Motorhome Solar Panels – Buying Guide, Grading and Camping

Motorhome Solar Panels – Buying Guide, Grading and Camping

Motorhome Solar Panels: Why stay where you are when you can go on an adventure and discover other cities or regions? This is also what a motorhome serves. And if you and your family are among those who like to travel quietly in their mobile home, you’ve probably already wanted to find a good solar motorhome.

Motorhome Solar Panels

Indeed, through this revolutionary device, nature offers us all that is most useful in our daily lives: energy. Still, it is necessary to find the model that is the most adapted to your needs, whether in terms of power or practicality. In the following comparison, we will present 5 products of which 2 have particularly caught our attention. Antarion 140w 12v single crystal is a kit that already offers all the necessary equipment for the installation of your solar panel. The other product comes from the same brand. This is Antarion 100w 12v which is renowned as a product of high quality.

Motorhome Solar Panels

Antarion 140w 12v single crystal

If you are not yet a connoisseur in the field of solar panels, it is normal if you are wondering how to choose the best solar panels of motorhome of 2019. And if the power is a criterion that you look particularly in this kind of equipment, this model of Antarion is what you need. It is a kit that consists of several elements, including a charge controller and a waterproof cable.

In addition to these accessories, the manufacturer has also put glue, electrical cables, and mounting brackets. Thanks to all this, the installation of this solar panel is very easy. No need to look for other equipment for this, because this model was designed to be ready to be installed right away. Note, for example, that a roof pass is also included in the pack and this one greatly facilitates the assembly.

The size of the actual panel is 1215 x 670 x 60 mm, which is suitable for a rather large car. The power of this one is 140 W. Which makes it the most recommended device of this classification.

For the

  • Complete Kit: All the items you need are already included in the package, which eases all installation processes. There is no time to lose because it is enough to put each accessory in its place.
  • Reliable power: Even without the sun, the panel manages to meet all the electricity needs of the motorhome.

Antarion 100w 12v

For many users, Antarion is the best brand of motorhome solar panels. With this model that we can not omit from this ranking, it still hits hard. Similarly to his colleague, it is also equipped with all the basic accessories that must compose a good solar camping camper kit. There are in particular the brackets which are made of anodized aluminum. There is also a glue kit and electric cables.

The 100W monocrystalline module allows the panel to be immediately ready for installation when the kit is delivered. The charge controller that is adapted to the power of the latter is also already ready for use. Antarion puts the quality of its products in advance, which is why this 100w camping car solar panel comes with a 10-year warranty. Which is enough to prove the reliability of this model which is probably the best solar panel of the motorhome market.

For the

  • A good value for money: All those who bought this cheap but effective solar panel have never had to complain about its performance.
  • Quality materials: The silicon with which the bars are made ensures the efficiency of this model.

Installation kit provided: All the tools required for installation are included in the package.

GIARIDE 12V 18V 100W

The effectiveness of this panel has been proven several times thanks in particular to the monocrystalline cell that composes it. We have, among other things, raised 20.5% of this element in this material. A percentage that is much higher than other models. And it shows that this product is the most powerful on our list. Once you have tested this model, you will stop wondering which solar panel to choose from.

That’s not all; it has a flexible appearance that is very convenient for this kind of gear. It is also ideal for a cabin, a tent and many more. Not to mention that its waterproof side is very reliable. In fact, it is the junction box that is waterproof, which ensures the output. Its size and weight greatly help the user during assembly and disassembly, because it is not bulky.

For the

  • Multi-purpose solar panel: Among all the models to compare, this one is the most amazing because of its versatility.
  • Privileged installation: Even the novices will be able to fix this panel thanks to the pre-drilled holes which it has so that it is already ready to be mounted.

Warranty 18 months: There is nothing to fear as to its quality because it is ensured by the manufacturer.


What is the best solar panel motorhome market? This model is inevitably among the products that are at the forefront for several reasons. Not only is it cheaper than the other items in the 300w solar caravan solar panel category, but its quality is also impressive. Indeed, the two pieces that form its total power can be asked separately.

It also can prevent surges for secure use. The 12V-220V inverter is responsible for the responsiveness of this equipment. If you are going to buy a more powerful solar panel, do not hesitate to opt for this one. Versatile, it can also be used in a boat. You will not be limited; on the contrary, this solar panel will make your life easier where you go.

For the

  • Complete Accessories: The buyer no longer needs to go everywhere to gather all the necessary equipment. Also, the quality of the latter will be ensured by avoiding to obtain it elsewhere than where the panel was purchased.
  • Reliable parameters: The way to proceed with the settings is previously shown in the guide. It helps immensely in the installation and configuration of the equipment.

