The 8 Best Tightly Woven Wicker Deck Furniture

The 8 Best Tightly Woven Wicker Deck Furniture

Wicker Deck Furniture: Elegant collections of tightly woven polyethylene resin, weather resistant, no-maintenance outdoor wicker patio, garden and deck furniture, with large bistro-style armchairs in a rich mocha color priced as low as $150, including thick cushions; sophisticated sofas and sectionals starting at $390 and matching side tables for under $100.

Tightly Woven Wicker Deck Furniture

Choose the affordable Cypress series of outdoor wicker furniture in bistro designs that incorporate flat-weave construction that won’t fade, rot or disintegrate with rain or UV exposure, or select luxury items from the Camano collection. Camano wicker patio furniture includes coffee tables that start at $150, sectional sofa pieces that start at $280, luxurious lounging chairs for $370, two-seater sofas for $390 and matching armchairs for about $280.

The comfortable outdoor wicker sofas, sectionals, and armchairs are all crafted from the latest flat resin-wicker with weather-resistant wooden legs and deep seat cushions covered in white cotton outdoor fabric with zippers for easy removal.

1. Affordable Wicker Deck Furniture from the Strathwood Cypress Collection

The Strathwood collection of wicker deck furniture is in the bistro style, somewhat contemporary by design due to the resin wicker-like weave that’s flat and comes in a rich mocha color beautifully accented with white cushions. Although synthetic resin is not the classic material used for wicker, the resemblance to traditional woven patterns is remarkably well done.

The factors that make natural wicker deck furniture impractical, like its susceptibility to rotting, getting moldy and decaying quickly, are eliminated since the resin is not only maintenance free but fully resistant to outdoor weather. It won’t fade in the sun, won’t retain humidity, mold, mildew or get eaten by termites. The pieces of deck furniture that have a framework with the wicker woven over or around it are also weather-resistant, crafted from sturdy aluminum with wooden legs that are treated for durability and resistant to UV rays and moisture.

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Perhaps one of the most appealing extra features of the Strathwood Cypress collection is that their loveseats, lounges, armchairs, and sofas come complete with deep seat cushions in treated white cotton fabric – ready to use in comfort. Many of the affordable products, such as those in other leading deck furniture lines, are sold without cushions or pads, and therefore the initial savings are lost when pillows, pads or cushions must be bought separately. And the outdoor cushions that come with the pieces aren’t cheaply made but crafted from thick 4-inch polyurethane foam that has a nice bounce and keeps its shape. The covers are all slipped onto the foam inserts with a neat side zipper, so washing is easy – just unzip, wash, dry and replace!

The two feature items in the Strathwood Cypress All-Weather Wicker Bistro Collection is the Armchair, which costs just $149.99, and the bistro table, which is priced at only $109.99.

Despite the price of these items, customers all rave about the sturdiness, and elegance, of the Cypress collection of deck furniture. The two styles of flat woven all-weather resin wicker, namely the Strathwood Cypress and the Camano series, go so well together that the pieces can be mixed and matched with ease. Both come in the warm mocha brown color with contrasting white cushions.

The table that goes with the Cypress line is an ideal size for placing between two chairs on a deck or even with a pool-side bistro set. It’s 17 by 21 inches high and is light – just over 7 lbs.

When Strathwood says that they test their deck furniture for endurance, they’re not kidding. Each item is sturdy and practical, designed to be used by people who live in their outdoor spaces and appreciate finely crafted products that last. Order now and qualify for free shipping within the United States.

2. Camano Collection of Luxury Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Strathwood’s Camano collection of outdoor wicker furniture is extensive and luxuriously crafted with attention to detail. The weave is solid, the wooden legs are finished in a rich cherry tone, and the cushions are thick and comfortable.

The mocha brown color of the resin all-weather outdoor wicker furniture in this series is elegant and works well with most classic or modern themes that are wood, wrought iron, accented with natural fibers, white cotton, and bamboo or contemporary sleek chrome, white lacquer and glass. The Camano pieces we suggest are:

3. Strathwood Camano All-Weather Wicker Arm Chair

This is a piece that’s large, sturdy and able to withstand the elements. It’s easy to clean, requires no maintenance and comes with deep seat cushions that measure 30 X 24 and are 4 inches deep. Comfortable, elegant, durable and affordable outdoor wicker! Shop online and receive free shipping in the US.

4. Strathwood Camano All-Weather Wicker Side Table

Customers agree that this collection looks more expensive than it is. It’s also extremely stable and comes with nice little extras like castors that won’t scratch wooden decks and sturdy inner aluminum frames that are resistant to rust. The table is 19 X 19 and 13 inches tall but weighs under 10 lbs.

