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Retractable porch awnings and motorized awnings for windows starting at just $135 for a 6 foot Sunsational classic design; 8 foot designer awnings starting at $155 to $175; full patio awnings, by Sunsetter, which are retractable and motorized offering 10 foot wide coverage with 9 foot extensions priced at $1,689 up to $1,799; 15 foot wide designs, which provide 10 foot shade extensions to cover a deck or garden, priced just under $2,300; wide selection of color choices in solids or stripes.

Awnings Canopies And Shade – Retractable Patio Awnings Without Support Posts

What Do You Want?

  • Want instant shade over your patio, deck or garden without investing in a complete roofing system or an expensive patio enclosure?
  • Want pushbutton ease for opening and closing the canopy cover?
  • Want a patio cover that has no visible braces or ugly poles or supports to block your view or obstruct ease of movement on a deck?
  • Want the best aircraft grade aluminum frames that are none-corrosive, and a canopy that won’t fade in the sun, is waterproof and mildew-free?

If you’ve answered YES to the above questions you’re looking for the Sunsetter Motorized retractable patio awning designs that offer everything you want and need for ideal sun protection and ease of use. Built with durability in mind, the newest retractable awnings are not just easy to use but great to install without massive remodeling of your outdoor space. Why? Because the home awnings that are lightweight aluminum with canopies that extend as much 10 feet out from the house, are attached under your home’s eaves and/or directly onto your existing structure. The real benefit of this kind of patio cover is that it can be installed very low or high as needed. For example it can be placed at 7 feet 6 inches in height or higher as needed. This allows flexibility in terms of not obstructing upper level windows and also allows the awnings to extend out from existing patio doors. Naturally the larger versions that are 15 feet long by 10 feet wide will be best over decks and garden areas, however there are also smaller designs that can create shade over windows and doors, and these canopies are extremely affordable, most under $200.

Why Choose Motorized Canvas Awnings Instead of Patio Roofs?

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of choosing a canvas awning is to have a covering that is quick to put up and take down, versatile in summer and easy to roll away in winter. In summer it opens and offers shade instantly, but in winter the retractable mechanism allows you to close it completely so that it doesn’t take up any physical space. During summer months, it’s also a benefit to be able to choose how far to extend the canopy so as to get partial shade and partial sun. Also, since the fabric (of which the awning is made) is totally waterproof, it can act as protection during light to moderate rainfall, which means a gloomy day with scattered showers needn’t interrupt a barbeque or family gathering. What’s the canopy made from? From acrylic Dacron, but has 5 layers so that it withstands not only moisture and humidity but intense UV rays without fading the color (which by the way can be white or beige or blue or burgundy or other shades, even stripes to match your décor). What’s more, the structure itself, which extends over your deck or patio, and has extensions which are called “arms”, are crafted from aluminum that’s finished with a high grade baked-on enamel.

What About Motor Noise When Changing The Porch Awnings Settings?

Motorized awnings, crafted by Sunsetter, and Sunsational window canopies, which have automatic systems for opening and closing the canvas coverings, are remarkably quiet. The motor itself is called a SOMFY and is secreted within the roller portion of the awning. It makes a slight, soft purring sound that is unobtrusive. But what happens if there’s a loss of power? Then you’ll have to use the manual crank. A full patio awning takes about a minute to open or close.

What Do You Need To Install Retractable and Motorized Automatic Awnings?

Nothing special is required because the awning can be attached to a wall that is covered in any kind of aluminum or vinyl siding or even brick, masonry and wood. About the only thing that will be required so that the motorized mechanism will function, is that you’ll need access to an electric outlet. The manufacturer recommends that you use what is called a ground fault interrupter if possible. That said, and although it’s not a complicated installation procedure that requires a contractor, builder or construction expert, it is recommended that at least two strong individuals do the installation.

Can a Canvas Awning Be Used As A Carport?

Due to the fact that it’s canvas, and not a freestanding structure with posts and poles built into a cement pad where a vehicle will be parked, and because it will likely not be a good idea to have it open during heavy winds, snowstorms or an intense rainy season, the canvas retractable awnings are not recommended as carports. They are specifically designed as patio, deck or porch awnings over an area that is used for summer relaxation, for protection from sun and light rain and not as a protective roof for an automobile that needs coverage year-round.

How To Order Retractable Patio Awnings

You will need to decide where you wish the motor to be installed, be it on the right hand side of the roll or on the left. You will also need to consider where the brackets will be best situated on the wall where the awning will be mounted, or if you prefer what is called soffit brackets instead. It will also make a difference what hardware is sent with your order depending on what surface will be used – for example concrete or brick or wood. Since these things are custom made when you order, as well as the length and width and the fabric color, you will likely need to count 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of your order.

Can these custom awning orders be done online?

Yes! Once you know the exact size, and have ascertained what your specific hardware needs will be, and know where the motor will be best, then you can go to online shops like Stacks and Stacks and place your order very easily. Many of these items can be shipped within the US free of charge, but check if this is the case for your region by entering your Zip code just to be sure. Also check for Canadian and international shipping because some products can be shipped abroad and some are exclusively sent to domestic destinations.

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