The 8 Best Free Standing Garden Awnings – [By FIM]

The 8 Best Free Standing Garden Awnings – [By FIM]

Best Free Standing Garden Awnings: Buy free standing garden awnings and giant-sized stand-alone umbrellas by FIM, one of the largest manufacturers of shade structures in North America. Choose retractable free standing awning designs with rust-free aluminum frames and Sunbrella canopies in oval, rectangular or hexagonal shapes; prices start under $1,300. Buy motorized electric awnings that retract (which can stand alone in a garden) for about $1,700, and illuminate your outdoor areas with patio awning lights – between $20 and $95 for complete sets.

Free Standing Garden Awnings by FIM

Affordable Giant Umbrella-Style Awnings

Stand-alone shade structures aren’t cheap – most garden awning designs are priced between $2,000 – $3,000 for anything that tilts and has weather resistant fabric canopies and rust-free frames. However, one of the more affordable alternatives on the market costs $1,290. It’s the FIM C-series oval canopy (with UV / stain resistant acrylic Sunbrella outdoor fabric) in valance or market models, measuring 8 by 12 feet. Included are the powder-coated aluminum frames (or an optional deck-mount base) and the weather resistant canopy in 16 standard Sunbrella fabric colors.

Free Standing Garden Awnings

The C07 and C08 FIM structures tilt for different angles and open and close with a crank mechanism, yet are completely free standing awning-style umbrellas that can be placed in a garden, over a pool or attached to a deck floor.

The FIM collection of giant umbrellas and freestanding awning designs are some of the most versatile and affordable stand-alone shade structures on the market. Order the C07 Market Style Freestanding (Model C07+MFSB000), and your shipment will be sent from CSN Stores within a week to ten days.

Rectangular Free Standing Garden Awnings

While the umbrella style awnings are the most affordable, FIM also creates classic rectangular designs in the T series collection. The T15 freestanding garden awnings (T15/GIB stand-alone design or the same model with a deck mount base) has an antique beige Sunbrella fabric canopy (which is an 8 by 12-foot rectangular shade), a completely weather resistant powder-coated aluminum frame (with tilting features) plus a valance, and retails for $2,460. Order online and receive your shipment via CSN Stores. The 2-year warranty is covered by FIM manufacturing (a manufacturing company that’s based in Canada).

Garden Umbrella Stand Classics and Innovations

T18 Cantilevered Retractable Free Standing Awning

The T18 and T16 Cantilevered Freestanding Awning, side retractable model, by FIM is designed specifically to cover large deck or patios that are subject to prolonged UV exposure. That’s why this free standing awning offers double crossbar support to cover 10 by 15-foot areas with a high-end Sunbrella fabric canopy and an aluminum framework that’s powder coated, rust resistant (comes with  2-year manufacturer’s warranty) and can be tilted and retracted as required. It’s priced at about $2,950 and can be ordered online (shipping from CSN). Similar to the offset umbrella styles, the rectangular free-standing awnings by FIM can be used in several ways. So, when ordering, you can choose a ground insert design or the deck-mount plate (may cost extra).

FIM Manufacturing offers installation manuals for both the T16 and T18 models that explain which base or mounting structure will work best in different areas. Those used as garden awnings, and not mounted to a deck, will use the ground inserts. These are stainless steel sleeves which can be secured into a cement base with top plates. The tubes that are inserted can be removed or added as needed and when the tubes are not present, only the top plates remain and therefore provide a smooth surface.

Is it Possible to Buy FIM Awnings Direct from Manufacturer?

Buying awnings direct from FIM Manufacturing (in BC Canada) doesn’t seem possible unless it’s for custom designs, wholesale purchases, or FIM distributors. For retail customers, ordering the products is easy through online retailers. To choose the options, you desire, including canopy colors and bases, click images/links and you’ll be taken to a secure shopping area.

Note: Prices can vary depending on the color/design of the outdoor fabric you choose and the mounting kits you require for installation.

Manuals: you can download installation manuals for awnings direct from the FIM website at

Customizing Your FIM Freestanding Awning

The free standing awning designs by FIM, for garden, deck, patio or pool areas may be customized. Metal frames come in three colors:

  1.  Textured Graphite
  2.   Textured Taupe
  3.   Gloss White

Choose a Textured Graphite aluminum frame finish for R02, C02TK, C05, C08, P-Series, T15, T18, and the XS5/G, XL7, XL8. Textured Taupe is available for the C06, T13, T16 and XS5/T models. Pure Gloss White aluminum frames can be had for R01, C03, C04, C07, T12, and T17.

