The 6 Best Durable Wooden Garden Furniture

The 6 Best Durable Wooden Garden Furniture

Durable Wooden Garden Furniture:  Durable eucalyptus wood (versus teak) furniture starting at $120. Relax on affordable weather resistant wooden garden furniture choosing eco-friendly woods from sustainable sources. Oil your wooden chairs, tables, and chaise lounges or let them weather to a natural grey tone. Shop now for the top outdoor patio furniture brands like Strathwood.

Durable Wooden Garden Furniture

Although teak is well-known for being an all-weather wood, eucalyptus is likewise durable and can be oiled or left to weather, similar to teak furniture, and is extremely durable even when subjected to harsh conditions. That’s one of the reasons we recommend the Strathwood collection of outdoor wooden garden furniture, like the Strathwood Chaise Lounge that can be used on a deck, porch, garden or even beside a pool where splashing may be an issue.

Wooden Garden Furniture

This versatile chaise lounge is unique because it has an extendable table that sleekly gets hidden under the chaise when not in use. It has five positions for reading, tanning, relaxing or laying flat.

Add patio cushions for more comfort and choose an outdoor fabric that’s stain resistant yet cozy to rest on. Get the matching cushion for the chaise lounge for under $50. It comes in blue, brown, hunter green, navy, salsa salmon-peach, and kiwi.

Best Wooden Garden Furniture

Everything about the lounge chair is made to last and resist weather; even the hardware is rust resistant. It’s made from eucalyptus wood which is dense and therefore doesn’t rot or get eaten by termites.

Another reason that buying this piece of wooden garden furniture is ideal has to do with how Strathwood sources their wood. All the eucalyptus used to craft their furniture is Forest Stewardship Council certified, which means the wood has been taken from renewable and sustainable forests that grow quickly and are monitored for environmental practices. Because eucalyptus grows fast, it’s cheaper than teak and easier to grow in earth-friendly ways.

Outdoor furniture made from eucalyptus can be oiled to retain it’s rich original color or left to become a grayish tone that’s often just as appealing and requires little maintenance (aside from cleaning from time to time with liquid detergent and a little bleach).

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Nevertheless, it’s recommended that if the eucalyptus wooden garden furniture is going to be left all year in the sun, rain, wind and possibly snow, it should then be given an oil treatment from time to time. Even if the wood should naturally begin to weather and crack, the furniture won’t fall apart, I fact cracking a little is part of the natural charm of wood, especially eucalyptus.

Another eucalyptus wood item that’s affordable and extremely durable is the Strathwood Gibranta All-Weather Bench for two. It costs just under $130 and can be paired with matching armchairs, a 3-seat bench or even a folding bistro table.

Once again we suggest this item because it’s eucalyptus wood and is easy to care for and won’t rot or disintegrate like many wooden benches and outdoor furniture pieces made from pine or less dense materials.

The other piece of garden or patio furniture that goes well with benches, tables, chairs, and poolside lounges, is an umbrella. The ones that aren’t attached to a table but can be moved on their own and have a base are more versatile.

The garden umbrellas made by Strathwood are elegant, decorative and practical because they’re weather resistant and also easy to put up and down.

The Dark Wood Market Umbrella comes in four colors (to match the chair and lounge cushions they sell) in beige, green, navy or royal blue fabric.

This umbrella is ideal with wooden furniture because the pole is also made of hardwood, and it’s affordably priced at $59.99. It’s large enough to provide shade over a large area since it’s 9 feet wide and can stand on its own with a base or can be set into a table.


Garden umbrellas that aren’t going to be set into a tabletop or used with an outdoor dining set will require a base, which is sold separately.

The stand is called the Strathwood Ryer and is sturdy, made of cast iron so it’s heavy enough not to get blown over easily with windy gusts.

Most garden umbrellas can be used with this base, although it is designed for the Market umbrella series.

If you want to save money, buy one of the best Strathwood garden umbrellas with the wooden poles and then get a cheaper base like the one made by DC America, called the Cast Stone Umbrella. That way the umbrella plus stand will come to less than $100.

Please remember that when buying garden umbrellas the base is NOT included. Don’t forget to order the umbrella stand unless you have a table with a hole. If you need shade in a garden area or beside a pool or bench, then you’ll require a stand or cast iron base of some kind. The pictures of the Strathwood garden umbrellas shows the two items together and that may lead customers to believe they come as a set, but they don’t.

Strathwod makes another umbrella that goes with the Falkner series and comes with a crank handle, so it’s priced a little higher. It can be raised an lowered very easily and has received excellent reviews because of its durability. The pole isn’t wood, but made from aluminum that’s powder coated and the actual umbrella is a protected polyester fabric that’s been treated against water and mildew. Remember that this umbrella is designed to fit in a table top.

When ordering garden umbrellas, please take note that the color of the fabric may be a little different from piece to piece. Even if ordering two umbrellas at the same time, there may be color variances because fabric may come from different dye lots. Some Market umbrellas that appear light beige, almost white, maybe darker or tend toward a yellow-beige tone. Although this may seem like an issue, in outdoor sunlight, these slight variations are scarcely noticeable.