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Garden Hammock Chairs and Traditional Mayan Rope Hammocks

Posted in Hammocks by admin on the March 28th, 2011

Buy the latest high-tech ultra light polyester taffeta outdoor garden hammock innovations for under $20 or choose a variety of traditional Mayan hammock styles made with colorful nylon rope or white cotton thread starting at just over $30. Choose from dozens of the top hammock chairs, swings and exotic tropical rope and crochet designs from small manufacturers as well as the hottest international brands like Grand Trunk who blend tradition and technology in their lightweight, comfortable hammocks for sale online.

Traditional Rope Hammocks and Mayan Classics by The Hammock Company

The tropical Caribbean and Latin-American Mayan hammock styles have long been classics, but the original and most authentic rope hammocks were crafted from coarse sisal or dried agave cords, which were tough and durable but prickly to the skin, therefore not favored by foreign buyers. Some local Caribbean and Central American hammock makers began creating softer beach / garden hammock designs from recycled nylon and bits of plastic, and while many were durable and softer than sisal, the nylon / plastic strands were prone to fraying, not to mention that they weren’t very cool or cozy on bare skin.

Other Mayan hammock makers designed crochet swings and 100% cotton thread styles of single and family sized hammocks that became extremely popular in the 60’s and 70’s. While the cotton versions remain some of the most comfortable, cool, and stylish hammocks for sale, they’re fragile and can’t be left outdoors since they rot quickly. That’s why certain companies began to design hammock chairs and swings made from modern thread blends and ultra lightweight materials that were soft, comfy and weather-proof, including being mildew, mold, UV and water resistant. Nevertheless, the high-tech creations look like suspended sleeping bags instead of classic hammocks tied with artistic knots and decorative fringes. So although hikers and outdoor campers (who prefer a bed above ground instead of one under a tent) may choose the lightweight polyester innovations, most people who want a garden hammock as a decorative piece or a place to take a siesta on summer afternoons, still opt for traditional rope hammocks and the pure cotton Mayan hammock designs that retain the flavor of days gone by.

One of the most beautiful traditional versions of these exotic pieces are found in the natural cotton Deluxe Mayan Hammock collections made by Arte Mayab and distributed through The Hammock Company (via Amazon).

The two person garden hammock designs they sell are six feet wide and between 13 and 15 feet in length, can hold up to 350 lbs and are cool and lightweight, priced just under $90. They can be purchased online by clicking on the image. Your shipment will be sent through The Hammock Company. (Images depict the Arte Mayab deluxe Mayan Hammock collections in natural cotton, pastel blue, turquoise and soft green, as well as the tropic blue-green and yellow striped weaves, and are all priced at just under $90 for the two-person versions.)

What’s unique about the hammocks for sale through The Hammock Company is that the pieces are woven by native Mayans. Items featured in the Arte Mayab collections are woven tightly from quality cotton rope that’s durable / breathable, comfy / cool, and come in a handy tote bag (a non-traditional, but welcome, modern addition.)

These genuine Mayan hammock designs are not swings that fit onto metal stands, but classic pieces that have a heavy duty knotted loop on either end and can be used with ropes, chains or hooks (hammock hanging kits sold separately) and suspended between trees, posts or columns. Remember that you’ll need about 14 feet between pillars or tress and the hooks for tying ropes should be set at about seven feet from the ground.

The Arte Mayab collection from The Hammock Company also includes what they call a traditional Mayan Swing, which is in fact a natural cotton hammock for one person. It’s only 39 inches wide, but can support up to 250 lbs, and comes with a one year warranty against defects. The reason we love this particular piece is that it’s made by native Central Americans, is a sturdy cotton weave that’s lightweight, breathable, soft and comfortable, yet only costs about $45. It can be a good idea to have two single hammocks in a garden or patio setting instead of one larger one since hammocks tend to be personal places to rest – although labeled as two-person designs, hammocks as a whole are not well suited to share (except for brief romantic snuggles). Therefore the larger 2-person design that retails for about $90, could well be replaced with two single-person items for the same price. All the luxuriously soft cotton garden hammocks that we recommend come with instructions and ideas on how and where to hang them.

