning designs, including the large umbrella models, are made with the Sunbrella outdoor fabric as canopies. The basic 16 Sunbrella colors that FIM keeps in stock, and can be used to customize your shade structure, are:

  1.    Natural / Natural Mesh
  2.    Antique Beige / Beige Mesh
  3.    Heather Beige / Heather Mesh
  4.    Black / Black Mesh
  5.    Taupe
  6.    Dupione Papaya
  7.    Fern
  8.    Tuscan
  9.    Terra
  10.    Dupione Cornsilk
  11.    Sesame Linen
  12.    Dupione Palm
  13.    Parrot
  14.    Glacier
  15.    Linen Curacao
  16.    Capri

Discover other collections of outdoor shade products, such as the P – Series awning umbrellas which ship through CSN.

Versatile Hexagonal Free Standing Awnings For Poolside or Garden

One of the more unique and versatile free-standing awnings that FIM makes is the Hexagonal C – Series umbrella/awning design. The most affordable is the C05 in the market style with Heather Beige Sunbrella fabric (and a deck mount plate) for between $1,250 – $1,145, although the offset-free standing base is the most versatile and is the one pictured, it must be chosen separately.View more options by going to the shopping page where you can place orders online and receive shipments within a week or two.

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits 

(Select the C05+MDMT5476 model with the 10.5-foot hexagonal canopy. The Offset Base Option includes a powder-coated two-piece base design where the pole doesn’t obstruct the front or sides of the shaded area because the weight is “offset” towards the back of the structure. To order the offset option will add $87 to the total price.)

What About Electric Awnings in the Garden?

Electric awnings, usually termed motorized retractable awnings (especially the top models made by SunSetter Awnings) are designed to be attached to a “structure,” such as a patio wall, the front of a porch or the beams near a backyard deck. Freestanding electric awnings that retract at the push of a button are available though not very common (see Oasis model below); nevertheless, it’s possible to add any of the SunSetter motorized devices to a garden summerhouse, a pergola structure or even to gazebos.

Motorized units can be installed in a garden area by mounting the devices/canopies to almost any free standing wooden, aluminum or metal shade structure. Most of the electric awnings by Sunsetter, such as the Retractable Motorized Pro 15 by 10-foot design retail for about $2,000 – $2,300 and can be purchased online (via Amazon) and will ship from distributors such as Stacks and Stacks. Having an electric awning in a garden setting will require some planning to ensure you have an adequate stand-alone structure in place onto which the motorized retractable shade canopy can be mounted.

Discover various other alternatives in related posts that deal with other options for Home Porch Awning designs and Motorized Retractable Porch Awnings such as the OASIS Retractable Awning by SunSetter that’s a free standing unit and retails for about $1,700.

Eucalyptus – The 7 Best Alternative to Teak Patio Furniture

Shop for the OASIS electric awning that’s a free standing structure ideal for gardens, with a natural linen canopy (which will ship from CSN) and costs $1,695.76.

Adding Awning Lights

For making any outdoor area (with a shade structure) more functional for the evening and nighttime use, it’s recommended to add the final touch – lighting. For free standing garden awnings or motorized retractable electric coverings on a porch or patio, a set of awning lights can be easily added.

The Sunsetter patio lights are specially designed for withstanding the outdoor elements because they’re made from Lexan, an unbreakable proprietary material that’s also waterproof. Soft bulbs (somewhat bronzed but officially termed “smoked”) offer a mellow non-glaring glow and come in sets of six on a stretchy cord with twenty feet extra that runs from where the bulbs end to where an outlet can be reached.

The set of six awning lights costs about $100 and the hooks to attach them (Camco Fabric Awning Hooks) come in packs of seven. The awning lights and hooks work for caravan awnings# or permanent canopies over decks at home. Order a set of the SunSetter Patio Awning Lights and they’ll be shipped to you through Comfort Channel.

For something decorative, try the art deco Mission-Tiffany Style Lantern Lights made by Universal Lighting and Décor (and shipped from Lamps Plus) for just under $20 a set. The strings of mini tiffany lanterns come with 10 lights that have a bronze finish and tiny colored panes for soft evening radiance. This set of patio awning lights come with spare bulbs, connectors, fuses, and are strung onto a green cord that’s about 11.5 feet long. Order your sets of Mission-Tiffany Style Lantern Lights.

For more ideas on how to create practical and decorative outdoor spaces, browse related posts with ideas for things like hot tub gazebo designs, where to buy pergola kits, how to choose the best garage kits and how to order high-quality metal shed and outdoor storage units.

Pergola Kits and Spa Gazebos Ideas

We also offer suggestions for buying eucalyptus wood items as a way to save money instead of choosing expensive teak patio furniture, and how to get deck furniture (that looks like wicker) that’s completely weather resistant because it’s resin.

Outdoor Patio Covers is all about helping you create an outdoor space that’s functional, comfortable and long-lasting. That’s why we’ve chosen to include posts that deal with outdoor cushions that are stain and UV resistant, as well as patio furniture cover designs that have been engineered to protect furniture even in harsh winter conditions.

Discover the world of summerhouse design as playhouses for kids, work areas, studios, and spare rooms. Choose a Summer House in the European styles or from American SolidBuild Kits.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Learn how to plan an outdoor / beach wedding using garden arch trellises for walkways and decorative accents and how to select the right canopy tent that will accommodate your guests for sit-down dinners or casual buffets. Decorate your bridal areas and garden arch trellises with lights – find out where to shop for the items you need and learn which products have received the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

The 8 Best Garden Umbrella Stand Classics and Innovations

Best Garden Umbrella Stand: Buy classic cast stone / cast iron umbrella stands between $25 – $60; shop for umbrella base innovations like the Rolling Umbrella Base by Shademobile. Stop top-heavy market or garden umbrella from toppling in the wind by choosing the best freestanding bases engineered to withstand summertime guests.

