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A Home Porch Awning For Patio, Deck, Garden or Poolside Shade

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Electric residential awnings; retractable and free standing garden awnings and canvas canopies; automatic awnings that detect heavy rainfall, snow or high winds; porch, patio, deck, garden and poolside roll out awning design by SunSetter; quiet motorized mechanisms with remote control; shop online and save.

House Awnings

If you’re searching for house awnings but finding that most of the patio covers are for motor homes or annexes for tents, like the caravan porch awning designs that are popular in the UK, take heart. Not all retractable awnings are intended for mobile use or for those who want to have added space while camping. The porch canopy designs you’re looking for are available online and some of the best are made by a company that has 30 years experience, namely SunSetter, who specialize in residential retractable motorized and manual covers that are ideal for adding shade to your residential outdoor areas.

The versatility of their products is such that you can choose a design that attaches to your home or a freestanding model that can be placed in a garden or even beside a pool. The freestanding garden awnings made by SunSetter are called Oasis and can be set up even on a lawn to create a gazebo like area where a sun shade would not normally be possible. It offers shade or sun – fast! How fast can you make the switch?

The manufacturer states that their freestanding units can be opened and closed in about 30 seconds, which is almost as fast as you can put a patio umbrella up or down. The great thing is that the unit can be left outdoors all year round so it doesn’t have to be setup each spring. All that’s required is a quick retraction of the awning and voila! It’s packed away for the winter season.

Basic Facts about the Oasis Freestanding Retractable Awnings

Although the models that are designed for porches and deck areas can be custom sized, the Oasis is a prefabricated unit that’s a standard 10 feet by 16 feet design. The frame is aluminum, the best aircraft grade, with an additional finish in bronze using the baked-on enamel finishing technology. The arms that extend and create the roof are crafted from stainless steel and have a dual cable mechanism for easy manual opening and closing, via a crank system. The awning itself is acrylic which blocks UV rays and comes in an assortment of sixteen colors. It’s easy to install and comes with a 5 year warranty. If need be, there are additional accessories available to compliment the area. For example, you can select patio lights and floor mats, and also protect the awning fabric with a special cover. There’s also specific cleaning products which are sold in kits. SunSetter also grants a trial period of 90 days for you to see how you like their products, and if the one you’ve chosen isn’t for you, it can be returned. There’s also a flexible payment plan you can take advantage of, as well as many discount coupons, which are available when ordering online.

Motorized Awnings For Home Porches and Decks

Since the freestanding designs are manual, you may be seeking the motorized porch awning styles that operate at the push of a button for more or less shade or complete retraction. What’s good about these styles is that there are no supports apart from the arms that extend laterally, therefore you have total access to the entire deck or porch – no poles, no posts, no supports to interfere with however you use your shaded area. It operates using a cable system and a motor that’s not even visible, but hidden within the roller part of the awning.

Are these units able to be controlled remotely? Yes! Imagine that you can alter your level of shade or sun even from the house. The remote control comes with the unit, so it’s not an added expense to have this feature.

What sizes are available? You choose what you need, measuring by feet. You can have a patio cover that’s 10 feet in length or 11 feet or 12 feet…all the way up to 20 feet. And the extension of the coverage can be as wide as just over 10 feet.

How much space do you need to calculate from the ground to an eves or window overhang? You need about 7 feet of height, a little less with some models, but the exact figure for the larger awnings is seven feet and six inches just to be safe.

Can the retractable awning be mounted into stucco or a brick or cement wall? Yes. It can also be attached to a home that is finished with siding.

What about power for the electric awnings? You will need to accommodate a grounded power supply within twelve feet of the unit. This may be the only feature that requires a professional to install if you don’t have an outlet near enough.

What accessories can be added? There are panels that can be added to act as weather breakers and also a wind sensor can be added so it automatically retracts when there are strong gusts. The sensors are wireless.

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