Outdoor Patio Covers

Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Posted in patio furniture covers by admin on the November 1st, 2009

Outdoor Patio Covers are an integral part of life here where I live in Spain. Yes, it’s relatively dry most of the year, so rain isn’t the main concern when considering outdoor patio furniture, but too much SUN is a genuine problem. It melts resin furniture and makes chairs and tables become brittle and cracked.

Another huge problem on my patios and patio furniture, aside from the elements, is the ever abundant (and not so friendly) bird droppings that if left, eat away at vinyl and plastic patio furniture and discolor and stain wood (even teak) and tarnish metal patio chairs. Before getting covers I also went through several patio cushions due to the un-toilet trained neighborhood birds.

Patio Furniture Covers for Protection

Prior to living in Spain, I spent many years in Asia where I had (in one home) two patios and where without patio furniture covers my teak lounge chairs and other furniture wouldn’t have lasted one monsoon or typhoon season, not because of storms and high winds, but just the daily constant drizzle and moisture in the air during certain months.

outdoor patio furniture sets made of wicker disintegrated before my eyes and literally turned into a pile of mush in less than 3 months. A patio furniture cover is well worth the price because otherwise every year or two (or less if it’s rattan or whicker) you find yourself wanting to buy new chairs and tables because even the plastic resin patio furniture becomes stained, mildewed and often cracked and unstable after a very short period of time if left exposed.

Covers To Slip on and Off

One of the things that is annoying about having to cover patio furniture is that they must be put on and taken off of each item, and so many of us will get lazy and not do it every night as we should.


There is a great solution to having to individually stretch a cover over each piece of patio furniture, and that is using a table and chair covers that are combined into one easy to toss covering over all the items together. All you have to do is set the furniture together and plop the cover over the group and you’re done. When shopping for them, they have many names but the most common is a patio set cover and they will come in specific sizes depending on your furniture models.

There are exact covers to perfectly match most of the common styles and brands, even the smaller bistro tables and chairs or the long lounge teak or resin sets that are odd shapes to cover.

An outdoor patio furniture cover for any kind of furniture should allow you to have like-new chairs and tables year after year, not to mention the fact that when you go to sit on your outdoor patio furniture they will be clean and not full of leaves, bird droppings, moisture, blackened with mildew or covered with fuzzy green mold or moss.

An outdoor furniture cover needn’t be a difficult thing to put on and remove quickly, and furniture covers needn’t only be for winter or inclement weather, but can be used at night or during the week when you spend less time outdoors. Slip them on, slip them off. Make it a habit.

Even if you have a patio that is covered and has a roof which extends over your porch or over a deck or patio area that appears to get less direct sun and rain, the furniture may still some added protection from wind and moisture and even subzero temperatures that can make patio chair cushions and other outdoor furniture becomes cracked, crinkly or crisp and not nice to sit on.

Covers can also protect fabric cushions without having to bring them inside every night.

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