3 Affordable Shade Sail Designs

Affordable Shade Sail Designs: Titan, Coolaroo, and Pheonix create affordable shade sails in a variety of sizes to meet your structural needs. You can use these shade structures over patios, porches, decks, gardens, garage or entryways. All the shade sail‘s prices range from $30 to over $80.

Affordable Shade Sail Designs

Phoenix Shade Sail

Affordable Shade Sail Designs

Phoenix makes a shade sail that’s called a Sun Sail and is a little over 11 feet per triangle. The most popular one is the desert sand color sail that’s sold in a kit with all the hardware required, including rope and screws for anchoring to a shade structure, tree, post or pillar.

The Phoenix sun sails are made of polyethylene fabric that’s woven but doesn’t absorb water and therefore isn’t prone to mildew/mold and is water and UV resistant (as well as easy to clean). Prices start under $50 and go up to just over $80 for the larger shade sail designs that measure over 18 feet (and are called oversized square sunshades).

Titan Shade Structures

Titan also makes a shade sail that can fit on different kinds of shade structures. Instead of a square or triangle, they have a canopy design that’s a 13 by 16-foot rectangle. Titan calls them a Shading Canopy, and although they’re similar to other sails, offering UV protection and sand color fabric, the prices are more affordable than the leading Coolaroo shades. Titan Shade Structures

For between $60 / $70, you can create larger shade structures and get more coverage, especially for garages, large gardens and even over public/private parking areas. The shade sail canopies by Titan are made from polyester that’s treated to resist water.

Similar to other shade devices they reduce the temperature by about 30% and block 90% UV rays. Although the shade sail squares come with steel rings, the accessories you may need for custom mounting are sold separately.

Although Titan is a more affordable choice for creating custom shade structures, many customers are happy to pay a little more for a Pheonix or Coolaroo kit that comes complete. Compare all the options and see which suits your needs best by clicking on the images and getting more information as well as shopping choices.

Coolaroo Breathable Shade Cloth and Sails

Coolaroo Breathable Shade Cloth and SailsWe suggest the Coolaroo shade sail designs because they’re affordable, durable and highly resistant to sun and inclement weather. The Coolaroo Triangle Shade Sail that’s almost 12 feet comes in funky colors like blue and green as well as a sandy color. The kits are all inclusive, so they’re easy to set up and take down.

The only thing is that although 11 or 12 feet sounds like a lot of shade, it’s not as much as you might think, especially if you have a large deck, patio or garden area you want to cover. So although the smaller shade sails are priced at just over $80, it may worth looking into buying two or three and overlapping them in crisscross or custom designs. Otherwise, you can buy a larger one that’s about 17 feet.

8 Best Cooling Outdoor Blinds & Shade Canopies

Outdoor Blinds: Roll up outdoor blinds by Coolaroo start at under $50 and rolls of patio shade fabric, also in the Coolaroo knitted fabric, cost just over $30 and can be used to create custom shaded shade areas or a complete deck canopy. Ready-made patio blinds in 4, 6 and 8-foot widths come in neutral colors like smoke, sunset, and pebble as well as two striped designs called heritage red and summer haze (striped patterns not available in all sizes).

Cooling Outdoor Blinds and Shade Canopies

Cooling Outdoor Blinds and Shade Canopies

Coolaroo shade canopies and prefabricated blinds that attach to the outer side of windows, balconies or open patio areas are one of the best choices because of the way the fabric has been crafted – knitted so that air passes pass through to keep the patio or inner rooms about 30% cooler while blocking as much as 90% of the harmful UV rays. The Coolaroo canopies (which can be made from the large rolls of affordable fabric), and the ready to install outdoor blinds, have a unique see-through quality. While many bamboos or regular fabric patio shade kits will protect from excessive sun, they may also reduce visibility, which is not ideal when it comes to a patio, deck or large windows that may face a scenic garden area.

Cooling Outdoor Blinds and Shade

Shade, coolness, and visibility are the factors that set the Coolaroo products apart.

Although their patio blinds and canopies look similar to other bottom roll-up window treatments, which are mounted on the outside and provide shade (and may even bang in the wind if left unsecured), the fabric is the key to keeping the indoors and outdoor area fresh and cool even in Arizona or Florida summer heat.

Ready to Install Outdoor Blinds by Coolaroo

Outdoor Blinds

The smoke colored Coolaroo Classic Series Bottom Roll-up Sun Shade measures 8 Feet by 6 Feet and comes ready to install with just a couple of screws that are included in the kit. The fabric is knitted, is resistant to mildew and helps keep your house or patio cool. (Smaller sizes of the same style of patio blinds are also available.)

The 4  by 6 feet Coolaroo Bottom Roll Up outdoor blind comes in the funky red and white stripe called Heritage Red.

