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A Guide to Practical and Affordable Home Carports

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Carolina Carports, Metal & Aluminum Carports Available in the USA, Portable Carport Designs, American Steel Carports & Carport Prices

Carolina Carports

Carolina carports has been making high quality engineered metal carports since 1997, incorporating the latest technology into their products and delivering and installing garages, patio covers, outdoor buildings, and a variety of carport designs to homes and commercial sites.

Why Choose Carolina

Carolina products are metal structures that can be erected using the prefabricated metal pieces that comprise their buildings and coverings. Many of the designs can be customized to fit unusual spaces and may include open edifices or structures with windows and doors. The metal can be ordered in 13 colors to match your home or outdoor space.

Durable Certified Structures

They offer certified structures that are approved for high volume wind and snow loads, however there are also the regular projects which are standard 12 or 14 gauge steel structures that may be a boxed eve style or a garage or a vertical roof or even a utility building or single, double or triple carport designs.

Custom Projects and Carport Installation

They also offer some unique and practical barns for those in the country or with space for small, medium or large storage buildings on their property. You may also choose specialty projects, which will include the building, all materials and a team of expert builders to install the carport or garage. This service is available across the USA. For pricing and to find an available dealer in your region, go to the PDF files that Carolina offers with all the information you need to get started with your specific patio or carport project.

Delivery of Home Carports

If you place your order online, you should be able to have the materials delivered between 2 to 6 weeks. Please remember that most of the Carolina garages and metal patio covers and carport kits of all sizes and styles, will require that you have prepared a cement slab that is ¾ inch wider and yet 1 inch shorter than the length of the proposed structure.

Structural Information Regarding Prefab and Custom Carolina Carport Kits

If you’re wondering what the highest structure is that you can order, the answer is 12 feet on any standard project. Anything higher will require prior approval.

One of the great things about going for a carport designed and built by Carolina is that you are not limited by your initial dimensions or structural design. It is possible to add or modify the structure afterwards. For example you may add doors and other things even after the original building is up, however walk-in doors will require a structure that’s at least 6 feet in height.

When it comes to width, the Carolina carport designs can be as narrow as 12 feet or as wide as 40 feet. The anchoring system comes in three different formats. One is a rebar that is 32 inches and is anchored into the ground, the second is a double helix anchor that is used for mobile home covers and sheds, and the third is a wedge anchor that is placed into the cement when there is a concrete slab involved.

Other Metal Carports and Aluminum Carport Alternatives

There are a few good deals on metal carports for sale through regional dealers and construction teams that have both kits and custom options. Carport Empire is just one such center that has distribution across the US and have a wide selection of prefabricated designs and customizable options. They also have portable carport styles, carport canopy, carport garage combinations and even RV carports.

Some free standing carport designs are also available through smaller online builders like Rontimco, and many have a variety of top quality alternatives, such as VersaTube structures.

The High Quality VersaTube Building Systems can be ordered through online dealers or the parent company itself. They have metal kits that come in a great variety of colors and are all steel frame designs that can be used for almost any need, like boat covers, carports, RV or trailer coverings and even sheds. VersaTube are touted as being stronger than the aluminum designs and naturally are better than wood for durability. VersaTube is also designed to withstand snow and wind that is severe and can also be reinforced to greater degrees to meet specific building codes in your region or unusual personal needs.

The VersaTube metal carport kits are as high as 16 feet and can be constructed as wide as 52 feet. They also tend to be well priced making them an affordable solution to patio coverings and roofing for carports, sheds, garages and other structures of varying sizes.

The Benefits of Alumawood

The other practical alternative to lightweight, durable and versatile carport designs is aluminum. The best ones are the Alumawood ones that can be attached or freestanding, and can be purchased as kits or custom adapted to your needs by buying the aluminum by the square foot, which can be as little as $11. Alumawood comes in white, desert sand, mojave tan, adobe, Sonora beige, Spanish brown and latte, and also has a variety of textured wood finishes that resembles the natural wood finishes other cheaper aluminum products don’t offer.

When you buy an Alumawood carport or patio cover kit, all the supplies and materials you need to complete your project come with the package, for example you will receive the rafters, the lattices if the design is open lattice, the posts, the beams, the side plates if it’s closed and all brackets and hardware necessary for the assembly.

The benefits of this innovative form of patio cover or carport or shelter are obvious. If you choose the Amerimax kits, the materials are designed from totally weather resistant and anticorrosive materials, the alumunim having been treated with a special paint called the Aluma-Shield, which contains Teflon and is durable even in the most inclement conditions of harsh wind, rain, snow and sun. In fact Amerimax was created by Dupont, and all the DIY aluminum carport kits are crafted from this high technology material and will last a lifetime of use and even abuse.

Portable Carports

If you need a temporary solution, one of the best available products is the ShelterLogic canopy style carport. The basic model is a 20 x 12 and is somewhat rounded in design, in other words the roof is not flat or peaked but arched all around, crafted from a steel frame with a polyethylene canopy that stretches perfectly over the framework.

The sides can drop down and may include zippered door panels. The entire unit is anchored securely by Auger anchors that are 30 inches as well as by using bungie cords for additional support. There are also steel foot plates. These versatile portable carports by ShelterLogic cost between $690 to about $850 depending on where you order from. They are sold online and can be assembled on your own since they come with everything you need to mount them and full instructions.

Universal and King Canopy are other names to keep in mind for high quality portable carport solutions that are affordable, often under $300 for single car canopies and for double car canopies and larger structures, consider the Hercules design that runs about $400.

Compare with the ShelterLogic models of the same size that cost over $1, 600, however they offer more complete closed protection.

American Steel Carports For Vehicles Including Boats

The American steel carports are available in lots of styles and sized and colors, and look much like the Carolina carports in design and functionality and benefits. You can choose single, double and even triple sizes, and you may have an open or closed deign. They also offer special sheds and boat covers, unique closed end gable dtyles or A frame designs depending on what is best for your needs and the space you have allotted as well as what type of vehicle you are wishing to protect. You may even have a design crafted to cover your boat over a dock at water’s edge.

There are American steel carport dealers and centers to help you across the USA as well as toll free order numbers and support centers.

Getting The Most From “Outdoor Patio Covers”

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