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Patio Covers for Outdoor Fun All Year

Posted in Patio Covers by admin on the August 31st, 2009

We tend to think of, talk about, and plan (as well as buy) our patio furniture and accessories, or consider upgrading our deck or terrace, or a portion of our garden, in spring or summertime.

In the spring, as we saunter through home improvement centers, garden centers or outdoor furniture retailers, and we see all the choices, we begin to think about buying a furniture cover or an outdoor patio cover because they’re in front of us. But that’s just a little too late.

By the time spring and summer come, our poor patio furniture has already taken a beating all fall and winter, and without covers or without a patio awning or other protection overhead, we already have a mess to clean up, a deck to renovate, or at least sand and polish, and a lot of chairs and a table to scrub or repair or toss in the garbage. It also means that we probably haven’t enjoyed more than half the year of using our deck or patio, and it means we never thought about buying a patio heater or an aluminum patio cover or about an enclosure so we could have barbeques and outdoor fun all year.

Maximize Patio Potential

Patio cover designs today are not just for summer heat or for protection against the sun, knowing how to build a patio and using the right materials and patio cover plans should allow for warmth and protection during the months when we most need a little fresh air and a break from being indoors – autumn and winter and even early spring.

With a little planning, a few outdoor patio furniture covers, a heat lamp, a retractable patio awning or an enclosure around your patio roof, you can maximize your deck or patio potential. The secret is to plan around what your needs are, what the weather is like in your region and what will be the best materials for quality construction of an outdoor space that is covered.

Patio Furniture Protection

You also need to know how to protect the furniture you already have so it lasts as long as possible. Waterproof patio furniture covers will help prevent corrosion or rust on your metal or wrought iron patio tables and chairs.

Even soft coverings that are not vinyl will protect outdoor furniture from dust, dirt, bird droppings and that fine layer of residue from pollen or mold, and also from the effects of the sun.

Just because your furniture doesn’t get wet or rained upon or snowed on doesn’t mean it can go without a cover.

Easy On, Easy Off Patio Covers

You need to find a patio furniture cover set that will be easy to put on and take off, something with an elastic and draw-cord around the bottom otherwise the covers may go unused.

Try to stay away from the patio covers that have lots of ties to do up and un-do, or the ones with rope that you have to thread through grommet holes. The simplest, lightest, most hassle free patio furniture covers are best.

Buy the ones you will actually USE all year.

Patio Chair Cushion Storage

Cushion storage bags to protect even the most expensive patio chairs are a good solution all year round. The bag can be left on the deck or patio to be able to easily slip the cushions into every day in summer.

For winter storage, pack the clean, dry cushions in the bag and store indoors. There are some rather stylish covers in khaki polyester or in vinyl that are hunter green in color. These elegant patio furniture covers are all water-resistance and yet allow your cushions and furniture some airflow.

If you select a cushion storage bag make sure these also have mesh vents for air flow to minimize mold and mildew should they be stored for long periods of time.

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