The latest Best Garden Umbrella Stand Innovation by Shademobile

While nothing can beat the look of the cast iron classic umbrella bases, the innovative umbrella stand designed by Shademobile has been rated one of the top models for several reasons.

First, the umbrella stand, although being made of polyethylene, weighs 23 lbs empty, yet can be created to support top-heavy market and garden umbrella shades by adding 12 bricks or 85 lbs of sand, or combining 12 bricks and 35 lbs of sand to have a total weight of 125 pounds so it’s unlikely any umbrella will get blown over in the wind. The high-density polyurethane base is specially designed to be filled with sand or bricks and comes with a diagram of how to fit the bricks inside the polyurethane base.

Second, and most importantly, the Shademobile umbrella stand is genuinely “mobile” because it has four wheels that roll smoothly over any hard surface, ideal for around a pool, or for adjusting shade where required on an outdoor patio or deck. The wheels are engineered to roll, but two of them can be locked into a set position, so the base stays where you want it. Another feature of the Rolling Umbrella Base is that it comes in two colors, black and sandstone, both made from polyurethane; maintenance free, and designed not to crack even when exposed to steady UV rays.

Customers who’ve bought these rolling umbrella stands have been delighted with their functionality, stating that each of the features works as the manufacturer claims, including being able to support top-heavy umbrellas in gusts of wind. The wheels, which roll without leaving marks, do indeed move across a deck quickly, and the locking device works like a charm. Many buyers have commented that the umbrella stand withstands gusts of seaside wind without toppling their large garden umbrella, and others are delighted with being able to move the stand as the sun’s position changes throughout the day.

However, the best testimonials are from high-end hotels, international resorts, and spas who have switched from using regular cast iron or another umbrella stand to the high-density rolling ones by Shademobile. Some of the places where these umbrella stands are used include the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, the Long Beach Yacht Club, the Marriott Desert Ridge, Oregon Hot Springs and the Ocotillo Golf Resort, amongst many others. Although being robust, high-tech, models suited for commercial use, these unique stands are available to the general public and can be ordered online.

Take shade to where you need it most, with the stable, durable and portable Shademobile Rolling Umbrella base that’s also affordable. Choose the 1.5-inch umbrella stand or the 2-inch model, and select black or sandstone. The 1.5-inch design costs $139.99 (and you may qualify for free shipping depending on where you live).

Have a look at a demonstration of how smoothly the umbrella stand glides across a deck in this short video about the Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base:

Classic Garden Umbrella Stands in Cast Iron/Cast Stone

The classic freestanding garden umbrella with an iron base has become better than ever since manufacturers are now offering powder-coated models that are rust free. Although the coated iron or cast stone designs won’t leave rusty patches on your deck or poolside, they maintain the characteristic ornate motifs of the original round and square bases, which is what gives them their charm, especially when paired with wrought iron bistro furniture or traditional wooden garden furniture sets. The cheapest models are priced at around $25 and go up to about $60. Here are the best ones we recommend and those we believe don’t offer good value.

1. While the cheapest umbrella stands are those made from ceramic, and cost just $16 or less, and can be filled with water or bricks, we don’t recommend them because they tend to be unstable. It’s well worth to buy a heavy duty cast iron model even if the ceramic ones appear sleek and go with the decor.

2. The most affordable and top-rated umbrella stand designs that are rust proof and made of cast stone, and have a powder coated finish, are those crafted by DC America. One is the 18 Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base that costs just $24.59 and is available online. The 24-inch model, also sold online through DC America, costs $54.99. Both are made from composite materials that are rustproof and have a bronze powder coating for durability and require little or no maintenance. One of the features of the DC America umbrella stands is that they adapt to different size umbrella poles because, although the hole is large, it comes with ring adapters to fit most standard market and garden umbrella models.

Customers who’ve purchased this product state it’s a very sturdy base that can withstand wind gusts without affecting the umbrella stability and that assembling the umbrella into the stand is quick and straightforward. Customers who have attached 6 feet and 9 feet umbrellas have found it to be ideal even when set up in coastal areas where sea breezes are frequent and have been problematic for other lighter bases.

DC America also has a variety of other models to choose from, some with cast iron motifs on the square and round bases, others sleek and contemporary. One of the classic square models is the UBP14181-BR Square Cast Stone Umbrella Base that costs just $34.99. A benefit of ordering from DC America is that a variety of pole sizes can be used in the same stand. There’s an adjuster inside the pole holder that can be made to fit the standard 1.5-inch poles or the less common 1.4 inch or 1.9-inch umbrellas poles. The square stand is a dark bronze color and is antique looking, more so than pictured, which is great for traditional outdoor areas.

DC America also manufactures market and garden umbrella designs that work well with their stands, such as La Quinta Umbrella that can be ordered online.

3. Another of the top rated umbrella stand designs are those crafted by Strathwood, makers of fine metal and wooden garden furniture. They carry the Ryer Umbrella Base that’s priced at $59.99 and is ideal with standard 1.5-inch market umbrella poles. It’s a sturdy stand but doesn’t have an adjustment for other umbrella sizes, so unless you have a 1.5 pole, it won’t work. We recommend the Strathwood collections because they receive excellent customer ratings and offer an extensive range of outdoor furniture and even bench and swing cushions as well as unique eucalyptus wooden garden furniture that’s durable and eco-friendly. If you’re contemplating buying pool furniture, benches, tables, and dining sets or lounge chairs, as well as garden umbrellas and stands, then buying through Strathwood is a wise choice. Shop online by browsing the classic and contemporary collections.

