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Metal Sheds and Outdoor Storage Buildings

Posted in Sheds by admin on the August 10th, 2010

Arrow metal sheds with vinyl plastisol coating over galvanized steel or electro-galvanized steel with a double baked polyester enamel finish, or durable woodgrain finishes that use the baked-on enamel technology; complete metal garden shed kits ready to assemble over an “Arrow Floor Frame Foundation Kit” or a poured concrete slab; anchored with the AK4, AK100 or AK600 ground anchor kit (also by Arrow) which includes everything you need such as augers, clamps and cables to prevent damage from wind. Everything you need to set up your own storage shed is available from Arrow. Or, choose the Yardmaster metal sheds which are crafted exclusively from galvanized steel that’s been hot dipped and coated with a maintenance-free polymer.

Here is a guide to the best prefab storage sheds on the market today, which include the Arrow prefab units as well as the Yardmaster metal shiplap shed kits.

Why Choose An Arrow Metal Shed

Outdoor storage sheds made of metal are not what you might imagine them to be. They are NOT massively heavy industrial steel frameworks that must be installed by a professional metalworker who will come to your backyard and solder and saw until you end up with a contraption that rusts and needs a lot of maintenance year after year.

The space-saving metal garden sheds that Arrow manufactures, which are in fact prefab storage sheds, are sleek little units that have been treated and coated with the most technologically advanced metal finishes that resemble the vinyl or aluminum designs, but instead have the quality of galvanized steel construction. No soldering and not even special metalworking professionals are needed to assemble the kits that come all ready to put together using a pair of pliers, a Phillips screwdriver or a cordless electric screwdriver with a magnetic tip, a ladder and a pair of gloves.

Roof Styles

The metal buildings sheds by Arrow come with three basic roof designs that you can choose from. The gabled roof, which is your classic V slope, the gambrel roof, which is a barn style, and the slopped roof, which is the space saving model that is really only half a shed with the roof slopping in one direction away from the wall.

Let’s look at some examples:

  1. The gambrel design comes in a little red barn style that’s not just stylish for a garden area or backyard but practical for storage of essential yard equipment like a tractor mower. Due to the 8 foot ceilings and 544 cubic feet of storage space on the interior of the 10 X 8 model, a small tractor can fit and easily pass through the extra wide doors that are over 55 X 69 inches.

    There is also the option to order the larger unit which offers 952 cubic feet of space and is 10 X 14 feet in size. This barn is not just for storage but can also be a work space. Assembly of these large kits is made easy due to a numbering system that comes on each piece ready to put together, and since the panels can be dropped into place horizontally there’s little guesswork involved. No need to spend time drilling holes and wondering where to screw what because everything you order from Arrow comes pre drilled and pre-cut ready to for assembly.

    By the way, aside from the classic little red barn design, there’s also an elegant Yorktown model with the same gambrel roof style. Actually there are two models in this series, each a different size. Check the model numbers YT108 and YT1014 to decide which size is best for your needs. Compare prices and dimensions with the same roof design in the series called the Lexington and the Concord which are similar.

  2. The metal sheds with gabled roofs are the Arlington, which comes in sizes 10×8 and 10×12, the Salem, which is smaller 8×6 or 10×8, the Newburgh, which is similar to the Salem in size 8×6 and 10×8 and the Hamlet series which is the most petit of the medium units and comes in three sizes: 6×5, 8×6 and 10×8. If you need affordable and practical storage solutions for your garden or outdoor area, for things like bicycles or gardening equipment, the smaller Hamlet is a very good choice. The gable roof offers a 6 foot height in the peeked area, so although it’s small it still offers standing room (depending on how tall you are).

  3. The cheap metal sheds that Arrow offers are extremely practical for the price. One example is the Yardsaver, which comes in two sizes 4 X 7 and 4 X 10, and both have the sloped roof that can be attached to a fence or wall and slopes to one side. It’s a sort of half shed, but allows for blending into the surroundings or being placed in small areas. Why is it easy to blend in? Because it comes in an eggshell colored woodgrain finish with panels that are placed horizontally, which tend to blend with a fence or the siding on a house quite easily. One of the great suggestions that the manufacturer has for this particular item is to use it for concealing ugly metal or plastic garbage bins or to store firewood which otherwise may get wet.

Some other metal buildings sheds that Arrow makes have flat roofs, like the Garden Shed which is a small unit that’s just 8 X 3 and comes with shelves and racks as well as an easy swinging door. The whole unit is created to be able to set against a wall and be out of the way, but it can also stand alone if necessary. One extra feature that the Garden Shed offers is a locking door for better security.

Just in case you are dreaming of wood structure that’s actually made of steel, then your dreams are coming true because Arrow has a collection called Woodhaven which really looks like wood, yet is steel, and also maintenance free. There’s no need to look at wood designs that rot or require a lot of care, or the plain white vinyl coated aluminum sheds or even the cheap plastic ones if you can get galvanized steel pre built sheds ready to assemble that look like genuine wood and yet last a lifetime!

Yardmaster Metal Sheds

The most famous of the collections by this well-known manufacture is the Yardmaster metal shiplap shed. Let’s take a look at why this is one of the top selling models.

In part the popularity has to do with the overall design that is styled after the wooden sheds we’ve all grown up around, but are not very practical because they require so much care. And that’s where the ship-lap range of products is different.

The metal sheds require no maintenance because they are constructed from galvanized steel that’s not only top quality but has been hot-dipped and polymer coated so that there’s no need for paint, and yet there’s no rust either. What’s incredible about this company is that they are so confident of their product’s maintenance-freedom that they offer a 12 year guarantee as follows: “we are so confident in our rust proofing system, that we will replace free of charge any undamaged panel which has perforated through rust within 12 years of purchase.” Not many companies back up their products for that long a period of time.

Again, as most of the new materials, the sheds have a woodgrain finish and therefore don’t look like cheap plastic models, and they do tend to look better than most other vinyl ones. The shiplap shed we’re talking about comes in four different dimensions, but all have good height that allows for headroom. There are so many little features that Yardmaster offers like safety edges, transparent roof panels, and screws that are also rustproof. Also the sheds come with an anchor kit and a complete gutter system. Lastly, there’s also a locking sliding door. The kits are packaged flat so they arrive easily at your home, and come with complete assembly instructions. What more can you ask for? (Perhaps two strong men to put it together and then half a dozen more to help with the yard work…..dream on…)

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