SolarV Enjoy Poly

Where to buy the best solar motorhome panel? This is a question that tickles you often from the moment you wanted to opt for this kind of material. What if we tell you that this model of SolarV is one of the most recommended of this year? Made with polycrystalline silicon, the product we have here fulfills its role perfectly by providing the necessary energy for a motorhome.

TÜV certified it is equipped with a glass surface that gives it a very modern look. The glass has a very resistant coating to protect it from various climatic hazards or even dust. The type of module this panel has is Ecoline es100p72. Its maximum power is 100W, and it operates with a temperature between -40 and 85 ° C. Although it weighs 8.8 kg, it can be easily installed. And since it is a versatile model, you can take it anywhere, in your boat, mini valve or even using it at home.

For the

Solid: According to the user test, this model is very resistant thanks to the coating that equips its glass surface.

  • Design: Its black color makes this material a very design solar panel. You will proudly hang it over your camper.
  • Versatile: You can install it in your boat or other vehicles of this kind.

How to choose a good solar motorhome panel?

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy. It has the advantage of being available everywhere on the planet. Thanks to photovoltaic panels, we can bivouac quietly without depriving us of the essential electricity. GPS, lighting, phone charging, and many other amenities accompany us everywhere with this free renewable energy. Are you looking for ways to buy a better value motorhome solar panel? The next few lines give you some tips for choosing a good product.

Purchase guide


In terms of solar panel, size is an important element to consider. Normally, the dimension must be proportional to your electricity needs. You must also choose the area of the panel according to the sunshine of your area. The good question is not where to buy a new solar panel motorhome but where to use it. Then you have an interest in taking performance into account.

Theoretically, a square meter of solar radiation graciously provides 1 kilowatt. If you have a photovoltaic panel of the same area, it should have a 100% yield to get to recover all of this energy. Currently, the best performing products are struggling to collect 20% of this energy windfall. Anyway, opt for a small model offering maximum performance.

Capacity and power

This buying guide for the best motorhome solar panels will logically speak of power. Indeed, you must choose a model that covers your daily electricity needs. To determine your electrical expenses, add the power of all the appliances you have in your motorhome. TV, lamp, decoder, laptop, and phone chargers: do not forget. The sum thus obtained will be the minimum power of your new solar panel.

By consulting a price comparator, you will realize that most of the proposed models offer more than 100 watts. Then there will be another notion: the intensity of the current produced by your system. This value is indicated in ampere. The higher it is, the better. Just be sure to tune the power of the panel to the battery capacity and type of converter you will use.

How to use a motorhome solar panel?

Announced as a clean solution for electricity everywhere, solar panels also adapt to the needs of travelers. Motorhome enthusiasts will appreciate having electric power, no matter where they are. In the next few paragraphs, find tips for taking advantage of this technology.

Choosing the right panel

Know that solar panels use several technologies. The materials used vary from one manufacturer to another. In general, there are three types of photovoltaic cells. They are crystalline poly, amorphous silicon or monocrystalline. It is this last material that is best suited to camping. And for a good reason, panels with monocrystalline photovoltaic cells continue to produce current in low sunlight.

Choose the right controller, converter, and battery that comes with the device

Having a good sign will not suffice. The battery and converter must be powerful but remain compatible with the panel. Photovoltaic cells transform solar radiation into electric current. The electron movement is transferred to a regulator to charge a 12V or 24V battery. The accumulated energy will be released at the desired time. It is converted into AC 220 V by the converter.

Install the system above the vehicle

You will have two options. If possible, put the panel over your vehicle. This requires the establishment of a fairly complex fixation system. You simply have to make holes in the bodywork before you put the brackets on it. If you have luggage racks, then the task may be easier. If you opt for flexible panels, they will more easily marry the shape of the roof of your campsite. The other alternative is to use panels that you go out and put next to your car every morning.

Try to save energy

To get the most out of your solar system, turn on only the essential devices. Unplug them after use. Indeed, if you avoid over-stressing your system, you extend its longevity. It is best to avoid using the battery of your miniature solar power plant to start your vehicle. It’s clever, but it will quickly damage your equipment.

Follow the maintenance instructions

Normally, solar panels do not require any particular maintenance. They can be left in place when it rains. It will still cut the power in case of a storm. In dry weather, take the trouble to dust off your plates. Sand or a thin layer of dust can significantly reduce the performance of your panel.

Recommendations for optimal use

The power of your system depends on the panel and not the battery. For electricity production to be optimal, orient the vehicle in the right direction. It would be advisable for the panels to be arranged in the same axis as the evolution of the sun. Whenever possible, consume power only when the battery is full. Lastly, you require a guarantee of at least one year from your supplier.

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