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Patio cover designs inspired by Malaga clubs on the Costa del Sol

With around 300 days of sunshine a year, there’s no better place than the outdoor bars, beach chiringuitos and Malaga clubs on the Costa del Sol (southern Spain) to get inspiration for great patio cover designs. For example, the famous Maracas Malaga clubs are built right on the beach where the intense heat of the sun during the day would make it impossible for guests to enjoy cocktails. At the same time, few visitors want to hide themselves indoors when there’s a gorgeous view, wonderful sea breeze and sand for toe wiggling, which is why the shade canopies that Maracas has on the side of the building facing the sea, are ideal.

A closer look at the shade canopies at Maracas Malaga clubs

When it comes to open spaces with good views, simple patio cover designs tend to be the most effective. Take a closer look at the Maracas Malaga clubs. There are 2 in Benalmádena and one in Torremolinos, and although there are many chiriguitos and lots of beach-side patio enclosures that compete along la Costa, the Maracas clubs are unique because they’re designed for three purposes:

1. dinning & cocktail lounging during the day (providing protection at noon when patio shade is an absolute must in the Andalusian heat)

2. evening beach partying (which must allow access to the beach, not interfere with views and make use of the fresh evening air)

3. some of the most intense Costa del Sol clubbing that lasts all night.

What’s so special about the Maracas club design?

First, Maracas Los Álamos in Torremolinos has a series of retractable awnings with neutral fabric canopys that can be adjusted to extend out over the deck or be retracted slightly to allow more sun. The deck canopy design is uncomplicated, employing arms that support the shade canopies without a pole or post to interfere with lounge chairs on the deck or blocking the gorgeous view of the Mediterranean sea. The retractable awning canopies with arms and no poles is not the usual means of having shade at clubs on Costa del Sol beaches, which is why we mention this particular place as an example of what’s possible without spending a fortune on structural alterations over a deck. If you visit the Maracas club at Los Álamos beach in Torremolinos you’ll see why outdoor patio covers needn’t be cumbersome or expensive additions. Good retractable awnings offer some of the most versatile patio shade for the least investment.

Maracas Bil Bil with steel tracks for patio enclosures

The other Malaga nightclub with an impressive deck canopy is Maracas Bil Bil in Benalmádena. What makes it interesting is that the space is designed to serve breakfast and be a nightclub. In terms of patio cover designs, this place for nightlife in Benalmadena is a prime example of what can be done using aluminum or steel tracks for patio enclosures that can be completely open-air or entirely covered. The structure is crafted in such a way as to use the main building as a central island with the tracks running out over the deck and sand to provide daytime shade, but they can also be closed off for a nightclub atmosphere. The shade canopies that are attached to the tracks can be pulled back for moonlight views, or closed off to form a ceiling, and the tracks in front can accommodate transparent walls for when it rains.

Glass patio enclosures: Maracas Puerto Marina & Kaleido Club – examples of high-end patio enclosures for daytime terraces and club-style nightlife in Benalmadena

Examples of two other styles of patio enclosures that are more permanent and provide protection not just from sun and heat but also from rain and cold weather, have a look at the third of the Maracas clubs called Maracas Puerto Marina. The enclosure is made from a steel structure, and although it’s one of the more expensive patio cover designs, it shows how glass can be incorporated to have a view while still providing an open feeling. Fabulous inspiration for outdoor patio cover designs also comes from another of the top places for nightlife in Malaga Spain, also a venue situated in the elite yacht and sailboat harbour known as Puerto Marina in Benalmadena Costa. The place is called Kaleido Club and it’s one of the few places that offers a gorgeous daytime terrace on the harbour plus some of the most vibrant nightlife in Benalmadena. The secret to the upscale terrace design is the series of steel and glass patio enclosures that has glass panels for the ceiling and walls. The structural design requires steel beams and posts as well as glass doorways and ceiling panels, but the effect is stunning.

Buying awnings, outdoor patio covers, glass patio enclosures & roofing systems in Spain

If you live on the Costa del Sol and want to create a patio enclosures using steel and glass, you can contact a well-established company called RDMC’s Glass Manufacturers (located at the Polígono Industrial El Cañadon, Nave 16, Km 2, Camino de Coín, Mijas Costa, Málaga. Telephone: 952 477 963 and Mobile: 677 712 742). They specialize in creating glass patio enclosures, making custom (bespoke) windows and doors as well as complete stainless steel and glass roofing systems with double glazed panels. They also provide Reflectorsol and Coolite products. Call them to get a quote for glass doors, glass roofs and for help with high-end patio cover designs and full patio enclosure construction services in the Costa del Sol area. If you need a system that’s more secure than a fabric deck canopy, a retractable awning or patio shade mechanism (or a series of shade canopies designed primarily for UV protection), then a glass and steel enclosure may be the most practical solution. Check out how these systems work at some of the top beachside and harbour Benalmadena nightclubs and then decide which design is right for your home or commercial building.

Vergola Roof Systems Spain

For retraceable systems like those at the Maracas clubs, contact Vergola Roof Systems at Telephone: 952 926 578 or 902 102 658. Vergola is a company that offers unique product design for both residential and commercial areas. They offer a roof system that delivers weather protection over a terrace, patio, garden, beach or commercial space. They have their own Vergola automatic roofing system and ofer custom installation services in most parts of Spain, including the islands and Gibraltar.

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