3 Affordable Shade Sail Designs

3 Affordable Shade Sail Designs

Affordable Shade Sail Designs: Titan, Coolaroo, and Pheonix create affordable shade sails in a variety of sizes to meet your structural needs. You can use these shade structures over patios, porches, decks, gardens, garage or entryways. All the shade sail‘s prices range from $30 to over $80.

Affordable Shade Sail Designs

Phoenix Shade Sail

Affordable Shade Sail Designs

Phoenix makes a shade sail that’s called a Sun Sail and is a little over 11 feet per triangle. The most popular one is the desert sand color sail that’s sold in a kit with all the hardware required, including rope and screws for anchoring to a shade structure, tree, post or pillar.

The Phoenix sun sails are made of polyethylene fabric that’s woven but doesn’t absorb water and therefore isn’t prone to mildew/mold and is water and UV resistant (as well as easy to clean). Prices start under $50 and go up to just over $80 for the larger shade sail designs that measure over 18 feet (and are called oversized square sunshades).

Titan Shade Structures

Titan also makes a shade sail that can fit on different kinds of shade structures. Instead of a square or triangle, they have a canopy design that’s a 13 by 16-foot rectangle. Titan calls them a Shading Canopy, and although they’re similar to other sails, offering UV protection and sand color fabric, the prices are more affordable than the leading Coolaroo shades. Titan Shade Structures

For between $60 / $70, you can create larger shade structures and get more coverage, especially for garages, large gardens and even over public/private parking areas. The shade sail canopies by Titan are made from polyester that’s treated to resist water.

Similar to other shade devices they reduce the temperature by about 30% and block 90% UV rays. Although the shade sail squares come with steel rings, the accessories you may need for custom mounting are sold separately.

Although Titan is a more affordable choice for creating custom shade structures, many customers are happy to pay a little more for a Pheonix or Coolaroo kit that comes complete. Compare all the options and see which suits your needs best by clicking on the images and getting more information as well as shopping choices.

Coolaroo Breathable Shade Cloth and Sails

Coolaroo Breathable Shade Cloth and SailsWe suggest the Coolaroo shade sail designs because they’re affordable, durable and highly resistant to sun and inclement weather. The Coolaroo Triangle Shade Sail that’s almost 12 feet comes in funky colors like blue and green as well as a sandy color. The kits are all inclusive, so they’re easy to set up and take down.

The only thing is that although 11 or 12 feet sounds like a lot of shade, it’s not as much as you might think, especially if you have a large deck, patio or garden area you want to cover. So although the smaller shade sails are priced at just over $80, it may worth looking into buying two or three and overlapping them in crisscross or custom designs. Otherwise, you can buy a larger one that’s about 17 feet.

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