Best Garden Umbrella Stand

Although a garden umbrella is an ideal shade over a table, beside a lounge chair or on a deck, many people require a little more protection from UV rays. To explore shade cloth alternatives instead of full patio covers, or to see what’s available in shade canopy designs for shade structures instead of roofing systems, take a look at suggestions in related posts.

Sunshades and triangular shade sail kits can be a solution to overexposing yourself and your furniture to unnecessary UV rays. Garden canopy structures and even pop up gazebos offer solutions for shade and insect protection, especially with models that have sidewalls or mosquito netting. For information on pop up gazebo kits and other shade structures, please refer to articles where you can shop for recommending items.
We understand that during summer months an outdoor space must be comfortable. That’s why we’ve searched for outdoor seating pads and bench cushions, as well as the top garden hammock designs to enhance your space. We’ve scoured the world and found authentic Mayan hammocks, made by native artisans in the Yucatan and Central America. We have also found top outdoor fabric manufactures that craft stain resistant, non-fading materials to cover pillows, cushions and swing seats.

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits [& Other Steel Structures]

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits: Top rated storage buildings by Lifetime – experts in the prefabricated metal shed designs that don’t bend, dent, buckle or crack. Buy the best outdoor shed structures that combine steel reinforcement with high-density polyurethane for exceptional strength and durability without maintenance.

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits

The Lifetime metal shed kits are sturdy, UV resistant and come in 7 to 15-foot designs, with the smallest units priced under $850. These high-end steel sheds can be expanded to custom dimensions using extension kits that start under $200. Order your metal shed and get free shipping within the United States.

Reinforced Steel Sheds with Maintenance-free HDPE

While standard metal sheds may be prone to rust, the Lifetime steel sheds are rust resistant and maintenance-free. They’re uniquely crafted with HDPE (high-density polyurethane) that are reinforced with steel. The dual materials offer strength and protection from UV deterioration while requiring no painting or annual maintaining.

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits

Although the Lifetime metal shed models are too numerous to describe each in detail, as an example of the quality, features, and price, consider model number 6405, metal storage shed that’s 8-by 10 feet. This is the design that retails for just over $1,000 and features skylights, a window, interior shelves, peg strips, and corner storage boxes.
All hardware for these prefabricated steel sheds are included in the kits along with three steel roof trusses (A-frame trusses), a slip-proof floor, steel reinforced door and galvanized hinges/handles/latches/locks, a non-shattering polycarbonate windowpane, four polypropylene skylights, and all the screws required for assembly.

The entire structure is built from steel that’s powder-coated for rust resistance, and the walls are double-sided high-density polyethylene resistant to cracking and denting as well as being fully UV resistant.

How Resistant and durable are the Lifetime metal shed structures?

They’re not called “lifetime” for nothing. They come with a 10-year warranty, which says a lot. Buy the Lifetime metal shed kit, and choose to add a 2.5-foot extension for just $199.99. Shop online and purchase the steel Lifetime sheds from retail outlets you trust.

Are you worried about snow collapsing the roof?

Stop worrying! The Lifetime steel roof trusses are designed to withstand snow during winter and protect the structure from denting or bending. Unlike many cheap metal shed kits, the Lifetime products have A-frame steel roof trusses that provide exceptional support and allow for a high ceiling, so air circulates. No more stuffy, musty, dingy storage areas. Take a look at how practical these steel sheds can be in your backyard. The roof trusses support the structure from within, so they remained safe and protected year-round in the steel sheds that come with a ten-year warranty.

ShelterLogic Metal Carports / Canopies & Metal Covers for Vehicles by Arrow

While we’re talking about metal and steel products for the outdoors, it’s worth noticing (although we wish Lifetime had metal carports and garages in the same design as their storage sheds) that some of the best metal garages and carports are those by ShelterLogic.

There are high-end options, but just as a quick example of what’s available, look at the ShelterLogic 10 by 20-foot metal carports that can be extended, used open with canopies or closed with sidewalls. Choose the basic models or add extension kits and create your steel garage design with a lightweight, heavy-duty canopy covering.

A metal carport by ShelterLogic can cost as little as $100, although the one we feature is mid-priced at about $330 and it’s a good overall size for most vehicles.

Are you looking for more permanent structures than steel garages with canopies? Then have a look at the Arrow sheds, and metal cover carports that have solid roofs and are free-standing units that measure about 10-by 20 feet (in prefabricated kits) sold ready to assemble.

Look for the Arrow Free Standing metal carport designs such as the CP1020 metal cover that’s available online through trusted distributors. The Arrow 10 by 10-foot metal carport is cheaper – about $1,000. Choose which metal carport design suits your space by browsing other products from Arrow and ShelterLogic.

Versatube Steel Garages in Funky Colors

If you need something more sturdy, almost industrial-strength, as a metal cover for a boat, RV or large vehicle, we suggest the metal cover designs by Versatube Building Systems. They offer an excellent selection of metal garages that can be open or closed, large enough for a bus, or small enough for a VW bug. Choose the Versatube Building Systems steel garage kit that suits your needs.

The 10-foot high steel garages by Versatube come with roof trusses to support a system that can withstand snow and rain. But what’s unique about these steel garage styles is that they come in funky colors like evergreen, burgundy and hickory moss, just in case plain old grey, white or stone colors aren’t enough.

