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Doppel carport designs from Germany; Carolina carports from the US; metal carports for sale online and kits that can be easily installed, including prefab aluminum models and awning suggestions – that is what this week’s Outdoor Patio Covers review is all about.

If you’re trying to get information on Doppel carports, which are made in Germany and are some of the best in the world, then you might be getting frustrated if you only speak English. The term “doppel” in German refers to a “double flat” carport that’s usually an open design. Some of the best products come from Gartenhause, makers of patio coverings and well engineered carports, sheds, gazebos and other garden prefabricated storage systems.

The problem is finding information and dealers that have information in your language. However, you can get a lot price information and see the various designs at Gartenhaus Shop online and if you are in Europe you may find it is worth ordering your shed and carport or storage systems from Germany.

For some truly outstanding Doppel carport ideas and ordering kit options you should visit carporte.de, and if you can read German you’ll get a lot of useful information, if not you can contact one of their international offices in Denmark, Ireland, England, Spain, Switzerland or Sweden for service and information in your language and to discuss shipping options to your region.

There are many reasons for choosing a German engineered carport design, since there are options that include wood and metal blends and styles that are not only practical but enhance the look of your home and have a genuine aesthetic appeal that many prefabricated designs lack. Open double carport designs that can be built alongside a building or as an attachment or as freestanding units in open areas may be just some of the solutions you will find that incorporate the use of treated wood, aluminum, steel, and other materials to create solutions that are much more than an aluminum carport to cover your car.

Carolina Carports

If you are not in Europe but in the United States, you may be searching for the famous Carolina Carports, from the manufacturer that has been engineering high tech commercial and residential carport and outdoor storage sheds since 1997.

The majority of the Carolina models are metal carports that are skillfully engineered and are sold by dealers and installed by professionals throughout the US. They have their headquarters in Dobson, NC, but have manufacturing centers in many States such as Texas, Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi and Missouri as well as service companies in most other States.

The carports for sale by Carolina are designed to suite your needs and will be created according to your specifications, however, some of the basic designs are portable carports and permanent steel and metal structures from barns to warehouses to simple domestic car covering that may attach to your home or be freestanding if you have the space.

To calculate how much it will cost you and what designs are available, go to the Carolina Carports Inc website and have some fun inserting all the options and seeing what you can design using their custom tools online. Then, select your state and get in touch with a dealer or contractor who will finalize the transaction in person. Plan your carport garage using the metal carport kits that Carolina offers and have professionals ensure it is exactly as it should be when completed.

Carport Awnings and Carport Canopy Options

There’s a company called Outrigger that creates some of the most versatile and aesthetic carport alternatives using lightweight awnings. These are not just practical for small or unusual shaped spaces but are also decorative and stylish and provide an alternative to heavy metal or steel or even wood structures that may be very difficult or impractical in certain spaces. The concept of the awning carport is to create a covered area that will not be a distraction or create an eyesore that detracts from the home design but rather compliments it. Every carport is a custom creation using the products manufactured by Outrigger.

The beauty of the carport canopy designs by Outrigger is that they are not made in one specific shape or size, but can be crafted to fit any space and can be created in a wide range of colors. For example the carport awning could be a sail style with pole supports at the corners or it may be a framed design, or may also be crafted as a retractable awning that is used seasonally. The battens may be curved or angled or pitched straight or however best suits the area that is to be covered. There are no specific restrictions aside from imagination and the space available.

What are they made from and how long will they last?

Outrigger carport awnings are PVC coated with Teflon and the covers are sewn by professional sail makers using durable Tenara thread. The Outrigger manufacturer states that their products have a life expectancy of up to 18 years.

One of the beautiful things about the Outrigger carport construction is that it’s so delicate and unobtrusive that the designs may be used as carports or patio covers over a deck or porch or entryway or even a seating area in a garden. They are one of the most versatile and affordable options for covering almost any outdoor living space. Consider how practical it may be to have an area of your property that is serviceable enough to cover your cars or act as a marquee style tent for a party or be a lovely family space to have barbeques and luncheons or a play area for the children. The protection from sun and rain is just enough to extend the use of your patio without massive construction or ugly metal structures detracting from your garden or deck or porch.

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