5. Strathwood Camano All-Weather Wicker Sofa

Outdoor wicker furniture doesn’t get better or classier than the Camano sofa designs that not only come with a beautiful flat weave finish (in a deep mocha brown) but also include white cotton cushions. The all-weather wicker is resin so it won’t disintegrate or rot, while it looks like natural fiber that’s been woven in a delicate, yet sturdy, flat pattern. Finished with wooden legs that are high density and stained a cherry tone, the sofa is ideal for patio, garden or poolside. Wash the sofa and wipe the cushions, but otherwise, there’s little maintenance. The sofa measures 54 X 30.75 inches and weighs about 45 lbs. This piece is for sale online.

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The sectional sofa and chairs in this collection are beautiful, albeit a little more expensive, yet well worth it since they offer durability and quality. Take a look at the sectionals in the Camano collection:

6. Camano Sectional Seating, Sofas and Chairs – Distinctive Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker patio furniture that’s totally weather resistant and comes in unique sectional designs is what the Camano collection by Strathwood is all about. Start with the Wicker Sectional Sofa Seat that acts as a centerpiece and build outward from there. The center sofa section costs $279.99 and comes with deep seat cushions in white cotton with a 4-inch foam insert.

Add a left or right sectional chair to create a variety of shapes that fit your space. Each left or right piece cost $299.99

Complete your customizable sectional sofa design by adding two centerpieces, one or two left or right sections or placing one of the sectional lounge sofas alongside the set to create an L or large U shape. The 63-inch long All-Weather Wicker Sectional Lounge Sofa is one of the most expensive pieces in the collection — $469.99 but also comes with the lounge cushions, so is still more reasonable than other parts of cheaper wicker patio furniture.

The matching tables start at around $150, but you can choose to pair the Cypress tables with the Camano seats since the Cypress tables cost under $100 (and are a little smaller).

Poolside wicker patio furniture sets can be arranged in unique ways by choosing two lounge chair sectionals and a centerpiece to make a U-shaped double lounger. Another way to get a similar design, but save some money, is to buy the two lounge chairs and instead of using a center section, choose a wicker table for about $100 and place lengthwise between two loungers. Mix and match with the Cypress Bistro chairs and tables for a variety of seating options.

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Although natural wicker isn’t the best choice around a pool, the Strathwood resin, all-weather wicker patio furniture doesn’t need to be kept dry to avoid mildew or rust. Therefore it’s an ideal choice for anywhere that may get wet, like a pool or garden. Which brings us to consider wicker pieces for the garden.

7. Durable All-Weather Wicker Garden Furniture

There’s a unique piece of all-weather wicker garden furniture in the Camano collection made by Strathwood that merely’s called the Sun Lounger Chair. This piece costs $369.99. The lounger measures just over 81 inches in length, which is almost 7 feet, but due to the positions, the actual measurements when extended are only over 73 inches which means that someone who’s over 6 feet tall may need a more extended model. While this may be an issue, people who are average height find the chair comfortable and the adjustable positions flexible for reading/tanning.

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The lounger is designed to be used without cushions because the wicker weave offers a comfy bit of bounce, and the engineering of the chair is such that it provides lumbar support and comfort without extra padding. This piece of wicker pool/garden furniture comes assembled ready to use. You can order this item in two colors: mocha brown that matches other parts in the series or a honey color that’s lighter for pairing with natural wood furniture you may already own. The honey-colored version is slightly cheaper, priced at $349.99.

pool furniture

The lounge chair is high for a garden area or a pool, even on a deck, because it comes with a series of rubber wheels for smooth movement. Shift your lounger, so you get the sun, or turn it to stay in the shade throughout the day. This is one of the reasons we believe this item is an ideal piece of wicker garden furniture – it’s easy to move and adjust. Order your outdoor wicker now and qualify for free shipping within the United States.

8. Extra Outdoor Wicker Items

The Camano collection includes some other outdoor wicker items that are made from the same all-weather resin. One is the Wicker Storage Box that’s ideal for keeping cushions, pillows, and blankets on a patio deck. The outdoor wicker box measures 41 X 21 inches and is 22 inches high, so can accommodate large seat cushions. This box costs $199.99 and can be ordered online.

A practical piece of outdoor wicker furniture that you may not immediately think of is a trash bin. Nevertheless, this bin is large and is camouflaged beautifully by being covered with the all-weather wicker that matches the Camano sets. This isn’t just a garbage can, but a large bin that measures 15.5 X 15.5 inches and is 31.5 inches tall, which can be used for storing dry towels or for tossing wet towels after a swim. It can be used to store or collect a variety of items that are used outdoors: garden tools, fertilizers, peat moss, compost or soil mixtures that you may need to have handy for working but prefer to keep out of sight. This practical outdoor wicker trash bin by Strathwood costs $119.99. It can be ordered online and will require assembly when it arrives.

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