Safety Advice to Follow While Using Different Power Saws

Safety Advice to Follow While Using Different Power Saws

Power tools are dangerous and risky, especially those which are used for trimming, drilling, cutting, and grinding. A second of distraction can cost lives. So, working with power tools require safety measures and full of concentration.

Although all types of power tools carry the danger tag with them, there is one particular kind of power tool which is the riskiest and scariest of them all. We are talking about power saws.

Be it, chainsaw, chop saw, miter saw, bandsaw, jigsaw, table saw, circular saw, scroll saw, and all other power tools which have the word ‘saw’ behind it.

But, you cannot stop working with these tools just because they are risky. Nobody does that, neither it is possible to do the quick and perfect cutting without these tools.

So, the only way to work with these is to reduce the risk. To minimize the risk and danger, you have to take proper safety measures. Once you are using safety precautions, the threat automatically subsides.

We are going to share some safety advice which you can follow while using power saws and ensure safety. We ardently hope that the advice below will prove to be a good help to you, so let us start.

Keep your hands away from the start button to avoid the accidental start of the saw.

Never use power tools which are cheap to save a few bucks. Always invest wisely in a high-quality power tool which is made of steel and is heat-treated. The quality of the instrument decides how safe you are while working with it.

Keep a hawk-eye on the wood and the machine while cutting. There is never the slightest chance of being distracted while working.

The sharp edge is the central part of any power saw. Never work with a dull blade. Check the sawdust and sharpen the edge before commencing the felling and cutting. A sharp saw not only ensures safety and comfort but also produces accurate and even shape.

If you are using a chainsaw, then make sure you are not touching the top half of the blade’s to cut. It will result in kickbacks, and it is dangerous. Cutting between the two pressure points also produce kickback.

Same happens in case of circular saw as well right after it touches the cutting surface. The blade touching metals or nails also causes strong kickbacks, so always be cautious and double check the surface to avoid the collision.

Always wear safety gears. Invest in the best chainsaw helmet, ear protection, safety glass, gel-filled gloves, boots, long sleeves shirt, safety chaps. Make sure you have complete protection from head to toe.

Avoid wearing inappropriate apparel which can tangle with the machine and cause fatal injuries. Always stay on a stable and even surface while using a saw.

Buy saws depending on your dominant hand. However, maximum saws are designed for right-hand use. So, those who are left-handed must buy power saws which are made especially for left-hand use. However, if it is not possible then be careful about the sawdust as these will eject to the left side of the saw.

Give proper support to the piece of wood you are cutting. Put the long pieces on an extension table and use a workbench for cutting the smaller ones. Make sure to have a vacant space for the excess wood to fall and remain till you get time to carry the wood somewhere else.

Never hold or carry the power saw with its cord or cable. Always keep the wires away from the cutting surface. Check the retracting guard blade of the circular saw by moving back and forth. Don’t check while it’s plugged. Make sure the power is off while checking.

Discard the damaged instruments even if there is a slight tear on the cord. We tend to use black scotch tape and wrap the torn portion with it. We continue using the machine without even realizing how risky it is for us. Keep the cord away from heat, water, and oil.

Ensure proper maintenance of the power saws. Lubricate and change accessories when needed. You can use foam pipe insulation or other tools to guard the sharp blade. Power saw requires regular inspection.

Never disconnect the cord by force or yanking it. Disconnect only after switching off the power button. If its an electrical power saw, switch off the electric power switch before disconnecting the cord.

Always keep the power saws in a safe place away from the children. Make sure that nobody stays near you while you are working with a power saw. Being aware of the people around you is your responsibility.

Safe use of power saws is upon you. You can comfortably use any risky instrument by putting a hundred percent attention towards it. The saddening incidents of losing limbs and fingers while working with power saws are not uncommon and unheard. Be extra attentive and make sure others are also safe.

Never leave the instrument out in open where anyone can use it. The moment your work is done, you must pack it and carry it to the place where it is kept. There is no substitute for alertness and mindfulness.