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A Guide To Outdoor Patio Furniture Cushions

Posted in outdoor furniture by admin on the February 18th, 2010

Outdoor furniture cushions for chairs and benches; chaise lounge cushions and beautiful, durable seat covers for all your patio furniture.

If you think that patio seat cushions must be crunchy and uncomfortable then you haven’t seen the latest Sunbrella cushions that are elegant and comfy and also durable.

What’s the secret behind durable Sunbrella patio chair cushions?

You may not want to leave the cushions sitting in a rain storm or snowstorm, but then you don’t even leave your wood or metal furniture outside uncovered during a storm, so the secret to the fabric cushions is not that they repel snow or water but are resistant to the things that really destroy outdoor patio furniture cushions and that is mildew, sun everyday wear and cleaners. Having a special stain resistant finish and being engineered to withstand the elements and use that is specific to outdoor furniture, the Sunbrella designs are not just durable but easy to care for and clean with a wipe or a brush. For years of vibrant colors and soft cushy cushions, choose the padding that will let you really relax in comfort without the worry of high maintenance.

On top of the quality, the fabric options are almost unlimited. How does fabric selection work? Well, you can do most of the work online. They have a massive catalogue of what they call their fabric showroom.

There you will view swatches of the patterns and designs with a description of each. You will choose if the cushions are for indoors, outdoors or even sailboats and yachts.

You can do a search of the dozens and dozens of styles by pattern or color or style and get right to what you need fast and efficiently. Then you can preview your selection on a piece of furniture and even see how a matching umbrella would look. With the exact fabric number and product code you can then do a quick search for a dealer or retailer near you and place your order. It’s all customizable and really user friendly.

When you have your seat cushion or bench cushions delivered and set up on your deck or around your pool you can keep the fabrics like new without deep cleaning or intensive work. The recommended care is so simple it sounds almost silly to have to say it. Just brush off the dirt and wipe off spills. If a nasty spill were to occur, and you fear it might stain, then you can wash with warm water and let it air-dry. The cushions are specifically designed to dry quickly without any need to use heat or special techniques.

The removable cushion covers can also be tossed into a washing machine and cleaned with cold water and left to air-dry naturally. And if you’re wondering how to remove mildew stains, you can relax, because the Sunbrella products are designed in such a way as to not promote the growth of mildew. Naturally if left really soiled and wet day after day even the best of the best will develop mould, but in the case of Sunbrella, the mildew or fungus will only develop if the cushions have a foreign substance that has penetrated them, they themselves will not retain or grow mildew.

When you buy the chaise lounge cushions or garden cushions from this company, they will arrive already treated with a special finish that aids them being water repellant and stain resistant. It is unnecessary, under normal conditions, for these cushions to need any kind of deep cleaning for several years, only if you have already washed them in order to remove some accidental spill, then they will need to retreated with what is called the 303 High Tech Fabric Guard™. None of the fabrics require dry-cleaning, just washing and using the fabric guard, and let the cushions get as much fresh air as possible, which also will apply to the cushion owners!

You might say that the secret of having wonderful outdoor furniture that is comfy and durable is all about the cushions and the fabric you choose to cover them with.

For more information on patio furniture covers to protect during rain or winter months, or for ideas on how to design fun and practical patio covers to shelter your outdoor space year-round, please continue browsing related topics.

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