Lifetime Metal Shed Kits [& Other Steel Structures]

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits [& Other Steel Structures]

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits: Top rated storage buildings by Lifetime – experts in the prefabricated metal shed designs that don’t bend, dent, buckle or crack. Buy the best outdoor shed structures that combine steel reinforcement with high-density polyurethane for exceptional strength and durability without maintenance.

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits

The Lifetime metal shed kits are sturdy, UV resistant and come in 7 to 15-foot designs, with the smallest units priced under $850. These high-end steel sheds can be expanded to custom dimensions using extension kits that start under $200. Order your metal shed and get free shipping within the United States.

Reinforced Steel Sheds with Maintenance-free HDPE

While standard metal sheds may be prone to rust, the Lifetime steel sheds are rust resistant and maintenance-free. They’re uniquely crafted with HDPE (high-density polyurethane) that are reinforced with steel. The dual materials offer strength and protection from UV deterioration while requiring no painting or annual maintaining.

Lifetime Metal Shed Kits

Although the Lifetime metal shed models are too numerous to describe each in detail, as an example of the quality, features, and price, consider model number 6405, metal storage shed that’s 8-by 10 feet. This is the design that retails for just over $1,000 and features skylights, a window, interior shelves, peg strips, and corner storage boxes.
All hardware for these prefabricated steel sheds are included in the kits along with three steel roof trusses (A-frame trusses), a slip-proof floor, steel reinforced door and galvanized hinges/handles/latches/locks, a non-shattering polycarbonate windowpane, four polypropylene skylights, and all the screws required for assembly.

The entire structure is built from steel that’s powder-coated for rust resistance, and the walls are double-sided high-density polyethylene resistant to cracking and denting as well as being fully UV resistant.

How Resistant and durable are the Lifetime metal shed structures?

They’re not called “lifetime” for nothing. They come with a 10-year warranty, which says a lot. Buy the Lifetime metal shed kit, and choose to add a 2.5-foot extension for just $199.99. Shop online and purchase the steel Lifetime sheds from retail outlets you trust.

Are you worried about snow collapsing the roof?

Stop worrying! The Lifetime steel roof trusses are designed to withstand snow during winter and protect the structure from denting or bending. Unlike many cheap metal shed kits, the Lifetime products have A-frame steel roof trusses that provide exceptional support and allow for a high ceiling, so air circulates. No more stuffy, musty, dingy storage areas. Take a look at how practical these steel sheds can be in your backyard. The roof trusses support the structure from within, so they remained safe and protected year-round in the steel sheds that come with a ten-year warranty.

ShelterLogic Metal Carports / Canopies & Metal Covers for Vehicles by Arrow

While we’re talking about metal and steel products for the outdoors, it’s worth noticing (although we wish Lifetime had metal carports and garages in the same design as their storage sheds) that some of the best metal garages and carports are those by ShelterLogic.

There are high-end options, but just as a quick example of what’s available, look at the ShelterLogic 10 by 20-foot metal carports that can be extended, used open with canopies or closed with sidewalls. Choose the basic models or add extension kits and create your steel garage design with a lightweight, heavy-duty canopy covering.

A metal carport by ShelterLogic can cost as little as $100, although the one we feature is mid-priced at about $330 and it’s a good overall size for most vehicles.

Are you looking for more permanent structures than steel garages with canopies? Then have a look at the Arrow sheds, and metal cover carports that have solid roofs and are free-standing units that measure about 10-by 20 feet (in prefabricated kits) sold ready to assemble.

Look for the Arrow Free Standing metal carport designs such as the CP1020 metal cover that’s available online through trusted distributors. The Arrow 10 by 10-foot metal carport is cheaper – about $1,000. Choose which metal carport design suits your space by browsing other products from Arrow and ShelterLogic.

Versatube Steel Garages in Funky Colors

If you need something more sturdy, almost industrial-strength, as a metal cover for a boat, RV or large vehicle, we suggest the metal cover designs by Versatube Building Systems. They offer an excellent selection of metal garages that can be open or closed, large enough for a bus, or small enough for a VW bug. Choose the Versatube Building Systems steel garage kit that suits your needs.

The 10-foot high steel garages by Versatube come with roof trusses to support a system that can withstand snow and rain. But what’s unique about these steel garage styles is that they come in funky colors like evergreen, burgundy and hickory moss, just in case plain old grey, white or stone colors aren’t enough.

Have a look at some of the features of the Versatube steel garages and see how easy a patio cover or garage can be erected in a weekend using the convenient all-inclusive kits. Notice how the Versatube roof trusses support the entire building from ground to roof. Watch step by step process that can be followed to put up your own steel garage, metal patio cover or carport.  “DIY Steel Buildings by VersaTube Install with Ease”:

For more information on building or buying outdoor structures, please consult related posts where you’ll find other unique carports, metal patio covers, and ideas for aluminum and steel outdoor buildings. We offer advice on patio covers – from shelters for tools, sheds for equipment, metal garages for vehicles/boats, and canopy metal cover pop-ups for parties.