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Garden Canopy Structures and Portable Garden Gazebos

Posted in Gazebo by admin on the March 28th, 2011

The top brands in garden canopy and gazebo structures – King Canopy, DC America, Sun Mart, EZ Up, Sunjoy, Garden Oasis, Quik Shade, ShelterLogic, Home Depot Arrow and Garden Winds – innovative and affordable solutions for outdoor shade and insect protection. Prices start as low as $140 for complete kits, under $100 for replacement canopies and mosquito netting for just $40. Compare brands and shop now.

Netting and Garden Canopy Replacement Options

One of the problems with open garden gazebos is that, even though they provide summertime shade, if they have no side walls, the presence of mosquitoes and other insects may render them impractical. The solution is to cover them with mosquito netting that allows air to pass through with little reduction of visibility. But finding netting for different styles of structures can be frustrating because shopping centers can’t possibly carry all the brands of garden canopy and gazebo coverings. That’s why the Universal Gazebo Mosquito Netting made by Sunjoy is ideal. It’s “universal” therefore fits different brands of garden gazebos, so long as they measure 10 x 10. The netting and costs just under $40.

While universal netting side-walls or curtains may be purchased for a variety of units, the replacement canopies, meaning the roofs on specific garden gazebos, usually must be purchased from the manufacturer of the original structure. Since there are so many variables, it’s difficult to recommend a single company that offers the best garden canopy options. However, one of the most popular gazebos has been the Home Depot Arrow collection, and therefore the replacement canopies are in demand.

Garden Winds makes a design that fits the two Arrow gazebo manufactured lines – the ones from Sunjoy and those from Bond Manufacturing. It’s a good idea to check your gazebo’s model number because more than one company created the original structure (so some fit better than others). The Home Depot 10 by 10 designs with a model number 61821 offers the best fit. The garden canopy costs about $100 and can be ordered online. (The price quoted only includes the canopy and not the curtains / netting that appears in the image.)

If you require another brand of garden canopy replacement, click on the Sunjoy image and you’ll be taken to a shopping area where you can select other brands and models. Prices for replacement canopies vary depending on the brand, but some of the best deals are on the Sunjoy and DC America collections with prices ranging from $40 / $50 up to about $150 for the top Garden Winds designs.

Complete Garden Gazebos

If you already have a garden canopy structure, ordering netting, replacement canopies or side walls is easy and affordable (so long as you have the brand and model number handy), but if you need the complete unit, here are the best options for shade structures that are can be ordered online (and have affordable replacement options for later when a new canopy may be needed). Consider that you may be able to find cheap garden gazebos from unknown companies, but when you want to replace an item, add a set of curtains or netting, it may be difficult to find what you need. We suggest starting with a well-known outdoor canopy and garden gazebo manufacture to avoid frustrations later on. (Pictured example is the DC America Gazebo Screen – priced between $40 and $60 depending on color and size chosen.)

1. DC America is one of the top names in outdoor shading and garden shelters including affordable gazebo structures that can be portable or permanent. One model that’s spacious and comes complete with 10 x 12 framework and screens is the Soho Two Tier Gazebo that’s priced under $300. It’s a good deal because it includes a lot of extra features and customers who have the DC America products are happy with their purchases. One suggestion for how to get the most out of your garden canopy is to treat it with a product like the Ray Bloc UV Fabric Protector which prolongs the life of the canopy and keeps the color bright.

When you choose DC America, there are lost of options for adding curtains, netting, extra back canopies or even lights. Order the complete unit online, or check into replacement garden canopies you may need if you already have the steel shade structure.

2. Ace sells a collection of Sunjoy garden gazebos that are affordable, and as mentioned above, have a great selection of replacement canopies and accessories. One of the models we recommend is the 10 x 12 model that retails for about $130 and is available online. It’s called the Living Accents gazebo and comes with mosquito netting as well as the steel frame and taupe colored canopy. It’s not a heavy duty unit, but as a summertime shade structure it’s practical for the price. It doesn’t require a cement pad, so it can be anchored in a garden and taken down during winter months.

3. King Canopy is another one of the premier names in outdoor shelters and garden structures that have received high customer satisfaction ratings for many years. Since they manufacture shade structures, canopies, gazebos, curtains and netting, getting parts and replacements as well as add-on accessories is easy. Get started with one of the King Canopy garden canopy gazebo designs that measures 10 by 10 called the Almond Garden Party Canopy. It comes with frame, canopy and screens and is available in blue, green and burgundy as well as almond, which is ideal for weddings or more formal events.

The versatility of the King Canopy model is due to the screened sides that are mosquito proof (and can be zipped up) or can be tied back like curtains for an elegant decorative effect. The canopy has already been treated with Scotchguard, and the kit comes with everything needed for assembling. It’s possible to order an extra anchoring kit that will come with rope and anchor screws for security against unforeseen gusts of wind should it be set-up in an open garden area. It costs under $390 and comes with a 1 year manufacture’s warranty. There are variations of the King Canopy Garden Party Gazebo that retail for about $250 (called the Powell and Powell King Canopy Garden Party Gazebo.) Choose the colors and accessories you need by shopping online now.

4. There are other recommended garden canopy manufactures that offer replacement fabric, mosquito netting and accessories.

Keep brands like EZ Up in mind when looking for affordable pop up gazebo designs but consider Strathwood Oasis Cabana (pictured here complete with frame and screened side walls that convert into curtains and is priced at just under $290) for unique models that work well with the Strathwood eco-friendly eucalyptus wooden garden furniture.

5. For simple party gazebo instant pop ups, try the Bravo Quik Shade Weekender Canopy units that are easy to set up / take down and cost between $75 – $190.

6. The top ShelterLogic products include garden sheds and gazebos as well as carports and garage solutions that are priced between $99 and about $300. Especially recommended are the ShelterLogic MAX AP Series of canopies that can be used as a carport, party gazebo or even as alternative shade structures over outdoor pools.

The features unique to this brand are the steel frames that have the DuPont thermoset powder coating that eliminates rust, peeling and even chipping, and the polyethylene canopies that are not single layer but triple layered; guaranteed to be waterproof. ShelterLogic products are treated against fading, fungus, mildew, mold and come with anchor kits for added support. Buy a kit with everything or select the legs separately and then choose a canopy and sidewalls to meet your needs. Start shopping now! Choose what you need to create a custom structure for your garden, deck, patio or driveway carport.

Need wooden garden furniture, outdoor fabric, bench cushions or a garden hammock to make your outdoor space comfy? Consider the suggestions we offer on these and other topics in related posts. Shop for outdoor patio covers, shade structures, garden umbrellas and stands as well as complete decking kits.

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