The 8 Best Garden Umbrella Stand Classics and Innovations

The 8 Best Garden Umbrella Stand Classics and Innovations

Best Garden Umbrella Stand: Buy classic cast stone / cast iron umbrella stands between $25 – $60; shop for umbrella base innovations like the Rolling Umbrella Base by Shademobile. Stop top-heavy market or garden umbrella from toppling in the wind by choosing the best freestanding bases engineered to withstand summertime guests.

The latest Best Garden Umbrella Stand Innovation by Shademobile

While nothing can beat the look of the cast iron classic umbrella bases, the innovative umbrella stand designed by Shademobile has been rated one of the top models for several reasons.

First, the umbrella stand, although being made of polyethylene, weighs 23 lbs empty, yet can be created to support top-heavy market and garden umbrella shades by adding 12 bricks or 85 lbs of sand, or combining 12 bricks and 35 lbs of sand to have a total weight of 125 pounds so it’s unlikely any umbrella will get blown over in the wind. The high-density polyurethane base is specially designed to be filled with sand or bricks and comes with a diagram of how to fit the bricks inside the polyurethane base.

Second, and most importantly, the Shademobile umbrella stand is genuinely “mobile” because it has four wheels that roll smoothly over any hard surface, ideal for around a pool, or for adjusting shade where required on an outdoor patio or deck. The wheels are engineered to roll, but two of them can be locked into a set position, so the base stays where you want it. Another feature of the Rolling Umbrella Base is that it comes in two colors, black and sandstone, both made from polyurethane; maintenance free, and designed not to crack even when exposed to steady UV rays.

Customers who’ve bought these rolling umbrella stands have been delighted with their functionality, stating that each of the features works as the manufacturer claims, including being able to support top-heavy umbrellas in gusts of wind. The wheels, which roll without leaving marks, do indeed move across a deck quickly, and the locking device works like a charm. Many buyers have commented that the umbrella stand withstands gusts of seaside wind without toppling their large garden umbrella, and others are delighted with being able to move the stand as the sun’s position changes throughout the day.

However, the best testimonials are from high-end hotels, international resorts, and spas who have switched from using regular cast iron or another umbrella stand to the high-density rolling ones by Shademobile. Some of the places where these umbrella stands are used include the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, the Long Beach Yacht Club, the Marriott Desert Ridge, Oregon Hot Springs and the Ocotillo Golf Resort, amongst many others. Although being robust, high-tech, models suited for commercial use, these unique stands are available to the general public and can be ordered online.

Take shade to where you need it most, with the stable, durable and portable Shademobile Rolling Umbrella base that’s also affordable. Choose the 1.5-inch umbrella stand or the 2-inch model, and select black or sandstone. The 1.5-inch design costs $139.99 (and you may qualify for free shipping depending on where you live).

Have a look at a demonstration of how smoothly the umbrella stand glides across a deck in this short video about the Shademobile Rolling Umbrella Base:

Classic Garden Umbrella Stands in Cast Iron/Cast Stone

The classic freestanding garden umbrella with an iron base has become better than ever since manufacturers are now offering powder-coated models that are rust free. Although the coated iron or cast stone designs won’t leave rusty patches on your deck or poolside, they maintain the characteristic ornate motifs of the original round and square bases, which is what gives them their charm, especially when paired with wrought iron bistro furniture or traditional wooden garden furniture sets. The cheapest models are priced at around $25 and go up to about $60. Here are the best ones we recommend and those we believe don’t offer good value.

1. While the cheapest umbrella stands are those made from ceramic, and cost just $16 or less, and can be filled with water or bricks, we don’t recommend them because they tend to be unstable. It’s well worth to buy a heavy duty cast iron model even if the ceramic ones appear sleek and go with the decor.

2. The most affordable and top-rated umbrella stand designs that are rust proof and made of cast stone, and have a powder coated finish, are those crafted by DC America. One is the 18 Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base that costs just $24.59 and is available online. The 24-inch model, also sold online through DC America, costs $54.99. Both are made from composite materials that are rustproof and have a bronze powder coating for durability and require little or no maintenance. One of the features of the DC America umbrella stands is that they adapt to different size umbrella poles because, although the hole is large, it comes with ring adapters to fit most standard market and garden umbrella models.

Customers who’ve purchased this product state it’s a very sturdy base that can withstand wind gusts without affecting the umbrella stability and that assembling the umbrella into the stand is quick and straightforward. Customers who have attached 6 feet and 9 feet umbrellas have found it to be ideal even when set up in coastal areas where sea breezes are frequent and have been problematic for other lighter bases.

DC America also has a variety of other models to choose from, some with cast iron motifs on the square and round bases, others sleek and contemporary. One of the classic square models is the UBP14181-BR Square Cast Stone Umbrella Base that costs just $34.99. A benefit of ordering from DC America is that a variety of pole sizes can be used in the same stand. There’s an adjuster inside the pole holder that can be made to fit the standard 1.5-inch poles or the less common 1.4 inch or 1.9-inch umbrellas poles. The square stand is a dark bronze color and is antique looking, more so than pictured, which is great for traditional outdoor areas.

DC America also manufactures market and garden umbrella designs that work well with their stands, such as La Quinta Umbrella that can be ordered online.

3. Another of the top rated umbrella stand designs are those crafted by Strathwood, makers of fine metal and wooden garden furniture. They carry the Ryer Umbrella Base that’s priced at $59.99 and is ideal with standard 1.5-inch market umbrella poles. It’s a sturdy stand but doesn’t have an adjustment for other umbrella sizes, so unless you have a 1.5 pole, it won’t work. We recommend the Strathwood collections because they receive excellent customer ratings and offer an extensive range of outdoor furniture and even bench and swing cushions as well as unique eucalyptus wooden garden furniture that’s durable and eco-friendly. If you’re contemplating buying pool furniture, benches, tables, and dining sets or lounge chairs, as well as garden umbrellas and stands, then buying through Strathwood is a wise choice. Shop online by browsing the classic and contemporary collections.

Best Garden Umbrella Stand

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