The 7 Pergola Kits and Spa Gazebos Ideas 2019

The 7 Pergola Kits and Spa Gazebos Ideas 2019

Pergola Kits and Spa Gazebos: Complete pergola kits from $900 – $2,000 or build your own using pergola design stencil / hardware kits for just $170. Choose wooden gazebo/pergola structures or vinyl ones in classic New England trellis styles.

Pergola Kits and Spa Gazebos

Order your pergola plans or complete kits online and assemble everything easily with necessary tools. Discover hot tub gazebo styles in cedar wood and find out where to get a DIY Gazeebo in a Box starter kit for $275.

#1. DIY Pergola Plans and Hardware

If you’re a handy person, the most affordable way to create a backyard trellis-like structure over a patio, pool, hot tub or garden area, is to order a set of pergola plans with stencils for cutting curved ends as well as all the hardware required to assemble the unit.

Garden Craft LLC offers what you need in the Build a Pergola Hardware Kit and Stencil, which costs just $170. This kit eliminates the guesswork when building an outdoor shade structure. It comes with a set of wooden stencils for placing on beams and posts to cut the decorative shapes that make pergolas unique. It also comes with detailed instructions and pergola plans you can follow to complete the project.

The best part is that the Garden Craft pergola kits come with the hardware you’ll need to put the structure together. It’s designed to be used for any of 3 pergola sizes, either the standard 8- by 10-foot design, a midsized 10 by 12-foot model, or a large shade structure that’s 12 by 14 feet. You decide the size and buy the lumber (beams and posts) in the lengths needed, but the hardware is the same.

The pergola design with curved ends is elegant and simple.

Pergola Kit

By following the pergola designs that are included, a handy person can set up a structure over a weekend. Since the lumber isn’t supplied with this pergola design kit, you can buy it at your local lumberyard or home improvement center and save a lot on shipping costs. Choosing the lumber you need is easy because the kit explains what pieces and sizes are required, such as 2 -by 4 and 2 by 6 beams and posts that can be found wherever lumber is sold.

Order your pergola kits online and get your wooden stencils, instructions, and hardware all in one neat package.

#2. Prefabricated Vinyl Pergola Kits

There are several pergola designs available in prefabricated structures that are sold as all-inclusive kits, which come with all the beams, post, hardware and instructions to set up the structure.

One of the most affordable pergola designs is a waterproof, rust-resistant vinyl model called the Portland Pergola. The design is classic and comes in white. It offers UV resistance and won’t require painting or staining. The kit comes with the vinyl posts and beams that will create a 7 by 7-foot pergola that’s 97 inches high. The package costs $899 and will be shipped from Woodland Direct by UPS to addresses within the United States. Order this pergola design, and you may qualify for free shipping.

#3. New England Style Pergola Plans

Very similar to the Portland design is the Liberty Pergola, by New England Arbors, which ships through DeerBusters. It measures about 9 feet and is almost 8 feet high; crafted from maintenance-free vinyl.

The Liberty pergola design is elegant and has cross beams that provide a little shade and act as a trellis for vines and hanging plants. This is another complete pergola kit that comes with everything needed for quick set up.
Although the various pergola plans are similar, notice that the sizes are not the same, and therefore the costs may vary. While the structure may look almost identical, you’ll need to check the dimensions carefully and make sure you order the kit that’s the right size for your hot tub, spa or outdoor area. This Liberty pergola design costs about $1,100, however depending on when you order, it may be discounted to about $1,000.
Remember that it’s possible to set up a pergola over an existing deck, cement pad, or in a garden area (since the structures are free-standing), so long as the surface is level.

#4. Choosing a Patio Gazebo Plan for an Outdoor Spa Area

While there are patio gazebo designs which can be quite affordable, the wooden gazebo models that are made specifically for outdoor spas and hot tubs tend to be expensive. One of the least expensive gazebo kits that’s designed exclusively for a hot tub is the Laguna Hot Tubs Jacuzzi Spa And Recreation Room in the Alliance Woodcraft collection, which ships from Willy Goat Inc.