Have a look at some of the features of the Versatube steel garages and see how easy a patio cover or garage can be erected in a weekend using the convenient all-inclusive kits. Notice how the Versatube roof trusses support the entire building from ground to roof. Watch step by step process that can be followed to put up your own steel garage, metal patio cover or carport.  “DIY Steel Buildings by VersaTube Install with Ease”:

For more information on building or buying outdoor structures, please consult related posts where you’ll find other unique carports, metal patio covers, and ideas for aluminum and steel outdoor buildings. We offer advice on patio covers – from shelters for tools, sheds for equipment, metal garages for vehicles/boats, and canopy metal cover pop-ups for parties.

Eucalyptus – The 7 Best Alternative to Teak Patio Furniture

The new teak is eucalyptus. Hardwood outdoor furniture in eucalyptus is durable, weather resistant, not prone to deterioration from mold, mildew or termites, and doesn’t rot when exposed to the elements. It’s denser than teak, weathers in a similar manner, yet the cost of eucalyptus wood outdoor furniture is lower, often half the price.
The wooden outdoor furniture pieces we recommend, which you can order through this site, are not only durable, uniquely designed, finely crafted and extremely affordably priced, but environmentally friendly, FSC certified, derived from sustainable sources and responsibly produced.

Why Eucalyptus Instead of Teak?

Although eucalyptus classic / casual furniture designs are as sturdy as the teak ones, they tend to be lighter, making them ideal for patios and decks because they’re easy to move. They’re also great for around a pool, hot tub or spa because they’re impervious to water damage and moisture won’t cause them to rot or disintegrate like other woods. Like the teak patio furniture designs, Eucalyptus pieces are more expensive, require very little care and oil can keep hem looking like new.

After a year or two, eucalyptus can be sanded, oiled and refreshed, or left with its rustic weathered appeal that requires almost no care. Washing the wooden outdoor furniture pieces is okay, and they’ll dry if left in the sun.

Have a look at what happens to eucalyptus wood when oiled versus how it looks when left to weather. The comparison is courtesy of Strathwood – specialists in eucalyptus wood outdoor furniture.

How affordable are the eucalyptus casual furniture designs?

While it’s difficult to find outdoor teak furniture that’s under several hundred dollars for a single piece, the items available in the wooden outdoor furniture collections by Strathwood are incredibly affordable. For example, a set of stackable chairs, crafted in a modern slat design, measuring proximately 22 X 19 inches with a height of 36 inches, cost under $200.

The chairs are sold in sets of two but can be stacked four-high to save space when not in use. If choosing these chairs, it’s possible to create a complete dining set with other pieces of modern outdoor furniture in the Strathwood eucalyptus collections. Look at the many possibilities for mixing and matching:

Modern Outdoor Furniture Sets

Dining sets that are modern, weather resistant and can be left untreated (or oil for a prolonged life) made entirely from eco-friendly wood, include tables that are extendable and slat-style chairs.

There are several series that can be matched or mixed-up for unique looks. Choose wooden dining chairs, tables, benches, outdoor bar stools, and accent pieces like storage boxes, all made from eucalyptus.

1. The cheapest teak patio furniture alternatives – Sheffield hardwood collection

In the Strathwood Sheffield collection of casual furniture, there are only three basic items, but each is ideal for creating custom dining sets with the best teak alternative – eucalyptus.

The first set of chairs is the pair of stackable ones mentioned above, which cost under $200.

There are more elaborate ones called the Sheffield Dining Armchair, also sold in sets of two, for just a little more. One of the features of both the armchairs and the armless ones is that they’re stackable.


In the Strathwood Sheffield collection of casual furniture, there are only three basic items, but each is ideal for creating custom dining sets with the best teak alternative – eucalyptus. The first set of chairs is the pair of stackable ones mentioned above, which cost under $200.

There are more elaborate ones called the Sheffield Dining Armchair, also sold in sets of two, for just a little more. One of the features of both the armchairs and the armless ones is that they’re stackable.

Customers who’ve purchased the Sheffield eucalyptus chairs, instead of high priced teak patio furniture, have commented that they offer exceptional value for the price. Considering that each chair costs under $100, it’s almost impossible to find a similar modern design with such durable construction in teak.

To complete the set, add a dining table that’s oval and extends over 82 inches in length – that’s almost 7 feet long.

The Sheffield Oval Expandable Table is reasonably priced at around $400.

Create a five-piece outdoor dining set using two armchairs and two armless chairs, plus the table, and spend about $700 for everything. This is one of the most affordable and practical teak patio furniture alternatives that can be ordered online and comes with free shipping within the USA.

2. Ultra Affordable Eucalyptus Wood Small Patio Furniture Pieces

If you have a patio that’s limited in space, you may not be able to accommodate a 6-foot dining table and matching chairs.
One of the best affordable options for small patio furniture items are simple, yet practical, Strathwood Folding Hardwood Armchair set, which includes two chairs for around $100.

Match these with the Folding Hardwood Bistro Table (also by Strathwood) and costs $79.99.  The complete three-piece bistro set, an ideal combination of small patio furniture pieces, costs about $200, or under $300 for four chairs and the matching slat table.

3. Gibranta Wooden Outdoor Furniture – benches and coffee tables in eucalyptus

If you have a contemporary dining set and need to match other pieces of wooden outdoor furniture to complete the garden, poolside or porch are, consider the Gibranta series of benches – ideal for extra seating. All pieces are crafted in eucalyptus wood and come with white cotton cushions.

