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Deck Design – Practical DIY Decking Kits

Posted in Decking by admin on the March 28th, 2011

DIY decking kits start at around $50 (up to about $70) for building a deck that’s 10 feet square in fine hardwoods such as acacia and eucalyptus. The wood requires no cutting, no nails or hammering, no glue or adhesive. Simply snap genuine hardwood tiles together and create your own custom deck design. Add as many feet as required using one or more wooden tile packages that come in sets of 10, with four, six, eight or twelve slats each (in various finishes).

Affordable Hardwood Decking Kits from VIFAH

While there are numerous companies that offer plans and all-inclusive kits for building a solid hardwood deck, few are genuinely DIY, in fact most of the best plans and decks kits will require a substantial array of tools as well as a knowledgeable builder, carpenter or extremely capable handyman to complete the project. That’s why the VIFAH wooden decking kits are unique – they can be put together by anyone who knows how snap tiles together. Best of all, a small or large deck can be built for a fraction of what it would normally cost.

Deck Design Using Eucalyptus Wood Tiles

Even if you know nothing about carpentry or deck design, you can create a lovely outdoor space with the durable, pre-treated, eco-friendly eucalyptus wood tiles that have been kiln-dried, and are resistant to mold, fungus, mildew and termites. Similar to teak, eucalyptus wood is extremely weather resistant and doesn’t decay or rot like many other woods. It’s easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

Eucalyptus is now grown on special plantations, so manufactures of decking kits can source their wood through sustainable forests and still offer the best hardwoods on the planet.

With the VIFAH decking kits, building a deck is a snap, literally, just snap the wooden tiles together and create whatever deck design you can imagine. Forget about nailing and hammering or screwing the tiles to the floor, because installation is all done by arranging the pieces the way you want and then snapping them together. If you get it wrong or want to try different patterns to create unique designs using different slat combinations, just un-snap and re-arrange!

Budgeting for Building a Deck

The price of each kit depends on the number of slats and the type of wood you desire, but the most affordable ones are priced at just over $50 and are called the Outdoor Patio 12 Slat Wood Deck Tiles that come in sets of 10. Each tile weighs about 3 lbs, so their sturdy, although not designed for rooftops where there may be extremely high winds, but ideal for gardens, porches, backyard areas, even balconies or around hot tubs and pools.

Choose a variety of designs, such as VIFAH Interlocking FSC Eucalyptus Deck Tile with 8 slats, or the VIFAH Eucalyptus Six-Slat Deck Tiles that also come in packages of 10.

There are innumerable deck design options by choosing the 12 slat deck tiles, which can be placed square or on an angle to create different patterns.

The cheapest of all the decking kits is the Outdoor Patio 6 Slat Wood Deck Tiles, that retails for just $50 per set of 10, and is genuine eucalyptus.

Building a deck and creating customized deck design is perhaps easiest with the 6 slat version simply because there’s less of an existing pattern to work with.

Working with the VIFAH Decking Kits

The wooden slats are already screwed firmly onto an interlocking base, so it takes just a few hours to put everything together in a unique way that’s your own. A package of 10 tiles will cover 10 square feet, so two or three kits can be used for building a deck that’s 20 or 30 square feet, and the cost will probably be within a couple hundred dollars (just $150 if choosing the 6-slat option).

Genuine Wood Quality

Although many people know about the hardness and durability of building a deck from teak, some homeowners are just beginning to discover that eucalyptus offers very similar, if not better, properties, including being even denser than teak. The hardwood that VIFAH uses is sourced from sustainable Brazilian forests and therefore is considered eco-friendly.

Easy Shopping…Easy Installation

The beauty of buying these decking kits is that they’re truly designed with homeowners in mind, for people who aren’t necessarily handy or even understand the basics of building a patio or deck.

Order your decking kit now and start creating a space that’s your own, affordably, and without a single tool, contractor or builder’s help! YOU CAN start building a deck using the easiest DIY snap-together hardwood tiles on the market.

There are various distributors who offer different patterns, finishes and types of wood, all crafted by VIFAH, but shipped from various warehouses. For example the Eucalyptus 6-Slat Deck that contains 20 hardwood tiles are distributed through Stacks and Stacks and sell for $129, which means each 10-tile package cost $65. Another company that distributes the 12-slat designs is UnbeatableSale, and they offer sets of 10 for just over $54.

To decide which color and style of kit will work best for you, compare and shop now, by clicking one of the images and you’ll be taken to a secure shopping zone.

Creating Your Own Outdoor Space

Building a deck is often the first step in creating an outdoor area that may require some kind of shade structure, perhaps wooden garden furniture, a bench and matching outdoor cushions or even a Mayan garden hammock. Get information and shopping suggestions for a variety of deck / garden furnishings and accessories, including pop up gazebo structures, garden umbrellas and even heavy-duty umbrellas stands, by browsing related topics.

(Additional images include the FSC-Certified Eucalyptus/ Anti-Slip 8 slat/ Deck Tile/ Box of 10 Tiles in natural wood from VIFAH, distributed through Stacks and Stacks, and shipped via Amazon)

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