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Winter Patio Covers for Warmth

Posted in Patio Covers by admin on the August 31st, 2009

In winter or in areas where it’s cooler, a patio covering can not only protect but help keep in the warmth, extending the months of the year your patio can be used. Patio coverings can keep snow and rain off the main areas, and by adding a portable patio heater you can be warm even on a brisk winter day.

When the patio heaters are not in use, it’s also a good idea to protect them with a patio heater cover even if the patio or deck is sheltered with an awning. Patio heater covers will protect the delicate elements of the heaters so they last longer.

Deck and Patio Coverings for Safety

Although you may have to cover you patio furniture no matter what style of patio or garden or deck or outdoor sitting space you have, one way to enjoy these outdoor spaces a lot more is by having aluminum patio covers installed as extensions of the roof. An aluminum patio cover or the many varieties of metal patio covers, or “alumawood” patio covers will give a durable protection not only to the wood deck or flooring of your patio, but prolong the life of your furniture and make your patio or deck or outdoor space much more inviting giving shade for the summer, protection from wind and rain and snow in the winter.

A covered patio or deck will also be less slippery to walk on, and this may be especially important if the deck or porch or patio is an extension of the front or back entrance to the house, or if there are children or seniors who may easily slip and fall.

Wood Patio Covers and Kits

Wood patio covers are can be an extension of the wood your house may be made of, so your patio cover will be a fluid extension and not stand out as if it was an afterthought. There are patio cover designs in wood that can be bought as patio cover kits and will include instructions on how to build a patio cover on your own. Patio cover kits and patio cover plans can also be used even if you plan on hiring a carpenter to do the work.

The “build a patio” packages are often less expensive and include all the hardware and wood so you will know in advance exactly how much it will cost you. To build a patio you will need some building expertise even if you buy a kit, however you can save some money and still have something left over to buy patio sets and patio covers.

There are many kits sold online that come with help lines and lots of support. Also there are packages available through your local building companies or home renovation and decorating centers. If possible try to find sales on these packages in the late fall or after the spring and summer yard and garden frenzy is over.

You can always store the materials and build in the summer, or simply do something odd, build your summer patio cover in the autumn and use it all through the winter but heating it a little with a few patio heaters or heat lamps. Who says barbeques must be only for summer?

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