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Outdoor Rattan, All Weather Wicker Furniture and Cushions

Posted in outdoor furniture by admin on the April 29th, 2010

Rattan and wicker furniture, wicker patio furniture sets, matching furniture cushions, all weather products and where to buy wicker furniture and accessories online – that’s what Outdoor Patio Covers brings you this week, including sizzling spring and summer ideas for making your outdoor space tropical and how to extend the use of your deck and garden furniture into the four seasons by choosing all weather wicker that will last.

All Weather Wicker Furniture

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, if you have a deck, a patio, a garden area or outdoor space where you have furniture, they will be exposed to the elements. In summer the hot sun, in spring the rain, in winter possibly snow, ice, low temperatures, and all these things will eventually deteriorate even the best made furniture. But most susceptible to deterioration is wicker that is untreated or raw, and rattan that that may fall apart after just one season of heat or rain or cold. What’s the solution? It’s the innovative resin wicker furniture. So what’s it made of? It’s actually resin made to look like wicker over powder coated steel frames. Okay, so it’s not really wicker, but it will withstand severe temperatures, sun, heat, wetness, spring drizzle, winter snowstorms and what’s more, you can wash them with a hose without worry.

I recently found a gorgeous set of resin wicker outdoor furniture that’s sold through a Hayneedle Store, and the set is called the Sanjur. It’s a complete wicker resin patio furniture set that includes a loveseat, two classic chairs, a coffee table and an end table. The best part of it all is that the whole package costs just under $700. If that’s a little more than you had budgeted for, try getting just the two chairs for about $380, or for the same price, choose the loveseat and a coffee table.

The pieces come in three great colors, honey, which is very natural looking, java which is darker and richer, or classic and clean white, ideal for a garden or even a patio with a sunny area. Remember, you can place these pieces of outdoor furniture in a garden, by a pool, in the full sun, in damp areas, or on decks that are uncovered and still rest at ease that they will last a long time. The only part that is more sensitive, if you choose to put cushions on the chairs and loveseats, these may need to be brought indoors when it rains or when bad weather comes.

If you’re looking for wicker garden furniture that’s unusual and very elegant, you must see the Lotus all weather chaise lounge – a luxurious circular lounge chair that is built for two, or more. It’s totally maintenance free, being a resin wicker design, yet comes with the huge cushy cushions to snuggle up in – seat cushions and four additional toss cushions to really get comfy. Get the tropical Asian wicker look but without the fading, peeling, cracking splitting or breakage that comes with natural or untreated rattan and wicker furniture from the East. Set by the pool, in the garden, on a deck, at the entrance of your house on the porch, in the backyard or anywhere you want to relax in the sun or shade, this lounge will not only be elegant and luxurious but practical and carefree. Just take the cushions indoors if it rains, the rest can stay outside all year long!

Similar to the Lotus design, but a little less expensive, is the latest Palm Bay design – a wicker lounge chair that comes with ottoman and end table and retails for under $1,000. What makes it so special? Again, it’s an all season resin wicker that is designed gorgeously over a rust free, maintenance free aluminum frame and the whole set can be washed with a garden hose and still will not rot or be prone to decay. It comes in a rich Java brown color and comes complete with natural colored cushions. It’s round and has a crescent style ottoman that fits with the lounge, and the tables have gorgeous glass tops.

Both the Lotus and the Palm Bay wicker furniture cushions are included with the sets, and the pieces can be used indoors or outdoors as you desire. Both are available for purchase online through wickerfurniture.com and shipping is available throughout the USA and Canada, and also to many other international destinations. But getting back to the topic of cushions….you can order separate furniture cushions for chairs you already have, or to add or change the ones that come with the sets discussed above.

Wicker Furniture Cushions in Sets

For example, one really fun tropical design is the Bal Harbour cushion set that costs less than $160 for 7 cushions and pillows!!!! Wow! These are durable polyester covered items with fluffy fiber filling and totally designed for the outdoors. They have water resistant, mildew and mold-free, as well as dirt repellant covers and can be washed really easily with a little soap and water.
The Bal design is just one….choose from solids, natural fabrics, creams whites and tapes, and other traditional wicker and rattan styles like stripes and tropical floral motifs. Cushion and pillow pricing starts at just under $30…very affordable for quality weather resistant softness.