The Gibranta collection is made up of three basic matching items:

  • All weather Hardwood two-seater Bench
  • All-season Hardwood Arm Chair set(set of two chairs)
  • Eucalyptus Hardwood Coffee Table

Mix these pieces of Gibranta wooden outdoor furniture with the small bistro items, or with the Sheffield collection – all are eucalyptus and have a similar casual slat-construction.

4. Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Furniture for Open-air Bars

With a similar casual style (using slats in eucalyptus), choose the Bradford wood outdoor furniture collection that’s specifically designed for customizing a home bar.

Better than teak, and much more affordable, create an all-season outdoor bar with one (or several) of the high bar tables that are round and measure 41 inches. The table is priced under $100, so there’s no reason not to buy more than one.

The Bradford wood outdoor furniture series includes a set of high bar stools that cost under $200 for a set of two. Add cushions and have a comfortable place to entertain guests.

Bradford pieces match Gibranta and Sheffield collections, so go ahead and mix them up.

5. The Top Modern Outdoor Furniture Choices

Teak, eucalyptus, and even the latest resin and cast aluminum collections come in modern outdoor furniture styles that are sleek and clean-lined for contemporary themes. The top Strathwood collections to choose are:

  • The Falkner Dining series of pieces made from tubular cast aluminum – very chic, with white deep seat cushions.
  • The Grand Isle Dining collection is also made from cast aluminum and offers swivel chairs, sleek contemporary design and a wide variety of modern outdoor furniture accents that are simple and yet elegant to pair with glass and geometric pieces.
  • The other series of recent items is the Rawley Collection, also by Strathwood, which is a contemporary cast aluminum design with a touch of a decorative element. This collection is somewhat “transitional” by design so it can be used with both classic and contemporary accents.
  • As an alternative to teak, the best modern wooden pieces are in the Strathwood Sheffield Dining line that’s constructed of eucalyptus hardwood and is affordably priced.
  • The Bradford line is crafted for outdoor bars. The contemporary pieces are clean and crisp, with a slat design that’s not fussy or overly ornate.
  • The Balboa Collection is upscale, but the pieces are geometric, especially the sectionals that can be used to create contemporary shapes and accented with glass tables.
  • For all weather resin modern outdoor furniture pieces that are contemporary with a soft touch (like rounded chair backs) and woven wicker-like material over rust-resistant frames, the Padre Dining furniture is ideal and can be mixed with other weather resistant resin items from series such as the Cypress Bistro Collection and the deluxe Camano lounge and patio products.

Camano has sectionals that are sleek and contemporary with low squared backs and crisp edges, including white seat cushions and a rich mocha color resin weave around solid powder coated steel frames.

6. The Padre Resin Patio Furniture Line by Strathwood

There are several resin patio furniture collections in the Strathwood lines, but the Padre resin wicker dining table is a hit because it’s large, round and has a solid weave top that’s easy to keep clean. It can be ordered for about $250.

The resin patio furniture in the Padre line (and the Cypress and Camano collections) can be mixed to form unique sets. There’s also a line called Buckley, however, at the time of writing is sold out, and it’s unclear if this resin patio furniture collection will become available again or has been permanently discontinued.

We recommend the Camano series of resin furniture pieces that can be fitted together with deep seat cushions or used to accent specific areas by mixing with the Cypress line.  The latest resin designs are chic, elegant, sophisticated and can be paired with vibrant colored, geometric motifs or classic natural tones with traditional wicker and woven mats.

Prices start under $100 for tables.

7. Unusual Casual Furniture Items

Casual furniture doesn’t get much more casual and comfy than a hammock. The Strathwood Strathwood Sunbrella Hammock Bed is one of those items that makes lying in the sun a pleasure.

What’s great about the Strathwood hammock is that it’s designed to resist water damage; made from the great Sunbrella outdoor fabric, which doesn’t fade and is stain resistant. It comes with a wooden bar that spreads the hammock like a bed. The wooden stand is sold separately. The 6-foot hammock costs about $140. The arched stand, which is made of cypress, is officially called the Solid Cypress Wood Arc Hammock Stand, by Green Star Outdoors.

Speaking about the ultimate in casual furniture, the Portable Folding Hammock can be used on a deck or carried to the beach in its own little bag. It costs just under $80 and is comfy and water resistant. Shop online for this item.
For more deck furniture ideas see posts where you can discover unique cast aluminum patio furniture, outdoor

Cushions as well as find out how to protect everything with patio furniture covers.  At Outdoor Patio Covers we have decorating ideas you need to make any yard, deck, porch or garden a comfortable place.

The 7 Pergola Kits and Spa Gazebos Ideas 2019

Pergola Kits and Spa Gazebos: Complete pergola kits from $900 – $2,000 or build your own using pergola design stencil / hardware kits for just $170. Choose wooden gazebo/pergola structures or vinyl ones in classic New England trellis styles.

Pergola Kits and Spa Gazebos

Order your pergola plans or complete kits online and assemble everything easily with necessary tools. Discover hot tub gazebo styles in cedar wood and find out where to get a DIY Gazeebo in a Box starter kit for $275.

#1. DIY Pergola Plans and Hardware

If you’re a handy person, the most affordable way to create a backyard trellis-like structure over a patio, pool, hot tub or garden area, is to order a set of pergola plans with stencils for cutting curved ends as well as all the hardware required to assemble the unit.

Garden Craft LLC offers what you need in the Build a Pergola Hardware Kit and Stencil, which costs just $170. This kit eliminates the guesswork when building an outdoor shade structure. It comes with a set of wooden stencils for placing on beams and posts to cut the decorative shapes that make pergolas unique. It also comes with detailed instructions and pergola plans you can follow to complete the project.

