Wood vs. Aluminum Patio Covers -Winter Covers for Warmth – Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers – Awnings, Canopies, Shades and Covers for Outdoor Fun All Year – that is what we are about.

We want you to be able to maximize YOUR patio potential by knowing how to use and where to buy Patio Furniture Protection so that keeping your furniture in like-new condition is as simple as Easy On, Easy off Patio Covers. We also recommend Patio Chair Cushion Storage and the types of materials you can consider using so your furniture and cushions can breathe and not get moldy while still remaining safely sheltered from the elements.

We offer suggestions on Patio Cover Design in Wood and Aluminum or Acrylic Wood and how to enhance your deck or patio or porch with coverings to make your outdoor space safe for children and the elderly. We also recommend some options for Patio Cover Kits that you can use to build your own deck cover or use in conjunction with a contractor or carpenter or patio building specialist.

The Author


Prior to living in USA, I spent many years in Asia where without patio furniture covers my teak lounge chairs wouldn’t have lasted one monsoon or typhoon season. In this site I explore furniture covers and also constructing patio covers over porches and decks and also inexpensive alternatives like awnings, canopies and patio shades.