Classic, Cheap Wicker Furniture

If you have a very limited budget, and think you can’t afford the top all weather designs but still want some natural wicker or rattan for the porch or deck or patio area, then consider a great, yet very affordable choice – the Grand Outdoor Wicker Armchair that’s priced at under $140 and still a high quality all weather resin wicker piece you can leave outdoors all year. It comes in antique walnut finish or classic white. If you have been searching for a piece of antique wicker furniture to add to your existing patio ensemble, it’s not difficult to incorporate this Grand chair into your plans. Oh and by the way, if you have previously had bad experiences with wicker and rattan pieces that collapse under a little extra weight, you’ll be happy to know that this Grand chair can withstand up to 175 lbs!

The Quest For Discount Wicker Furniture Direct From The Source

I’ve been recently researching the best wicker furniture stores online and those in my area and other parts of the world and here is what I’ve found. You can get some deals at your local outdoor or garden center or some home improvement chain stores, and naturally seasonal specials in your region will be something you must hunt for yourself, but I can’t stress enough that it really pays to shop for rattan and wicker furniture that will be used outdoors through specialty shops. I have spend so much money on gorgeous and expensive rattan and wicker imported from the Philippines (and other Eastern and tropical countries that specialize in exporting such items), only to have them disintegrate on my patio a year or two later. Real wicker is not cheap and if left outside will slowly rot and become a pile of dust and debris…. So please take this free advice and spend more once n order to not have to replace your furniture year after year. It will save you money in the long-run.

The best outdoor wicker furniture that is constructed well and is unique in design and comes with a selection of cushions and pillows hat really fit the seating does come from the online shops who can offer discounts. My personal favorite is wickerfurniture.com, but if you need some genuine rattan and synthetic or resin all weather designs and want to buy from the source in West Java, Indonesia, try wickerFurniture.net or go to Rattanland Furniture. Some gorgeous surprises await you, although you will have send inquires regarding price, especially if you need a large order or want to get better discount wicker furniture prices by ordering wholesale. Just to wet your appetite, here are a couple of my favorite pieces, and by the way, they are also all weather….

  1. The Norfolk Chair is elegant for indoor or outdoor dinning, and while appearing to be a substantial chair, it is lightweight synthetic material over a light aluminum frame. Durable, light, strong, elegant, maintenance free.
  2. The Karachi wicker chair is perhaps more of piece that will go with wicker living room furniture, but it can be used outdoors just as easily. In a gazebo dinning area, under a shade, on a deck for barbeques, in the sun around a pool bar….the Karachi series is stylish and yet practical.

More Funky Rattan and Wicker From Kayu Kayu in Indonesia

Kayu Kayu is another retail, and wholesale, distributor of outdoor and indoor wicker furniture, both real and synthetic…or all-weather. For sunbeds, daybeds, bar furniture, lounge chairs and even swings, you will find some unique designs and competitive pricing since you will be ordering direct from East Java, Indonesia.

Although the best deals will be on wholesale orders, if you need a variety of items for your home or garden, this may still be a good alternative for getting high quality, uniquely designed and factory direct prices for personal use.

For more information on patio furniture covers to protect your tables and chairs and lounges, or for ideas on how to create patio enclosures or carports or even awnings, please browse our related topics that deal with construction, design, kits and even gazebo styles, as well as patio screens, mosquito curtains, pop up gazebos and other innovative concepts to help make your outdoor space more functional and practical for summer or year round usage.

Discover how to extend your patio or deck to include the cold winter season and still enjoy sun by choosing patio enclosures made from aluminum or vinyl that include glass panels, windows, doors and ventilation systems that help save energy. You may also appreciate reading information and browsing images of teak furniture, as a natural alternative to wicker or rattan, which is another practical and elegant solution to outdoor patio furnishings that withstand the elements.

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