All the FIM freestanding awning designs, including the large umbrella models, are made with the Sunbrella outdoor fabric as canopies. The basic 16 Sunbrella colors that FIM keeps in stock, and can be used to customize your shade structure, are:

  1.    Natural / Natural Mesh
  2.    Antique Beige / Beige Mesh
  3.    Heather Beige / Heather Mesh
  4.    Black / Black Mesh
  5.    Taupe
  6.    Dupione Papaya
  7.    Fern
  8.    Tuscan
  9.    Terra
  10.    Dupione Cornsilk
  11.    Sesame Linen
  12.    Dupione Palm
  13.    Parrot
  14.    Glacier
  15.    Linen Curacao
  16.    Capri

Discover other collections of outdoor shade products, such as the P – Series awning umbrellas which ship through CSN.

Versatile Hexagonal Free Standing Awnings For Poolside or Garden

One of the more unique and versatile free-standing awnings that FIM makes is the Hexagonal C – Series umbrella/awning design. The most affordable is the C05 in the market style with Heather Beige Sunbrella fabric (and a deck mount plate) for between $1,250 – $1,145, although the offset-free standing base is the most versatile and is the one pictured, it must be chosen separately.View more options by going to the shopping page where you can place orders online and receive shipments within a week or two.

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits 

(Select the C05+MDMT5476 model with the 10.5-foot hexagonal canopy. The Offset Base Option includes a powder-coated two-piece base design where the pole doesn’t obstruct the front or sides of the shaded area because the weight is “offset” towards the back of the structure. To order the offset option will add $87 to the total price.)

What About Electric Awnings in the Garden?

Electric awnings, usually termed motorized retractable awnings (especially the top models made by SunSetter Awnings) are designed to be attached to a “structure,” such as a patio wall, the front of a porch or the beams near a backyard deck. Freestanding electric awnings that retract at the push of a button are available though not very common (see Oasis model below); nevertheless, it’s possible to add any of the SunSetter motorized devices to a garden summerhouse, a pergola structure or even to gazebos.

Motorized units can be installed in a garden area by mounting the devices/canopies to almost any free standing wooden, aluminum or metal shade structure. Most of the electric awnings by Sunsetter, such as the Retractable Motorized Pro 15 by 10-foot design retail for about $2,000 – $2,300 and can be purchased online (via Amazon) and will ship from distributors such as Stacks and Stacks. Having an electric awning in a garden setting will require some planning to ensure you have an adequate stand-alone structure in place onto which the motorized retractable shade canopy can be mounted.

Discover various other alternatives in related posts that deal with other options for Home Porch Awning designs and Motorized Retractable Porch Awnings such as the OASIS Retractable Awning by SunSetter that’s a free standing unit and retails for about $1,700.

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Shop for the OASIS electric awning that’s a free standing structure ideal for gardens, with a natural linen canopy (which will ship from CSN) and costs $1,695.76.

Adding Awning Lights

For making any outdoor area (with a shade structure) more functional for the evening and nighttime use, it’s recommended to add the final touch – lighting. For free standing garden awnings or motorized retractable electric coverings on a porch or patio, a set of awning lights can be easily added.

The Sunsetter patio lights are specially designed for withstanding the outdoor elements because they’re made from Lexan, an unbreakable proprietary material that’s also waterproof. Soft bulbs (somewhat bronzed but officially termed “smoked”) offer a mellow non-glaring glow and come in sets of six on a stretchy cord with twenty feet extra that runs from where the bulbs end to where an outlet can be reached.

The set of six awning lights costs about $100 and the hooks to attach them (Camco Fabric Awning Hooks) come in packs of seven. The awning lights and hooks work for caravan awnings# or permanent canopies over decks at home. Order a set of the SunSetter Patio Awning Lights and they’ll be shipped to you through Comfort Channel.

For something decorative, try the art deco Mission-Tiffany Style Lantern Lights made by Universal Lighting and Décor (and shipped from Lamps Plus) for just under $20 a set. The strings of mini tiffany lanterns come with 10 lights that have a bronze finish and tiny colored panes for soft evening radiance. This set of patio awning lights come with spare bulbs, connectors, fuses, and are strung onto a green cord that’s about 11.5 feet long. Order your sets of Mission-Tiffany Style Lantern Lights.

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