The best part is that the Garden Craft pergola kits come with the hardware you’ll need to put the structure together. It’s designed to be used for any of 3 pergola sizes, either the standard 8- by 10-foot design, a midsized 10 by 12-foot model, or a large shade structure that’s 12 by 14 feet. You decide the size and buy the lumber (beams and posts) in the lengths needed, but the hardware is the same.

The pergola design with curved ends is elegant and simple.

Pergola Kit

By following the pergola designs that are included, a handy person can set up a structure over a weekend. Since the lumber isn’t supplied with this pergola design kit, you can buy it at your local lumberyard or home improvement center and save a lot on shipping costs. Choosing the lumber you need is easy because the kit explains what pieces and sizes are required, such as 2 -by 4 and 2 by 6 beams and posts that can be found wherever lumber is sold.

Order your pergola kits online and get your wooden stencils, instructions, and hardware all in one neat package.

#2. Prefabricated Vinyl Pergola Kits

There are several pergola designs available in prefabricated structures that are sold as all-inclusive kits, which come with all the beams, post, hardware and instructions to set up the structure.

One of the most affordable pergola designs is a waterproof, rust-resistant vinyl model called the Portland Pergola. The design is classic and comes in white. It offers UV resistance and won’t require painting or staining. The kit comes with the vinyl posts and beams that will create a 7 by 7-foot pergola that’s 97 inches high. The package costs $899 and will be shipped from Woodland Direct by UPS to addresses within the United States. Order this pergola design, and you may qualify for free shipping.

#3. New England Style Pergola Plans

Very similar to the Portland design is the Liberty Pergola, by New England Arbors, which ships through DeerBusters. It measures about 9 feet and is almost 8 feet high; crafted from maintenance-free vinyl.

The Liberty pergola design is elegant and has cross beams that provide a little shade and act as a trellis for vines and hanging plants. This is another complete pergola kit that comes with everything needed for quick set up.
Although the various pergola plans are similar, notice that the sizes are not the same, and therefore the costs may vary. While the structure may look almost identical, you’ll need to check the dimensions carefully and make sure you order the kit that’s the right size for your hot tub, spa or outdoor area. This Liberty pergola design costs about $1,100, however depending on when you order, it may be discounted to about $1,000.
Remember that it’s possible to set up a pergola over an existing deck, cement pad, or in a garden area (since the structures are free-standing), so long as the surface is level.

#4. Choosing a Patio Gazebo Plan for an Outdoor Spa Area

While there are patio gazebo designs which can be quite affordable, the wooden gazebo models that are made specifically for outdoor spas and hot tubs tend to be expensive. One of the least expensive gazebo kits that’s designed exclusively for a hot tub is the Laguna Hot Tubs Jacuzzi Spa And Recreation Room in the Alliance Woodcraft collection, which ships from Willy Goat Inc.

Although by no means cheap, the Laguna hot tub gazebo is priced at around $2,700 and is finely crafted with a lattice-style cedar roofing system that’s domed. The kit includes wooden beams and supports that are all pre-stained ready to assemble. This particular model of the Alliance Woodcraft spa gazebos line measures 8 feet square on the inside and 8. 5 by 8.5 feet on the outside. It’s designed to accommodate a hot tub (as pictured) and can be set up on a wooden deck or garden area. It’s easy to order the Laguna wooden gazebo spa kit online.

#5. Larger Outdoor Hot Tub Gazebo Kits by Alliance Woodcraft

Alliance Woodcraft offers a variety of different spa gazebos in the same Laguna collection. One of the midrange models is called the Big Laguna Spa And Recreation Room, and costs just under $4,000.

The Big Laguna hot tub gazebo kit is larger than the regular Laguna, measuring 8.6 by 12 feet (outer dimensions) and comes with a decking kit and the three bar stools you see pictured. It also includes the roofing system and lattice panels, all the beams and posts and hardware for assembly. All the wood has been stained so there’s no need to do anything but put the pieces together and enjoy.
Order all-inclusive spa and hot tub gazebo kits online by clicking the product you desire. You’ll be taken to a secure shopping area where Alliance Woodcraft products can be purchased and from where you can view the Willy Goat Inc. shipping policies.

#6. Supreme Spa Gazebos – Luxury Cedar Spa / Recreation Room

Although many spa gazebos that are sold as luxury kits are priced upwards of five to seven thousand dollars, there’s an Alliance Woodcraft model called the Supreme 750 which retails for about $4,400 and is a luxury wooden gazebo that includes eight windows that slide open. The unit design is crafted in such a way as to accommodate an 88-inch hot tub spa. The additional features of this model are the domed cedar roof and tinted Plexiglas windowpanes.

One of the reasons this design is popular is because it offers a higher level of privacy with the tinted windows and because it’s large enough to accommodate a luxury sized spa tub.

You can order the Supreme 750 Spa Recreation Room online.

Similar to the Supreme 750 wooden gazebo is the Supreme 800 that retails for about $4,600 and is a stand-alone unit for a garden or outdoor area that’s not attached to the house or other buildings.
This Alliance Woodcraft wooden gazebo model also includes eight tinted windows and has the curved corners that make it possible for an 8-foot spa to be inserted with ease. (Spa and hot tub kits are sold separately and cost between $2,000 and $3,000.)

#7.  Your Gazebo’s Entry and Exit

Since most hot tubs/spas are too high for easily stepping into, when you order a wooden shelter or enclosure package it’s a good idea to add a set of steps. Your gazebo’s entry system will vary depending on the model of enclosure you’ve selected, but in most cases, the wooden steps that cost between $99 and $110 are more than adequate. Choose some of the best wooden models that will match your gazebo’s finish, such as the QCA Spas Redwood Steps or the skid-proof Lifesmart Sahara Spa Steps.