If you’re wondering what kind of service you’ll receive when you choose to buy from The Hammock Company, here’s a little preview of what you can expect:

While we love The Hammock Company’s selection, they’re just one of the many sources for genuine Central American Mayan hammock traditions. Another fine company is Rada Hammocks. They offer unique high quality traditional Mayan designs and easy online shopping. Take a look:

Mayan Rope Hammocks by Rada

Some of the cheapest handmade Mayan hammock designs are those crafted from cotton with nylon supports (or completely made from nylon) and in sizes that fit one person.

The affordable rope hammocks for sale by a company called Hammocks Rada offer deals starting at under $33 and come in a huge variety of colors and natural tones to match classic or funky gardens areas.

Hammocks Rada also carry matrimonial size patio and garden hammocks that are priced at just $10 more than the single versions – about $43. These unique rope hammocks are authentic made by artisans living in Yucatan villages, where the Mayan weaves and knotting techniques remain alive because almost everyone has a swing or hammock in their garden or patio no matter how rich or poor they may be.

The matrimonial hammocks for sale through Rada weight just under 3 lbs, so they’re light and easy to move about the garden or patio. They measure over 2 meters wide, 4 meters in length and support over 500 lbs.

These are heavy-duty genuine Mayan hammocks made by hand that will be shipped to you directly from Mexico – not imitations. (Yet you can shop comfortably online through the trusted Amazon system)

The Rada designs are highly recommended for families with children who may play rough and use hammocks as full-body swings or part of above ground play areas with friends. Two or three kids can rumble-tumble about in these hammocks because the construction is designed especially for such swinging family entertainment.

Hammock Chairs

Rada carries a variety of hammock chairs (called Mayan Chair Hammock Swing) that retail for $38.99. They come in multicolored patterns and are shipped complete with a wooden bar and rope for hanging. Order by clicking an image and you’ll be taken to a page where you can select colors and choose nylon or cotton models.

If you’d like to se how the Rada hammock chairs and swings are made, have a look at a short video that shows tradition Mayan weavers at work.

Ultra Lightweight, High-tech, Modern Hammocks for Sale Online

Campers and hikers who carry their sleeping gear on their backs may choose a lightweight hammock instead of a sleeping bag or tent, especially when traveling in tropical regions where making camp can be done on a beach or under a simple thatched shelter.

The rope hammocks that are considered light can weigh several lbs, not ideal for carrying while hiking, but the ones crafted from Polyester weigh just 12 ounces. They’re so feather-light you’ll scarcely know you’re carrying anything at all.

The Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock, also known as the UL Travel Hammock, is one of the top high-tech modern hammocks for sale online, and costs just $19.95. Take a look at how teeny the package is when folded down and how large and comfy it is when opened.

Find out what Arizona Bushman has to say about the Grand Trunk hammocks for sale and get some ideas how to utilize these items as sleeping gear even in less than tropical camping situations.

The video also shows some set-up ideas and offers tips for anyone who’s considering buying the ultra light travel hammocks that are sold in kits. The Grand Trunk kit comes with the hammock and the hanging kit, including ropes / accessories and instructions.

Here are technical specs you’ll find useful when choosing your camping hammock. The Ultra Light Grand Trunk design opens up to a full 9.5 feet in length and is 4.5 feet wide, so it’s adequate for a single person. It’ll support up to 250 lbs. The kit includes hooks and a small sack for storage and transporting. Although it’s treated to resist mildew, should it get damp it’s easy to dry in the open air. Choose the color you want from royal blue, forest green or a camouflage pattern.

Ultra lightweight Cotton Designs by Texsport – The La Paz Hammock

Although most cotton Mayan hammocks weigh a few pounds, the La Paz lightweight version designed by Texsport weighs just 1 lb and is cotton, so it breathes and is cooler than the polyester versions.

Priced between $17 and $19, the Texsport cotton rope hammocks stay cool, breath naturally and look like traditional Mayan designs not like high-tech camping equipment, yet come in small travel sacks, and open up to 120 inch in length by a 40 inch wide and support up to 300 lbs. These multicolored items are just as good at home, in the garden, on a deck / patio, or on outdoor camping / hiking trips.

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