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Two and 3-Seater Bench Cushions

Posted in outdoor furniture by admin on the March 27th, 2011

Standard 2 and 3-seater bench cushions with 3 inches of layered polyester fiber fill, upholstered in a variety of stain resistant outdoor fabrics, starting at $55 for 3.5 – 4 foot designs (for 2-seater benches) and just under $70 for 5 foot (3-seater) models.

Whether you own one of the classic Strathwood hardwood benches (made from eucalyptus wood) or another bench with similar measurements, the bench cushion designs by Strathwood outdoor furniture will provide comfortable, durable cushioning.

Cushions for benches are not usually as deep as the ones for chairs, loveseats, sectionals or swings, but in many cases the cheap bench cushions for sale in home improvement centers and patio furniture shops are only an inch or 1.5 inches thick, and the foam is often single-ply therefore prone to losing its bounce and becoming flat. That’s where the Strathwood outdoor bench cushion collections differ. They offer 3 inches of padding with multiple layers of polyester fiber that retain their shape and provide comfort that’s ideal for an outdoor bench, even a rustic wooden one.

2-Seater Bench Cushion Designs

The Strathwood 2 Seater Hardwood Bench Cushion costs just $54.99 and has several unique features. First, the fiber fill is thick enough to be comfortable. Second, the outdoor fabric used to cover the cushions is heavy duty stain / fade resistant. Third, (although designed for the Strathwood hardwood bench models) the measurements of the cushions match many standard 2-seater benches. The measurements are 20 by 45.5 inches, which corresponds to a bench that’s about 1.6 inches deep (the seat width from front to back) and 3.79 inches wide (what is the length of the bench seat from arm to arm).

The forth thing that makes the Strathwood bench cushion collection great is the variety of solid colors and patterns that are available. (All the pictured items are available for purchased online.)

Choose the outdoor fabric that best matches your décor for no extra cost, including black, eggshell, neutral, tan, red, apple, Landry ( a fun modern stripe), marlin (which is a burgundy brocade design), melinda, mist (which is a soft grayish-blue), Montserrat ( a grey and brown stripe), oakdale (a brown and taupe stripe), solid wasabi (a dark green), and Varina wasabi (which is an olive green leaf pattern on a neutral background). Please take note that fabric used to upholster the bench cushions may have come from different lots or fabric bolts and therefore there may be a slight difference in color, even when ordering several cushions at the same time. Although the variations in colors may look more obvious indoors, usually the differences are difficult to perceive when placed on separate benches that are outdoors in bright natural light.

All the Strathwood bench cushions are of high quality and receive rave reviews from those who purchase them even for benches that were not from the Strathwood collections. Although the outdoor fabric is stain resistant and easy to clean, it’s not considered to be all-weather, therefore the cushions should be brought indoors during inclement weather and winter months. Nevertheless, for summer use, the upholstery is sturdy and durable, and will resist fading even when exposed to direct UV rays.

Cleaning a bench cushion from Strathwood is easy. First, the dirt or spills should be wiped or brushed off, and then a mild solution of cool water and soap can be used to spot clean or wash the fabric. The material can be sponged, brushed, or washed by hand, then air dried in the sun.

3-Seater Bench Cushions for Strathwood or Standard 5 foot Benches

The Strathwood Hardwood 3 Seater Bench Cushion offers the same basic features as the 2-seater design. The cushioning is thick and durable made from polyester that’s layered so as to retain the shape, and the outdoor fabrics used to upholster them are stain resistant and can withstand UV rays without fading.

The color choices are also the same (as mentioned above), and matching toss cushions and accent pillows can be ordered. For example the Strathwood 14-by-14-inch Spun Polyester Pillow comes in a set of two toss cushions for just $36.99.

The only difference between the 2-seater bench cushion and the 3-seater is size. The three seater bench cushions made by Strathwood are 18 inches deep (the seat width from front to back) and 57 inches wide (what constitutes the length of the seat from arm to arm). The padding is 3 inches thick, so it offers excellent comfort without being bulky. The bench cushion width (arm to arm) for most standard garden and patio benches is about 5 feet, therefore the Strathwood cushions, being 4.75 inches are excellent for most standard benches, leaving just a little space on either side where the arms are located.

Swing Cushions

If you have something like the Rustic Wooden Garden Chair Swing then the cushions you’ll need will be about 5 to 5.5 feet wide (seat distance from arm to arm), although many standard wooden patio or garden swings are between 4 and 5 feet. If you have one of the standard 2 or 3-seater swings then the above bench cushions by Strathwood can double as swing cushions.

In some cases a little more padding is nice, so there are the 5 inch deep polyester fiber fill swing cushions (that can be used for benches and loveseats) by Pillow Perfect that retail for about $50.

The Pillow Perfect swing cushions are upholstered with outdoor fabric that’s water, mildew and fade resistant as well as being able to endure a lot of UV exposure without the color fading. These swing cushions are 44 inches so they can fit a standard 2-seater swing, bench or a piece of wicker furniture such as a loveseat.

The red swing cushion is a favorite, however there are a variety of colors offered through Pillow Perfect, such as the tan and red striped cushion or the tufted red design.

One of the cheapest swing cushion options are those like the Outdoor Patio Hampton Swing Cushion (or bench pad) by Arden, which retails for just $29.99.

Arden also makes packaged swing sets that include a cushion and canopy, and these usually cost about $100 or more, and the single swing cushions that are longer, for 3-seaters, cost between $45 and $55. However, even the smaller Arden bench and swing cushions (from the Hampton collection) for under $30 are a good value because the padding is 4.5 inches thick and since they’re polyester fiber fill, they bounce back to shape quickly.

Choose funky striped patterns or the plain solids that are ideal for classic decors. Mix and match bench, swing and loveseat cushions and accent with toss cushions from the Strathwood 14-Inch Square Outdoor Pillow collection. A set of two matching cushions costs $36.99.

The outdoor fabric used to upholster the cushions match several of the bench and swing cushions. Colors / patterns include black, blue haze, eggshell, pearwood (which is the color in the sample image), RenataHemp (a classic natural tone with a bit of a sheen), Winsten (is marine stripe), and Donatella Lacquer (a tropical floral motif).

Get comfortable outdoors by padding swings, benches and outdoor seating. Make your wooden garden furniture more appealing as a place to read or relax by adding a few cushions and pillows.

Need more ideas?

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