Although by no means cheap, the Laguna hot tub gazebo is priced at around $2,700 and is finely crafted with a lattice-style cedar roofing system that’s domed. The kit includes wooden beams and supports that are all pre-stained ready to assemble. This particular model of the Alliance Woodcraft spa gazebos line measures 8 feet square on the inside and 8. 5 by 8.5 feet on the outside. It’s designed to accommodate a hot tub (as pictured) and can be set up on a wooden deck or garden area. It’s easy to order the Laguna wooden gazebo spa kit online.

#5. Larger Outdoor Hot Tub Gazebo Kits by Alliance Woodcraft

Alliance Woodcraft offers a variety of different spa gazebos in the same Laguna collection. One of the midrange models is called the Big Laguna Spa And Recreation Room, and costs just under $4,000.

The Big Laguna hot tub gazebo kit is larger than the regular Laguna, measuring 8.6 by 12 feet (outer dimensions) and comes with a decking kit and the three bar stools you see pictured. It also includes the roofing system and lattice panels, all the beams and posts and hardware for assembly. All the wood has been stained so there’s no need to do anything but put the pieces together and enjoy.
Order all-inclusive spa and hot tub gazebo kits online by clicking the product you desire. You’ll be taken to a secure shopping area where Alliance Woodcraft products can be purchased and from where you can view the Willy Goat Inc. shipping policies.

#6. Supreme Spa Gazebos – Luxury Cedar Spa / Recreation Room

Although many spa gazebos that are sold as luxury kits are priced upwards of five to seven thousand dollars, there’s an Alliance Woodcraft model called the Supreme 750 which retails for about $4,400 and is a luxury wooden gazebo that includes eight windows that slide open. The unit design is crafted in such a way as to accommodate an 88-inch hot tub spa. The additional features of this model are the domed cedar roof and tinted Plexiglas windowpanes.

One of the reasons this design is popular is because it offers a higher level of privacy with the tinted windows and because it’s large enough to accommodate a luxury sized spa tub.

You can order the Supreme 750 Spa Recreation Room online.

Similar to the Supreme 750 wooden gazebo is the Supreme 800 that retails for about $4,600 and is a stand-alone unit for a garden or outdoor area that’s not attached to the house or other buildings.
This Alliance Woodcraft wooden gazebo model also includes eight tinted windows and has the curved corners that make it possible for an 8-foot spa to be inserted with ease. (Spa and hot tub kits are sold separately and cost between $2,000 and $3,000.)

#7.  Your Gazebo’s Entry and Exit

Since most hot tubs/spas are too high for easily stepping into, when you order a wooden shelter or enclosure package it’s a good idea to add a set of steps. Your gazebo’s entry system will vary depending on the model of enclosure you’ve selected, but in most cases, the wooden steps that cost between $99 and $110 are more than adequate. Choose some of the best wooden models that will match your gazebo’s finish, such as the QCA Spas Redwood Steps or the skid-proof Lifesmart Sahara Spa Steps.

It’s a small thing, but making your spa easy to enter and exit will make using it more relaxing. For easy shopping, order excellent Gazebo’s accessory sets online.

Think you can Do It Yourself?

If buying the prefabricated wooden gazebo kits are out of reach due to budget constraints, there’s another option. It’s called Gazebo In A Box Do It Yourself Starter Kit and is made by Gazebo Junction, sold through Willy Goat Inc. This unique kit doesn’t include the wood, but does provide all the gazeebo plans, templates for cutting / shaping, a set of instructions and a CD, lists of lumber you’ll need to buy, and the hardware and specialty pieces you’ll need to put everything together but don’t know where to get them.

The gazeebo DIY starter kit comes with unique fittings like the rafter kingpins and copper caps as well as redwood finishing balls. You also get the deck mounting blocks, a plan with roofing panel layouts, stencils/templates for cutting decorative accents, and a series of pictures to view as you follow instructions.  You can build a gazebo on your own (or with the help of a few friends) by following the detailed guide in custom sizes. Choose the 8-foot gazebo plan or make a larger 10 or 12-foot model. For spa gazebos, you may use cedar and utilize the instructions that pertain to the 14-foot design (also included in this DIY kit). If you need a single or double roofing system and follow the steps as indicated. Your gazeebo can be a weekend project or a summer-time family activity. Order the Gazebo In A Box for about $275.

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