The blue and white stripe design that’s called Summer Haze is sometimes possible to buy even cheaper than patio shade in red mentioned above.

8-foot patio blinds in neutral colors

The eight-foot patio blinds by Coolaroo come in neutral colors that match almost any home décor, but the most important factor to keep in mind is how much cooler the inner rooms will be and/or how fresh the deck, patio or balcony will be when covered entirely or partially with a shade or blind.

If you have a deck with an open veranda or a patio with a roof but so side walls, then the larger patio blinds will be ideal to cut down on UV rays up to 90% and without the expense of a full patio enclosure.

Choose a neutral smoke color for a modern, clean-lined look, or the classic sunset colored knit that goes well with various woods.

When it comes to having a patio that’s protected, sidewalls, glass panels or even awnings will cost a lot more than the large Coolaroo patio blinds that cost under $70 and can cover areas up to 8 feet wide and 6 feet long.

Ultra large patio shade roll-up blinds

For covering areas that are 10 feet wide, move up a step into the Coolaroo Select Series Top Roll patio shade designs that are versatile and come in a rich chocolate mocha color.

The cool, mildew resistant patio shade models that we recommend, also extend 6 feet in length and cost about $180. Get a variety of matching sizes on the deck or patio to fill-in other areas or to cover windows with roll-up blinds in the same texture and color of knitted, patented, Coolaroo fabric.

For covering areas that are 10 feet wide, move up a step into the Coolaroo Select Series Top Roll patio shade designs that are versatile and come in a rich chocolate mocha color. The cool, mildew resistant patio shade models that we recommend, also extend 6 feet in length and cost about $180. Get a variety of matching sizes on the deck or patio to fill-in other areas or to cover windows with roll-up blinds in the same texture and color of knitted, patented, Coolaroo fabric.

The smaller versions of this patio shade start at just over $60. One of the leading distributors for the Coolaroo patio shade blinds is Gale Pacific.

However, your shipment may come to a variety of other warehouses such as an online ace hardware outlet.

Create your own Coolaroo custom canopy

Many patios, decks and garden areas, as well as windows that may be odd dimensions, or patio doors – especially large French doors, may require a blind or some canopy covering that can’t be bought ready-made.

The best solution to getting what you need without resorting to choosing lower quality fabrics that won’t provide as relaxed an atmosphere is to buy the rolls of Coolaroo fabric and the hooks, snaps, and closures required to customize a blind or canopy.

It’s surprisingly affordable to get rolls of the high-tech Coolaroo fabric and you’re not limited by length because there are rolls with 50 and 100-foot lengths

Order one of the largest rolls to cover a pergola or slat patio roof, or to create an enclosure with limited UV rays yet great visibility. By the Coolaroo Medium Shade Fabric for 185 in a natural sand color (100 feet in length by 6 feet in width) and start cooling down your outdoor areas

Pop up patio, garden or deck canopy with Coolaroo fabric

Aside from using rolls of fabric to create a deck canopy that’s customized, there’s another option in the Coolaroo series. For a reasonable price, you can have a ready-made pop up deck canopy in a practical gazebo-like design that’s all ready to assemble for everyday use or special events.

Order the Coolaroo Quick Up One Piece Gazebo (which comes in a neutral pebble color) and covers a 10 by 10-foot area. Fast, easy, no fumbling with hooks or closures – pop up the aluminum-steel frame that’s ultra lightweight, and add the unique knitted Coolaroo fabric canopy, and you’re set. Put it up and take down in minutes, or leave it up during the summer.

It’s okay to not take it down it’s designed to be weather resistant, both the steel frame, which is powder-coated for durability and rust resistance and the deck canopy roofing system that’s made from the patented Coolaroo fabric, are made to stand up to the elements – especially Sun.

By the way, the pop-up design is so lightweight an easy to put up and take down, that although you may buy it initially as a deck canopy, you may find yourself taking it to the beach, on camping trips or using for outdoor functions away from the backyard.

Get your Coolaroo garden, patio or deck canopy online and qualify for free shipping within the United States.

Coolaroo shade canopies and DIY Kits

The versatility of the Coolaroo products for patios, decks, windows, doors, pergolas and sun shades is unmatched regarding quality, UV protection, color choices, ease of installation and price.

When it comes to shade canopies for over a pool area, or over a window, or patio, the simple, elegant Premium Triangle Shade Sail offers coolness, UV protection and affordability. The shade canopies come in three sizes:

  1. 9 foot 10-inch patio or deck triangles
  2. 11 foot 10-inch triangular sunshades
  3. 16 foot 5 inch extended triangles for covering gardens or pools

Order the Triangle Shade Sails with DIY Accessory Kit online. Prices for these models are about $130, but there are various shade canopies in small sizes that are much cheaper in smaller sizes.

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