It’s a small thing, but making your spa easy to enter and exit will make using it more relaxing. For easy shopping, order excellent Gazebo’s accessory sets online.

Think you can Do It Yourself?

If buying the prefabricated wooden gazebo kits are out of reach due to budget constraints, there’s another option. It’s called Gazebo In A Box Do It Yourself Starter Kit and is made by Gazebo Junction, sold through Willy Goat Inc. This unique kit doesn’t include the wood, but does provide all the gazeebo plans, templates for cutting / shaping, a set of instructions and a CD, lists of lumber you’ll need to buy, and the hardware and specialty pieces you’ll need to put everything together but don’t know where to get them.

The gazeebo DIY starter kit comes with unique fittings like the rafter kingpins and copper caps as well as redwood finishing balls. You also get the deck mounting blocks, a plan with roofing panel layouts, stencils/templates for cutting decorative accents, and a series of pictures to view as you follow instructions.  You can build a gazebo on your own (or with the help of a few friends) by following the detailed guide in custom sizes. Choose the 8-foot gazebo plan or make a larger 10 or 12-foot model. For spa gazebos, you may use cedar and utilize the instructions that pertain to the 14-foot design (also included in this DIY kit). If you need a single or double roofing system and follow the steps as indicated. Your gazeebo can be a weekend project or a summer-time family activity. Order the Gazebo In A Box for about $275.

More Outdoor Living Ideas

Find out more about outdoor gazebo designs and garden gazeebos that are for sale online by browsing related posts that deal with kits, enclosure packages, mosquito netting, and gazebo curtains. Discover how to shop for outdoor accents such as wicker furniture, wooden garden furniture, outdoor cushions, and patio furniture covers.
For outdoor building options, find ideas regarding European Gartenhaus designs which are small summerhouse styles that can be used for storage, as spare rooms or playhouses. Learn how you can use furniture to convert a simple summer house into useable space and how to select cushions and outdoor fabric for pillows and chair pads that will be decorative yet practical when exposed to the elements.

The 10 Best Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

best cast aluminum patio furniture. Elegant Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture: The scrolled cast, heavy-duty aluminum patio furniture starting at just over $100 for classic wrought iron-style bistro and outdoor dining tables, under $250 for loveseats or sets of two deluxe padded chairs, and only under $320 for cast aluminum chaise loungers. Are you looking for cast aluminum outdoor bar stools and tables? Choose rust resistants tools and high chairs for as little as $240 a pair.

Best Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Cast Aluminum Patio FurnitureThe Strathwood St. Thomas cast aluminum garden furniture collection offers luxurious comfort and classic design sophistication. Each piece of the St. Thomas Best Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture series has scrolled ornamentation in a vine-like motif with deep seat cushions in a variety of loveseats, chairs and lounges. This series of tables, chairs, and matching deep seat chaise lounges and loveseats is above most casual metal garden furniture on the market and yet remains surprisingly affordable. With small tables starting at around $100 and dining tables (for 4 or 5 people) priced at approximately $250, creating outdoor patio sets is affordable.

Each piece of furniture, be it a table, chair or lounge, is finished with attention to detail including hand-painted flecks of silver and bronze highlights on a rich brown cast aluminum base that’s rustproof due to the latest high-tech powder coating finish. This is all-season, weather-resistant furniture that’s lightweight and yet heavy-duty regarding quality construction. 

Aside from the cast metal frames, with scrolled backs, arms and legs, each piece comes with a thick neutral colored (beige) cushion that’s upholstered in a treated outdoor fabric that’s UV and stain resistant.

Easy care, comfortable luxury and affordable pricing – that’s what the Strathwood St Thomas collection offers in their exclusive cast aluminum garden furniture.

Here are the top Strathwood cast aluminum items with high ratings based on design, elegance, functionality, ease of care, comfort, manufacturing quality, affordable prices, and customer satisfaction:

Prefabricated Garage Kits

St. Thomas Best Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture sets – tables and matching chairs:

The most popular table is the 47.5-inch Strathwood St. Thomas Cast Aluminum Round Dining Table, which has a central hole where a 2-inch umbrella may be attached. It’s made from a durable all-weather non-rusting cast aluminum metal with detailed scroll-work that covers the entire surface. 

Every piece of the St Thomas collection is finished with a rich brown powder coating and accented with silver/bronze flecks that give the aluminum a distinctive classic sophistication with


a hint of antique elegance. Although this is a round dining table, and it’s possible to seat more people, it’s not recommended to count on arranging more than 4 – 5 people comfortably at a table that measures 4 feet in diameter. Ideally, this is a four person table. The St Thomas series doesn’t offer a larger design – perhaps one of the reasons the prices are low – priced at just $249, which may include free shipping if ordered within the United States.

Note: Although the phrase “aluminum garden furniture” may conjure an idea of ultra lightweight aluminum pieces that easily blow over in the wind, “cast aluminum” is quite different. It’s closer to cast iron in overall feel and weight – although it weighs less than iron.

Wooden Garden Furniture

For example, the outdoor dining table presented above, from the St. Thomas Strathwood outdoor furniture collection, weighs almost 50 lbs. So, while it’s possible to move, it’s not going to be blown-over with wind gusts.

Cast aluminum makes for stable, durable, heavy-duty furniture that’s ideal for seaside or beachfront decks, pool areas or windy garden spaces where lightweight metal garden furniture might require anchoring to the ground.

