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Used Caravan Awnings

Posted in Caravan by admin on the August 11th, 2010

Used Bradcot caravan awnings and annexes from £99; Bradcot Sport Annex £125 to £175; Dorema Madison or Calypso Annex from £99 to £150; used Eurovent caravan awning annex from £49 to £99; full awnings by Bradcot, Dorema and Inaca from £149 to under £300 – buy online through a trusted distributor with service points across the UK.

Used awnings for caravans can be found by searching classified ads, but it takes time and doesn’t always mean you’ll find bargains on quality brand name annexes and full awnings. What you need is a list of items that are readily available in one central location, and a comparison of what the used items are worth new. Why? Because we’ve noticed that some annexes may be retailing used almost for as much as the new ones. It may look like a bargain initially, but if you’re not aware of a sale or a special offer, you may end up paying the same for a used product as a new one.

You also need to be aware that a full awning will be required to use an annex, and the same brand or style will be a must because the annexes usually attach to the full versions by way of zipping into the side of one of the removable walls and therefore increasing the capacity. But in order for one piece to fit with the other you’ll need the same brand and probably the same model.

Where To Shop For Cheap Caravan Awnings Both New and Used

Where can you go to get the used caravan awnings for sale alongside the new models? There are not a lot of places online that offer both services and have good lists of products that are second hand. But one we’ve found one that’s outstanding, the Glossop Caravans site, which is also part of Awning Land. While they carry a full selection of new Bradcot, Doema, SunCamp, Eurovent, Fiamma and other awning brands, they also have an area for used models and annexes categorized by brand, make, model and price. It’s easy to cross reference the used items with the new ones in their showroom or online catalogues and see how much you are actually saving.

How To Save Mixing Used and New

We’ve noticed that when it comes to buying the caravan awning porch annexes, the savings are much less than when buying the full models. Perhaps a good idea would be to buy, for example, a full Bradcot classic awning that’s used for about £299 (versus the new one for £599) and then add a new annex for about £149 (because the used ones are between £99 and £125, so the savings are very little). In this way, for about £450 you could have a full awning with an annex that would have cost abut £750 if you had bought the entire set new.

You can also get a new full Bradcot Sport awning for about ­£399 and then add a used annex for £99 or £125. There are many variable options that help to save money without wandering all over looking for used bargains.

You can get used caravan awnings that are larger or higher quality while paying the same as what you would for a smaller new one

How? As an example of what’s available right now while writing this article: there’s an Isabella Commodore Concept design that retails new for over £1,400, and is a luxury awning. The same item is available used for about £650 (which is equivalent to buying a Bradcot classic design new for about £600). Yes, you’re still spending what a new one would cost but you’re getting a luxury item.

If you’re interested in the Isabella line and want a bargain, there are some Isabella Ambassador series used caravan awnings for sale at Glossop Caravans that are going for about £300. The new Ambassadors in that series are retailing for about £1,300, so you can really save by buying a used one.

Buy Caravan Awning Annexes and Full Porches For Less

To help you with your search for the latest used annexes, porches and full awnings, here are some of the hot deals you can find at Glossop (at the time of writing):

  1. Full Awning, size: 875cm, by Isabella, Model: Commodore 3009 Marine, Price: £649.
  2. Full Awning, size: 925 cm, by Isabella, Model: Ambassador, Price: £395.
  3. Full Awning, size: 900 cm, by Bradcot, Model: Classic, Price: £299.
  4. Full Awning, size: 780 cm, by Bradcot, Model: Active, Price: £295.
  5. Annex, by Bradcot, Model: 340 Annex, Color: Grey, Price: £99.00

More Caravan Awnings and Porches

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