For about $240, choose two matching chairs (sold in sets), called the Strathwood St. Thomas Cast-Aluminum Deep-Seating Arm Chair, which is the most affordable of the seating choices in this collection. Considering that you’re paying just $120 for each cast aluminum chair, and each comes with a 5-inch thick cushion, upholstered in treated outdoor fabric, and the chair itself is an armchair, not just a flimsy piece of metal garden furniture.

Create a complete set with a large round dining table and 2 matching chairs for just $489, or get a five-piece set for $729. 

The other chair option is just a little more expensive, about $260 for a set of two Strathwood St. Thomas Cast Aluminum Swivel Dining Arm Chairs. This is the ultimate in luxury outdoor seating.

This set of Best Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture pieces is designed not only to swivel but to rock back and forth while still having an adjustable screw-on glide system to balance chair height even on deck or garden surfaces that may be slightly uneven. Each chair provides ample seating with a 25-inch width and weighs about 25 lbs, so they’re not going to get blown over, though still being light enough to move around.

St Thomas rustproof cast aluminum garden furniture for around the pool:

Elegant poolside furniture in cast aluminum with padding that’s affordably priced can be hard to find. That’s why the Strathwood St. Thomas Cast Aluminum Chaise Lounge Chair is one of our favorite suggestions.

For about $320, this sophisticated piece of metal garden furniture makes an ideal pool lounger because it’s crafted from all-weather cast aluminum that’s rust resistant, can be adjusted to accommodate six different sitting / lying positions (extending 84.5 inches in length), supports up to 300 lbs and comes complete with bronze finished frame and 3 inch cushions. 

Create poolside areas with a couple of pieces of cast aluminum patio furniture, such as the lounge chair, and add one or two small tables and swivel chairs, along with an umbrella.

Coordinate your deck, patio, pool area and garden with matching pieces, all rust resistant and coated to resist inclement weather, from the St Thomas series.

 St Thomas single pieces of metal garden furniture for any outdoor area:

It doesn’t matter if you’re furnishing a small garden area, a large patio deck, poolside space, a garden gazebo or even a summerhouse, there’s a piece in the Strathwood St Thomas collection that fits anywhere.

Shade Sail Designs

It’s the classic 2-seater loveseat; an upscale bench designs with scrolled back, decorative arms and legs, which comes complete with a deep seat cushion upholstered in neutral colored outdoor fabric. It’s priced at just under $250 and can be accented with toss pillows for a cozy area on a porch, or used as extra seating with a patio dining set.

A single bench or loveseat in a garden, under a tree or the porch of a wooden summerhouse, can convert the area into welcome usable space.

This single piece of cast aluminum garden furniture can hold up 500 lbs of weight and measures 46 inches in length. The back is 36 inches high, and the cushions that come with the loveseat are 3 inches thick.

As with all the Strathwood metal garden furniture, the craftsmanship is excellent for the price, and the pieces are rust resistant and coated with the best long-lasting finishes.

Each loveseat weighs a little over 28 lbs, so it’s sturdy enough to be in a garden even without anchoring. That’s the beauty of cast aluminum – it’s lighter than iron, but not so light as to be flimsy. Customers who’ve bought this particular piece of aluminum garden furniture from Strathwood rave the quality and elegance. 

Start your St Thomas outdoor patio furniture collection by shopping online, and if you live in the United States, you’ll probably qualify for free shipping. It’s easy and affordable to have quality outdoor furniture when choosing cast aluminum.

Strathwood Falkner outdoor bar stools, high chairs and 32-inch bar table designs:

While cast aluminum garden furniture such as dining tables, chairs, lounges and loveseats are practical and functional on decks, around a poolside or on a patio, there’s one other type of outdoor furnishings that can make your backyard or garden a social place – bar stools.

The cast aluminum outdoor bar stools, tables and high chairs, also crafted by Strathwood (but part of the Falkner collection), are affordable, practical, elegant and functional for outdoor gatherings. 

The first item we suggest is the Strathwood Falkner 32-Inch Bar Table, which retails for about $270, and is chic rust-resistant black cast aluminum with a powder coating for durability. This table stands 40 inches high, ideal for arranging a set of outdoor bar stools alongside it. The table is 32 inches in diameter, which means there’s enough space for drinks as well as snacks.

While the Falkner collection isn’t as decorative as the St Thomas series of aluminum garden furniture pieces, the two styles can be mixed and matched the same deck or patio area because they’re both elegant, have a classic air of stylish luxury and are cast aluminum.

The bar table (mentioned above) is ideally paired with a set of two Strathwood Falkner Highbar outdoor bar stools that come with cushions. They’re sold in sets and cost $240 for a pair. Create a set for just a little over $500. Add a bench, loveseat, or a couple of the Falkner deep seat chairs, and spend under $900 for up to five-pieces. Buy these cast aluminum outdoor bar stools online – click.

Finish accenting your outdoor areas with garden umbrellas, shade sail canopies, a Mayan hammock, soft accent pillows and extra loveseat or bench cushions. Choose outdoor fabric sold online by the yard or select ready-made outdoor furniture cushions upholstered in acrylic or spun polyester treated to withstand UV rays and humidity.

Cooling Outdoor Blinds & Shade Canopies

Don’t let your patio chair cushions get wet in summer or icy in winter! Keep your furniture and lounge chair pads in like-new condition with the latest outdoor furniture covers (and cushion bags) that protect from soil and mildew while still being ventilated. Browse related posts for more shopping recommendations on the latest trends and products in outdoor patio covers, furniture and shade structures.